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You KNOW You Are Michael Jackson OBSESSED When...

How do yo know when you have crossed the line and become obsessed with Michael Jackson? Puzzled

You KNOW you are obsessed with MJ when...

When you've seen Michael Jackson's This Is It 46 times!

When you go from music store to music store straightening out MJs music displays!

When you run around the mall collecting the colognes MJ wore just to smell what MJ may have smelled like!

Your turn... you know you are obsessed with Michael when...??

Sticking out tongue

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you will love it!! I saw it in LA on opening night Smiling

When you've decided to see Michael Jackson's Immortal in Boston on August 5th ...
When you've just purchased a ticket for Michael Jackson vs Prince party and realized you let your friend borrow your glitter glove and she hasn't returned it, and you planned on wearing said glove to the party on Saturday....ggrrrrr

Thanks for all the links mj58..Ive go to listen to them now...
Applehead you should post your story Smiling And, same here when I TRY to dream of Michael I dont..but when I just really miss him and go to bed there he is Smiling
I want the MJ symbol on my wrist kind of..but I think I might go with some more meaningful words or lyrics of his sounds cool though! Maybe you could incorporate something mIchael said with your symbol is a pic of my tattoo since you didn't see's on my right shoulder blade

@mj58smooth My story doesn't have a title yet...I could post it on here. I love reading fanfiction and seeing what other people write about. It's always fun. I'm still working on it and I keep thinking new things to put in, so it might be a long story by the time I'm done with it! Smiling I'm also not super creative and designing tattoos and stuff. I know I want a Michael tattoo, just not exactly sure what. I was thinking the MJ symbol but not sure if I should add something else. Any ideas, anyone?

@mjforever I haven't seen your MJ tattoo! Is it posted on your profile here? I'll check after I post this. I don't know when I'll actually get it, but I'll definitely post a picture when I do! I think I need some more creative ideas before I have a final design. You should totally write about Michael! A Moonwalker type story would be really cool!

@claira Seems like when I try to dream about it I can't. It just comes out of nowhere when you least expect it, but really need it!

Hope everyone's having a great Michael day!!

mj58smooth, thanks for those links!! Laughing out loud i had no idea there were so many!!
I know about rihannas but thats all I though..hehe wroong..!! xP
I think we all might get some new songs to listen to...hehe not favorites before Michael but maybe second.. Eye-wink

@mj58smooth, Cool, thanks for the list! As soon as I am near a better wifi connection I shall give a listen. And would you consider making a separate thread for songs that sample and/or mention MJ?

Another song that samples Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' is Kanye West - Lost in the World (sorry I don't have a link)

Songs that mention Michael:
Kanye West and Jay-Z - N***as in Paris
Coldplay feat. Jay-Z - Lost+

@clairakitty and @mjforever2013 check your PM's

Wanna Be Starin Somethin: for Rihanna - Please Don't Stop The Music. I forgot the link.

There are too many songs so I only did a couple. I posted the artist, the name of the song, the song they sampled & the links so that you can compare them yourself if you want to Smiling

LL Cool J ft. Boyz II Men - Hey Lover ( Lady In My Life: )

SWV - Right Here ( Human Nature: )

Chris Brown - She Ain't You ( Human Nature: )

Naughty By Nature - OPP ( ABC: )

Kanye West ft. T Pain - Good Life ( PYT: )

Fabolous - Baby ( I Can't Help It: )

P. Diddy - All About The Benjamins ( It's Great To Be Here - J5: )

Jay Z - H.O.V.A ( I Want You Back: )

Nas - It Ain't Hard to Tell ( Human Nature:

Black Eyed Peas - Rockin' to the Beat ( Billie Jean: )

Eric B. & Rakim - The R ( The Way You Make Me Feel: )

Large Professor - The Mad Scientist ( Thriller: )

Rihanna - Please Don't Stop The Music ( Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' )

50 Cent - Tia Told Me ( Never Can Say Goodbye: )

Chris Brown - So Glad ( It's Great to Be Here: )

she needs to make more videos they are sooo funny!

Oh yay, the third one's out! I asked her about it like yesterday.
@mjforever That is so cool! You did really good, I suck at painting Sticking out tongue

haha ya i also liked when she was deciding on which dvd to watch i think that one was in the first one. haha i do that too im just like hmmmm should i watch this one or this one haha

I've always wonder how many songs are out there that used MJ's songs.... so I'm going to find out and post the link it each video.

That video had laughing. When she fell out the chair omg I never laughed so hard.

@mjforever That's cool. I like how you did his logo the way the "MJ" is.

thanks! His eyes are magic <3

@mjforever3012 thats really good dont you just love michaels eyes?!

@mj58smooth haha that video is sooo funny its soo true seriously everyuthing michael wears i think he looks sooo good in!Smiling haha

Thanks mj58, I'm about to go watch that Laughing out loud
Here are tpics of the thing I made..
it's pretty simple. Im making a really sweet one in art class at school with a bunch of lyrics and stuff, but I got frustrated with how long it was taking cuz I want it to be perfect so I made this one too for now haha.
I'll post the cool one when I'm done with it. But I just got this one done..

Haha here's part 3 of the girl who loves MJ

Haha yeah I'm just lazy..well I'm off to pick up my ceramic thing that I painted MJ's eyes in heaven on..I'll post a pic tonight Smiling

Well, I try to. I forget a lot though Sticking out tongue

You work out every other day? You must be in great shape! I somehow stay skinny lol but I haven't excersized in months..oops..haha

Yeah, my school's tiny and doesn't have any sports, so you can take them at other schools. But there's no way in (beep) I'm taking a sport. I'd rather suffer through gym. I only wish using the workout room in the asvestis room (Long story short, before I went there it was a clay room. Became full of toxic asvestis. Shut down. Now reopened) counted. I work out every other day, peoples! I don't need no stinkin' gym!

there is not a day that does not goes by that I don't think of him,the angel that makes my heart leaps to new heights.

Hey guys, @applehead I thought about Michael all day too..but I do every day. Did you see my pic of my Michael tattoo? I'd love to see yours once you get it done Smiling I'd also like to read your shirt story..I want to write about Michael too..make a cool story like Moonwalker..with Michael you could really come up with a magical story!

@Claira sorry you couldn't lucid dream! I think it's probably something that has to be taught by a would be amazing though..

@mj58 I never had/have to take gym because at my school if you are in band all 4 years (because of marching band in fall/spring) you never have to take I lucked out!

It is all for L.O.V.E. <3

I took study hall my freshman year idk why I did. Well I do know why.... I thought I wouldn't have to take gym at all in highschool. Yeah I was wrong -_- Lets just hope you don't have run a mile every time you go to gym. There's an alternative at my school where you take a sport for two years and you don't have take gym at all. Is there an alternative at the highschool you're planning to go to? I tried doing track last year and it was hell.

I know, doesn't it suck when you only remember the BAD dreams? :S
Yeah, me and my bffly decided we're taking all 4 quarters of gym Freshman year. So our first year of highschool will be utterly. Miserable. But the others will be awesome!

@Claira What was the dream about? It's messed up how I'll have a good dream but can't remember it. Now if it was a nightmare I remember the whole thing smh. Advice to you about high school. Take gym your freshman year to get it out the way. I waited and I regret it now.

Sadly, I was NOT able to lucid dream Sticking out tongue I did have a cool dream though.

@Clairakitty and @WeAreTheWorld check your PM's