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Jermaine (Jackson)

Just wanted to ask all my fellow MJ fans.
Am I the only one who doesn't really like Jermaine, (Michael's brother)?

I mean in every book I've read about the Jackson family, Michael or something like that he has always been portrayed as the "womanizer" and the fact that he had so many affairs - while he was married. And after I've read "Jackson Family Values" by Jermaine's former wife, I got even more annoyed with him. And LaToya in her book even claims him as always being jealous with Michael and wanted to have the spotlight so badly.

I'm sure many of you guys have heard the song "Word to the Badd" by Jermaine with the original lyrics, It was meant to be released but his managers stopped him, because it was all Michael disses, it would ruin Jermaine's career.

Made me dislike him even more.

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I feel bad that I've judged Jermaine... I was just feeding off the negative energy that I felt from the judgments here...

I honestly don't feel Jermaine is a bad person but a very humble person. I think he just likes to play some times. I can tell he really cares for his brother Michael.

Sometimes I think because someone says something negative about someone, it just starts a whole negative vibration.... that clings onto others. I've felt guilty for judging Jermaine... because I've actually felt good vibes from him. I hope for the rest of things I say, I think twice and be humble when I reply to anything...

I dislike to be negative about anything or to judge... if I do, I tend to over think and it then bothers me.

No one's perfect, every1 makes mistakes.

I am a fan of Mr. Michael Jackson.


If I come to this forum is to find out Michael Jackson and hear about other Michael Jackson fans. That's what I like.

People are free to like/dislike any artists Eye-wink

I think Jermaine is a wannabe version of his brother with his sunglasses he wears on interviews, Michael in many pictures/interviews wore sunglasses.

Jermaine really isn't a bad person, it's just the things he's done to harm Michael shows how much he doesn't realize what's he's doing is bad. He can be so jealous and then not realize he's hurting someone else. He just has to realize he doesn't have to try so hard to be better... He is who he is, and he can shine if he just realized people admire him just as much... just don't go hurting someone else to get your spot.

Jermaine has a few problems that's for sure, but the other brothers seem to understand this. I thought it was so funny when Jermaine didn't show up for the photo shoot with the brothers, because he claimed he had "pink eye" and Tito said when he got a hold of him, he was going to have a black eye....cracked me up......they are wise to Jermaine and his antics!! Smiling

I'd also like to add that I don't think he's hogging the spotlight. It's quite possible that the family decided that he would be their official family spokesperson. He also gave his support to the website. Check out the site & see for yourself.

Peace Smiling

Hmmmm, i love Jermaine, i think he is a very strong and kind person. Although i find myself sometimes shouting at the t.v if i see him wearing a white glover or doing the peace sign.....but i dunno...lets not forgett he has just lost his brother. They live there life under a micro-scope so they cant greive privatley and that just isnt fair, but i like him and all the rest of the Jackson family, epech Janet!!! I respect your opinon though. Smiling
Loves and Peace

Jermaine WILL ALWAYS BE Quintessential JERMAINE JACKSON - HE WILL NEVER CHANGE!!! He was and will always be Jealous of his little, MEGASTAR Brother, Michael.

MJ's Other Brothers - Jackie (reminds me most of Michael - SHY, HANDSOME, SOFT-SPOKEN, PRIVATE), Tito, Marlon and Randy - ARE REALLY COOL and Down to Earth!!


After watching Jackson Family Dynasty, it was so obvious that those claims were true. He just seems so self absorbed, I think the whole family feels the same way. On the show the brothers talk about Jackie and Jermaine having issues even from way back when. Then Randy, Jermaine hooked up with Randy's exgirlfriend and had 2 kids with her when Randy also already had kids with her, ewwww! Then what Jermaine did to Michael with that horrible song, Michael even begged Jeramaine not to release and was in tears that his own brother would do that.

The other brothers are cool, I think they were genuinely proud of Michael and his success, and I'm sure they felt jealouse at times, but they were more proud of him than anything.

Wow, Jermaine has no idea how to humble himself. He gets jealous quickly and doesn't realize the people he's hurting. I'm not saying he's a bad person but it seems he needs to look at things differently some times. He needs to try stop being in the spotlight and just let himself shine instead of trying to be better than his family members. He needs to be a team player and stop wanting things to be his way.

Jermaine's gotta ease on down... damn... it sucks that I'm hearing this news about Jermaine... part of me thinks Jermaine was so jealous of Michael that Michael lost all respect for him. Now that Michael has died, Jermaine's trying to act like he cared when really he probably know's damn right he didn't. Where was he when Michael needed help? You've got 4 brothers and you can't even help the one that needs it most? Michael should of been alive right now. I can't believe this.

If they think they can pull off a nice Jackson 5 album without Michael.... I don't know. Michael was the life and soul of the Jackson 5. His personality is magnetic. If they're going to be working on this new album, they've got to work like a team and stop being so stubborn with each other.

I couldnt not like jermaine, hes Michaels brother, but i do agree that he appears to be grasping at every opportunity to be in the spotlight since michaels death. Hes also messed us around with the whole tribute concert thing, i lost £300 on my cancelled vienna flight,and am now waiting with bated breath for the announcement to come about the wembley triute , he assured it would be no later than dec 1, then took this off the website a couple of days before..

I don't agree with some of the things Jermaine has done and sometimes I don't like how he acts, but I don't totally dislike him, no.

A lot of people feel the same way you do, but Jermaine denies he was ever jealous of Michael--after all "the Jackson 5 MADE Michael" (I'm paraphrasing what he said). He also denies he is trying to profit off Michael's death and boost his own career.

be careful about your opinions people get mad these brothers lol.

but anywho i thnk jermaine needs to go listen to man in the mirror

"Jeraisin" plucks my last nerve...