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Our Present For Michael Jackson

On 24.12.2009 the website provider (YoungWorx.de) organized on the page http://www.MusicMichaelJackson.de presents a silent action for Michael Jackson.

All fans are encouraged to log on 24.12.2009 in the community of the page: http://www.MusicMichaelJackson.de or register for free.

The idea, every user eigeloggten come to 18.00 clock by the button (CATT) on the profile page to chat, you should promptly at 18.00 clock then all gathered together to thank chatting in the form of silence Michael Jackson or gifts.

According to the manufacturer this action is to be moderated and as memorable and publication are real photos of the Memorial site in front of Pc and image desired. Mail to: info@youngWorx.de