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Every day you need to do one good thing to save wrold

Let´s begin....
Help people who have less than you.
Don´t bring home rubbish from store.
Maby buy/do ur self a reusible shoppingbag... instead of buying every time a plastic bag
Whatch where u put your garbage, paper, plastic... think green
You teach somebody to love, who is dissapointed in wrold and dont answer with anger
Treat your family with respect if ur wrong apologize, it´s not difficult!
Maby go and walk your dog, who is sitting at yard allmost year
Or if u haven´t dog go to chelter and walk these dogs, they sit there everyday and waiting someone to com and play with them
Or go to Homless children, let them see that in wrold is love and make them christmas spirit.

Start with your self, it´s not difficult.

Write every day here what ur done.

I hope u have better newyear Smiling and your dreams will come true Smiling

Hugs Smiling

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i had started walking, instead of riding.

oh Codra you're here.. i love you!!

a good thing i intend to do in the near future...sell my car, get rid of it....and instead, walk, use a bycicle or the subway...and i'll do that next month!

i cook dinner for my parents tonight... i consider it a good thing to save the world.. start spreading LOVE inside Home..

i agree .. everyday i am watering the plants to bear lots of beautiful and colorful flowers and green leaves ..... so nice to see opur planet covered with plants

keeping a smile on my face eventhough I am hurting inside.. i don't want my love ones to get worried.. I love you girls!!

hmmm... i did clean outside a road from snow and i did area witch is town property... little help and day two vegetarian...

Atleast something Laughing out loud

1st day in this year! Recycleing, few good words to strangers and now first day keeping promese, DO NOT EAT MEAT Laughing out loud

I hope, everyone had beautifula and safe newyear eve Smiling I wish you have better new year, than last year Smiling

Hugs Smiling

happy new year!!! its 2 hours and 40 minutes to go!!! I love you all!!


i love you

Thank you Dear, i´ll do my best Smiling And thank you for a good word!

Hugs to you!

trying to spread LOVE and bringing up nice post that inspires people and spreading LOVE nice to know you bring this up Miss Gold

Today nothing and few days tooo... had just terrible time, but ill do double when i will be ok Smiling

cslovinu Smiling))))))))))))

This Xmas Eve while shopping at the busy grocery store I saw a woman accidentally knock over a whole tower of cookie boxes which were displayed on the floor. I thought of our promise and immediately went over to help her pick them up. I said, " Gee, I'm surprised I haven't done this myself before." I felt so good from this minor act of kindness; imagine how I would feel from something major.

Nobody did nothing good today? ... Me... nnothing new too... Christmas eve is oer, and now is Night allready... Tomorrow again Eye-wink

No good thing today... to wrold

And i did thougt i dont gonns bring a christmastree in house, but today i recived it two together as present what i did not know Smiling

At night i finished reading book about MJ
Loved the pictures
But they talked crap inside...

Today is my third Vegetarian day... i count it in too Smiling

Someone in the dark:--- that sounds so good... can you tell us, how was that... how it all happened??? Smiling

Today i helped a lost little girl find her mom. it was the greatest feeling in the world!!!


there is a TV programme in my country, where there are told some stories about the people who need hel... right now it's on TV... A 25 year old woman has leukemia.. Sad and she needs help... we can call by mobile... and each call costs money.. that money goes out to help her/// i've just called severel times....(i had no more money to call ... Laughing out loud ).... when i heard the story, i remembered that MICHAEL help, to those who had cancer... i remembered that boy, who had leukemia... MICHAEL cared about him in every poslible way.... he made us to do good things, i wish that, this kindness,by what michael made us all do things like this, will help his soul, wherever he is right now.. he deserves it Sad

and.. well.... i'm not very loving to my family.. to others i'm very warm, but i don't know what happens to me when i'm at home.... few minutes ago, i huged my aunt , who i've not huged for severel years, can you imagine????i know it means so much for her, she doesn't owns chldren, and i know she loves me as her own, yesterday i listened she was saying to her friend, that no one huged her after her mom(my grandma) had died.... that she missed being huged... and i know that little thing what i did make her happier right now... Smiling

Thanks Girl in the Mirror Eye-wink
Will look foward to it Smiling
Remembered too... I did sign to petition that ouer MJ did not called Jacko, i´ll count it in This is for our Michael Smiling

i liked your idea, it's very good that you did this topic... to make others do some kindness, is of course good... so you've already done one good thing... right now i'm in the process of doing that good thing.... when i'm done... i'll tell about it...

Again nobody?
He he
Wount stop Laughing out loud
If Aneybodyey will not join, then i gonna do my good things all alone and with Love Laughing out loud

Today day two, Vegetarian..... Laughing out loud

Today good deed was, writeing to new´s paer (2 and one article done my self) that wwe have proof thad ouer MJ is innocent(i did know it, but it was to people wo did judge him without want to know information)

Heyyy people, where are you? Smiling
One good thing, how about it Laughing out loud
Woun´t give up Laughing out loud

Bit ill today, sitting whole day at home amd i did two things... i started to be vegetarian today(hope i can do it) , and something else... in this year will be my christmas tree growing outside... that means i will save one tree, and if i feel like seeing christmas tree i just go outside:) To my babyboy is a little christmastree(you know the fake one) Smiling


thank you sweety Smiling))))))))

Thank you guys, for sharing, you are example to others Smiling

People, share, let´s show we care, it´s not difficult Smiling