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Every Gift Saves Lives
Since you logged onto, another 25 dogs and cats have been born across America. Only ten of them will find permanent, loving homes. The rest will be given away or abandoned, many will be “put to sleep” and, sadly, a large number of these innocent animals will suffer inhumane treatment before being destroyed as well.
It is only through the collective efforts of compassionate people like you, will we be able to change the future for America’s needy animals. What follows are concrete steps the ASPCA is taking to solve the staggering problems of pet overpopulation and animal cruelty:

Action Step #1: Reach Out to Shelters
The ASPCA helps animal shelters and rescue groups, just like those in your community, fight animal cruelty and increase the number of successful adoptions. Every day, our National Shelter Outreach experts work with community shelters and rescue groups to find new, more effective ways to save animals’ lives.

Action Step #2: Spread the Word
Up to 50% of dogs and up to 70% of cats that enter shelters will end up dying there because no one comes to adopt them. That is why the ASPCA is working to make shelter pets the number one choice for those seeking a companion animal. As public awareness is raised regarding shelter pets, more and more animals will be adopted and fewer and fewer animals will suffer.

Action Step #3: Expand ASPCA Cares (Community-Based Animal Resources, Education and Services)
The mission of ASPCA CARES is to stop the senseless killing and abuse of adoptable animals within New York City’s five boroughs by addressing the crisis in neighborhoods with limited access to veterinary care and education on animal issues. ASPCA CARES is being carefully developed as an urban model so other metropolitan cities will be able to follow our example in the future.

Action Step #4: Increase Animal Understanding
Through relationship building, education and training, the ASPCA can help more people build healthy, strong, loving bonds with their pets. As the ASPCA reaches more people with the message of taking the time to understand their companion animals, this will hopefully stop the abandonment of innocent animals and will help alleviate animal cruelty.

Action Step #5: Create a United Front
With the support of devoted members like you, the ASPCA can work toward ending the senseless abuse and killing of hundreds of thousands of animals.

Your monthly commitment is critical if these ambitious goals are to be met. These priorities can't be put on hold or left for others to solve. Countless animals are living lives full of neglect, abuse, fear and pain. But with your dedicated support we're convinced that we can make a profound impact on the quality of animal's lives in every corner of the country.
this commercial touched my heart in more ways than i am able to mention. it reminded me of Michael, doing everything he could to help those in need, including animals. You can choose the amount you wish to pay,and as a monthly donor you'll receive a t-shirt and a photograph of one of the wonderful shelter pets. In addition you will receive a quarterly statement and quarterly newsletter. i hope this has touched some of you too, and that you choose to sponser an animal.
i know this doesn't exactly fit into the forums, but the more people who know about it, the better.

Much Love and God bless,
Mjgirl32 Sticking out tongue

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We have a similar charity here in the UK only it's called the RSPCA. We have others too.

Its great to be part of this noble cause.

Michael made his love for animals known in both actions and song. I bet he'd be more than happy to have this information posted in his forum. I belong to many animal welfare and animal rights organizations, one of which is the ASPCA. Thank you for sharing this information and reminding us to share our love with our four-legged friends.♥

Thank you for sharing mjgirl32! I think this fits in with the forum very well. People here truly care about all beings. I have been doing animal rescue for many years and I find it to be one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. All beings deserve to be treated with respect.

Thanks or posting this. People need to be reminded to support the animals and I'm sure MJ would approve. I take cats and dogs that aren't even mine to have them nuetered. There is a non-profit place that does it for 35.00 and is run by volunteers not far from my home. That is not much to pay to save many unwanted animals from being born.