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Okay folks the white pants on the 30th anniversary!!!

Michael had some weight on him during that special because his booty looks nice and muscular and he wore ITon the left. Yall know what I am talking about!! That info is for the mature women only. Also he had some warddrobe mishaps too. The white shirt had a tear in it and the black pants from the BILLIE JEAN segment had a split it the back. WHEW....... I slowed it down and paused it to get a peek at MICHAEL. Ooooooooooohhh I am a bad girl.

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Wanda of Lancaster, PA

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After reading this post, I did go and watch some of the 30th anniversary, and I must say I Love those trousers
hmm, I'm gonna have to watch the concert on the telly tomorrow, its not the same gorming at his bum on youtube :/

lol, Planet, you said it right! and yes that i am Laughing out loud

Hey, I have just seen MJ's anniversary too and yeah I did notice that he had a lot goin on in those white pants back and front lol, my mum commented on them before me actually! yep he had a nice tush x

@Mr. Snake: you are a filthy animal! (Did I say that right?)
@xolizz I'm sure Jojo appreciates your concern for his lack of breathing space. He wants you to know he had much more room to bounce and play in the HIStory gold pants.

it was on t.v. again Laughing out loud love the appreciation for Michael! and yes i noticed THE BUM too. it looked plump and juicy Laughing out loud

Thanks for that Wanda ill have to watch it again slowed down, cant believe i missed that!

ahhhaaaa it wouldnt be much of a show thats for sure! not much singing noises goin on if i got up on stage i can tell you that Laughing out loud Eye-wink sorry for my mouth! Eye-wink

and you are right in calling me a lady, for i am not a man lol


ohhh u ladies are something else. i have posted some very interesting post and this is the most popular. wow ladies ( am I correct by calling you all ladies)!!! You are so bad.......poor MJ. Oh my goodness what would it be like for you if he called you on the stage while singing THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL? Or I JUST CANT STOP LOVING YOU? It seems to me that they would have to close the curtains and change the show to LUSTING LADIES OF LEISURE, Michael Jackson style.

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Wanda of Lancaster, PA

Wanda: Thanks for making me spit out my coffee!
"okay ladies he was probably dancing so hard that it moved from left to right from left to right somewhat like a pendulum. "

OMG! You're RIGHT!

them pants were tight.Like some of you whenever Mike is concerned im alwayz lookin for 'IT' and checkin out the booty lol.I need to go check the Billie Jean Booty part

LMFAOO you girls are geting more and more steamy with your posts since the 1st time i joined Laughing out loud
its sooo funny to read!!
im glad, im the only one in my family that finds him unbelievably sexy!!!

im sooo watching it tonight on Five!! will be looking for 'IT on the left' lol, i may be 17 but i sure understand things connected to that lol Eye-wink


When he wears the gold trousers my mum always says you can tell he's a black man because he's got a black person's bum Sticking out tongue

But i'm always looking at the front! I can't help it, it always looked so trapped and squashed up, it needs space to breathe!

Anyone in the UK, they're showing the 30th anniversary tonight at 9pm on channel 5 Eye-wink

okay ladies he was probably dancing so hard that it moved from left to right from left to right somewhat like a pendulum.

I personally liked MJ as he got older. He to me was at his sexiest during his later years. And in this is it the way he did the BILLIE JEAN dance in SLO-MO!!!!! Whew............

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Wanda of Lancaster. PA

I was fixated with Billie Jean initially for the dancing (as I lurve dancing with a passion - thanks, Mikester!) however when watching it next time, I will view it in a different light when it comes to sexy wardrobe malfunction investigations, ahem (winks). Smiling lol

You ladies are wicked - but I'm right there with you!!

I love those white pants including all the movements that went along with them. I would be more than happy to help him adjust anything - just so he would feel more comfortable, that's all.

I think I'm going to have take another peek at Billie Jean, it seems that I have missed a rare opportunity to see a little more of Michael than I have in the past.

Love you Michael!

@Wanda left---no, right!-----no left-----no right! This topic requires further CLOSE investigation.

Actually MJ's 30th Anniversary Solo Years Celebration Concert was on Monday, September 10th, 2001 at Madison Square Garden in NYC (the night before the Horrible Tuesday, 9/11/01 Terrorist Attack o the World Trade Centers)!! MJ's Trial was in 2005!!

MJ did have a great night at his 30th Celebration though!! The only thing that was distracting me was Mike kept using his hand to cover the Microphone and he kept looking downward. I'm not sure if MJ was totally happy with how the entire show went. We all know what a PERFECTIONIST Michael is and was!!


You're a Funny NUT but in a GREAT WAY!! Yes, Michael looked totally YUMMY, YUM, YUM in those White jeans in his 30th Anniversary Solo Years Special. MJ looked so DARN SEXY in those White Jeans and MJ was TIGHT and FIT ALL OVER with a Little Booty, Booty ,Booty!! Michael was SO GOOD, AWESOME and SEXY that it is a SIN to watch (or salivate over) him (Hee, Hee)!! I'm so HAPPY that I taped his special on DVR so I can re-watch whenever I want too!!

MJ TOTALLY FILLED OUT those White Jeans PERFECTLY...He was TONE and MUSCULAR..just like in the GOLD Pants, RED Pants and BLACK Jeans. DAYDREAMING - Someone Get me some "Water, Water"!!

P.S. - I hope you are feeling better and this post cheers you up - Girlfriend! I hope you had a great visit with you sister.


okay guys now the white pants were exciting but i think that when shaggy did that pumping and popping thing that made me go wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! he stood on the speakers and gave MJ his props by saying that he (MJ) was the original pumper (i think he used that language)!!!

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wanda of lancaster, pa

Ok, you guys: It will be ENTIRELY your fault that I have to go back and watch the special for the third day in a row. ANd I might even have to slow parts down, after reading what you all discovered.
I will report back with my findings... Oh, all the hard work (ahem) and long hours of research we all have to do for the love of Michael! Smiling

- er um okey dokey - busting my boobs?

shamoan shamoan shamon hee hee hee wooooohoooooo

Its almost 10 pm here in The Netherlands.......
Haha, the mattress lady....yes I NEED that mattress from Wanda and she wont give it to me......
I could go to a factury here and let them make copies.....so we all could be situated on Jackson.......lol
Its all for love...............Wanda?????
Share it with ya sisters girl........!!

lesilie, u r a woman and u have no balls to bust. SO calm down. Folks are still enjoying the holiday season. next year put in for more time.......calm the heck down or when u come to visit with me I will not let u sleep on jackson nor will i let you watch my recorded version of the white pants with him positioning himself to the left. now calm the heck down..........

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wanda of lancaster, pa

@PlanetJackson - I am baby sitting today for my nephew (10 years old). He is playing that part (with brothers and the air blowers) over and over right now. Of course I don't object. But we have different reasons for watching. He's looking for dance steps for his next competition at school. I have an eye out for other things.

WAIT ONE DAG ON MINUTE - am I the only one at work today?

Y'all watching Michael's naked booty, watching MJ concerts on TV, is everybody at home chilling while I'm busting my "balls" at work (and on this site tee hee hee) ??? I mean it just ain't right.

Uh, I see the mattress lady has stepped on the scene...ooo ...what's going on MJ Lover?

OOhh Wanda.....I am soooo jaleous at you for that mattress..........I wish that company delivered in The Netherlands..........Because I am selling mattresses......I would be the best employee ever for my boss: uuuuhm...M...why do you only sell this brand (Jackson) to the costomers?You know we have others too.....
Hahaha...........Well Wanda.....I keep on dreaming.........

I wanna see - can ya post it Wa?
.....you slowed it down.... LOL!!

Bare booty Michael - priceless


planet do a freeze frame booo cuz homeboy is stationed on the left. bare back booty in the back when you look at the split. i got zoom on my tv. Nahhh just joking......whoa now Sony gonna steal my idea with the zoom feature on tv's. dang

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wanda of lancaster, pa

and mj u had better not even think about coming to get my jackson mattress. for those of you who don't know what i am talking about i am sleeping on a mattress manufactured by a company called Jackson/Mason and that means I sleep on Jackson everynight.


@ifltirifeveryone09 ha ha!!!! I watched the HD segment with his brothers and him AGAIN this afternoon TWICE through after I read this thread and posted the link. I was just like, well, I have the window open I may as well watch. Don't you know I kept rewinding the part where his shirt flies up when they are all standing by those air blowers? I was desperately trying to catch a glimpse of belly skin, but I think he had on an undershirt under his t-shirt under that white shirt. *sigh* Why Mike, why?

@MJWASACUTIEPIE - when it comes to the pants, I find that I am always checking out the rear too. If the shirts or jackets are a bit long, I am always waiting for them to come off or accidently fly up. I remember distinctly in TII when once her turnaround and that jacket blew up so that I saw his mike pack--I said to myself--why so quick? Yes, from the rear, I can only say that there is a true work of art.