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30 Anniversary Special ...again

So, I'm finally watching the whole show.

I was almost crying at seeing the brothers perform. You can see that under all the typical family crazyness, under all the jealousy, there was so much love.
When Jermaine sang and Michael stood next to him during I'll be there- it was so sweet. And in one shot before, Jermaine is behind Mike, and looks at him, and his face is saying: My little brother is so amazing.

It really hit it home, that Michael was their little brother (except for Randy- he was his big brother- he never knew life without him)- and that there was so much love.

Amazing to see them together like that.

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Love this special its so good to see the bros together & mj has so much energy .the roof almost came off when the bros came bak on stage.u can go to tvoneonline.com i think thats there website & u can watch it online.

Love this special its so good to see the bros together & mj has so much energy .the roof almost came off when the bros came bak on stage.u can go to tvoneonline.com i think thats there website & u can watch it online.

i watched the show tonight on tv one and it brought tears to my eyes. the joy of seeing the jacksons together was wonderful. i know his mother was proud. so many people loved him and he had a heart full of love for so many. Micheal. Elizabeth Taylor and Luther Vandross will surely be missed. One day we will see them all again. Stay strong Mrs. K. Jackson

Just look at the audience when the brothers hit the stage- it was an amazing reaction. It was magic. I got goose bumps, too.

I keep saying that something was up with Mike around 2001- he was often very lethargic, and did not look right to me. There is an interview somewhere on youtube from either before or after that show (I think it was after) and he is really out of it. Maybe it was all from the stress of getting Invincible out, the Sony mess, etc taking it's physical toll. He was a bit heavier than at other times as well- which is not a bad thing at all (and as we discussed in another thread, he did fill out those white pants nicely).

But it was all gone when he hit the stage- he is so amazing. Can you imagine giving what he did with whaterver he was going through? The bending over that night, and covering up the microphone were VERY noticable.

Billy Jean blew me away- I love how you can see him smile as he sets it up - so cute (you see it when he is just about hidden under the fedora).

I just have to add in one more comment here.

I just went back and watched that segment on you tube where all the brothers are performing again. I tell ya, after all those years -- 30 -some years -- as a group, they still had the MAGIC. Seriously, there was something MAGICAL happening on that stage when all the brothers performed together! It STILL gives me goosebumps to watch them all perform on stage together!

As good as the other Motown groups like the Four Tops, the Temptations, and the Miracles were back in their day, there is NO GROUP that could touch the Jackson 5 for sheer talent and showmanship. They were simply ELECTRIC when they were together on stage. It's gotta be that brother connection.


I'm so glad you brought up how not well Michael looked! I was starting to think I was the only one who noticed this! I've spent countless hours watching his concert performances on youtube -- now granted, he was younger then -- but I have to agree with you, he did look downright lethargic. (He performed MUCH better during his "This Is It" rehearsals!) I also thought his dancing wasn't up to par. He just didn't seem his usual self. Something was definitely wrong with him that night. I have a feeling this was during the period where he was having a lot of problems with his back and he was probably on pain meds to get through the show.

And aside from him cupping his microphone way too often (which I assume he felt he needed to do for some reason such as he may have thought there was some issue with the sound system or something), he also bent over way too much during his performance. Way more often than I'd seen him do in any other performance. This is the main reason I think he was having back problems that night.

It brought a tear to my eye too, though, to think that this was the last time the brothers performed together...and then ole stupid Randy had to go and be a smart ass in the middle of the performance! Grrrrrr! Randy: keep your personal crap OFF the stage!!

i tivo it . i am so glad that i did. this si amazing and watching the grown men drooling and going nuts over michael's performance is amazing.

whoa i have got to create a thread regarding the white pants hahahahahahahahahahah

Love u More
Wanda of Lancaster pa

i tivo it . i am so glad that i did. this si amazing and watching the grown men drooling and going nuts over michael's performance is amazing.

whoa i have got to create a thread regarding the white pants hahahahahahahahahahah

Love u More
Wanda of Lancaster pa

Jill it was on TV One Last night and then repeated an hour later check it may be on again soon if not its on youtube

Is it on now or u guys have it taped????

Question??? Are those boys that are sitting behind MJ the Arviso boys?

Love u More
Wanda of Lancaster, PA

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this special and i was so concerned for michael that night. he didn't look well and he seemed somewhat lethargic. but when he hit the stage he was great. why did he cover his mouth during most of his songs and whitney was very scary then,. but his billie jean performance was so freaking great. oh and the performance from shaggy was so freaking sexual. i slowed it down so i could enjoy his pumping and twisting and grinding and just WHEW........

I am watching it right now (11:41 pm on a tuesday night).

I have to watch the brothers closely. I did remember Randy talking about some OPP and MJ looked at him like SEE that is why I wasn't going to invite yall to my anniversary. LOL I love Luthers performance on this show. He got a standing performance. He tore it up. Miss Luther another gone to soon.........

Okay last thing but 98degrees? YIKES!! Where are they now? I love that T-Shirt that Usher had on......

When I watched this the first time it was telecast in 2003 I knew something was wrong with Michael but I couldnt figure out what it was, he just looked pissed off at his brothers, so he was pissed off at Randy or was it both Randy & Jermaine? I think that Randy married Jermaines ex wife or the other way around. Jermaine married Randys ex wife not sure the way it goes , I knew at times they drove Michael crazy. I'm gonna have to check out that youtube and watch it again , but it was funny last night and we have nightly family prayer before bed so last night my hubby turns the T.V. off I said wait wait wait!! he just looks at me, I said " I cant turn off Billie Jean!" he just gives me this look... LOL little did he know it was the 2nd time last night I had seen the 30th anniv special! I only saw the last 15 min and then it repeated so...of course I had to watch it right!

As I read it: Randy was ribbing Jermaine about sleeping with one of his girlfriends (HOW much older is Jermaine than Randy). Hence the OPP (see a couple of posts down) . He said it once, Mike looked over annoyed, he sang it again, Michael walked over, Randy put his arm out like pushing him, and Michael walked off, looking MAD. He mouthed something to Randy- I wish I could lip read. Then he gets all professional again. I think he was afraid Randy would mess up the show. The whole interchange was so surprising, given, how professional the brothers are. I guess Randy was not drilled by Joe like the rest- or he is just the hothead. Still, it was Michael's show- he had every right to be annoyed.

Liza Minelli, by the way, looked 20 years older then than she looks now. Oh the wonders of plastic surgery! And Alleyah and Luther Vandross were still among us! Makes me even sadder.

ok! i never got what that OPP thing was about

My daughter just came over and she wanted to see the part with the brothers performing. So, good MOm that I am, we watched it again.

The OPP thing is so funny. It gets funnier every time I watch it. Michael looks like he wants to kill Randy, while Jackie is cracking up in the background. Mike says something to Randy- oh to have been a bug on that floor that day. At the end, it's all good- Jermaine gives Randy a pat on his butt (all the way at the end, as they take their bows).
ANd all the while: the show must go on. Only now it never will since Michael is gone.

I missed oh I hope they well show it again

Irene: I watched it again tonight. I seriously have a problem (in my defense, I didn't see the whole show last night).

I watched the mini series the other week on VH1 (I think). I recorded it.

ITA! MJ's 30th Anniversary was so AMAZING and it was great to see it again. I finally got a chance to capture it on my DVR. I watched it endlessly last night - especially how MJ TORE UP THE STAGE with Billie Jean and You Rocked My World!! Michael was not only GOD-GIFTED but truly a GIFT-FROM-GOD!!

I'm watching TV ONE - The Jacksons: The American Dream in on tonight and tomorrow, 12/30!.
Michael Joseph Jackson was JUST BORN - He is SOOO CUTE!!


OMG- I just read what happened when Randy pushed Mike away. According to what I read Randy got back at Jermaine for (and I don't know this, I just read it) sleeping with one of his girlfriends by singing OPP (other people's pu..y) TWICE. The first time you see Michael just ignore it- the second time he heads over there and Randy pushes him away. That is so funny. Then Mike just goes on.
Whow- interesting family dynamics.
You can see it on youtube around 4:25. Michael looks like he really wants to punch his baby brother- then professionalsims kicks back in.


i know it was so touching to watch them perform together for the last time. i cried like a baby when they performed i'll be there♥ when michael was kneeling down and he was crying and stuff oh it just touched me lol

thanks i totally need to watch the whole thing and i'll be sure to look for jermaines look..Sticking out tongue