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Who is Stacy Brown?

Sorry if this was already discussed but I was reading some articles today about a so-called tell all book by Stacy Brown and Jermaine Jackson which would put Michael in a negative light and I was wondering if anyone had heard about this and what are your thoughts?

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Lies, lies and more lies, Jermaine would never say such untrue things about Michael.

Hi my name is Ryan Johnson, I have read all your comments and yes I have read Mr. Bowns book and no I did not approve of what was in there but. See Rebbie Jackson is comeing to my area (Scranton PA) at the Mellow Theatre next week to perform in a show that will be the first show any of the Jacksons have done since our hero's passing. Being as though I have been a loyal fan for as long as I could remember and being a MJJ tribute artist I knew I had to find some way to get in the event to meet Ms. Jackson.and any others of the Jackson Family, to show my respect towards them and thank them for choosing my home area to start her show.
See the end of last month I decided to do a benifit show for a local non profit theatre name Kiss Theatre (KIDS. INNOVATING,STAGE,AND SOUND). that gives kids 4-18yrs a place to show case there talents. After Mike passed away i was unsure if i would perform agian but i knew that his messages needed to stay alive, so i figured before i start makeing any money off of performing that i wanted to do a show that Michael would approve of. So I did five shows in which all proceeds were donated in Michaels name to the theatre for the kids costumes ect. The show was a great success and I have videos on youtube of it (Ryan Johnson MJJ Impersonater) which showcases 4 of the talented kids from the theatre aswell as my beautiful girlfriend and fellow fan.

So I sent out letters to everyone I could think of to see if this dream would be possable to meet and possibly perform. Well after two days noone wrote me back but on the third day while at wrk I recieved an email from Mr.Brown explaning that it would be to late for my inclusion in the show but that he would see about getting me a meet and greet with the Jacksons. After a few turndowns that Mr. Brown got from the organizers he wrote me and said to me no matter what he would get me in to meet them. Just to contact him before the show so he knew where to find him. I then realized that Mr. Brown did not have to go and try for this but he did. I told him that Michael would have appriciated his efforts as do I and he replyed that " Its important for the true fans to be here at the show and that he can see that i am exactly that. So later on I come to find out that not only will I be introduced to Michael sister but also will be able to perform for her and pay tribute to her brother. A dream come true. I know he co wrote that book, but he must be a nice person with a big hart to make this happen. Like i said he did not even have to write me back but he did and did more. So he deff has regained my respect and im sure Michael's as well because Mike always tryed to make us Happy....

That ugly duckling I do not belive a word he said I watched him on Larry King Michael loves his family and I trusted him and Jermain was his back bone if you read moonwalk you can understand he was really close with jeremy. Parasite good name he is really parasite

I think Stacy Brown is just another parasite! lol

I heard about this book and I hope that it never gets published. Jermaine denies his involvement, but I don't believe him. Stacey Brown is an ugly man who claims to be a Jackson family friend. I can't stand to look at him!! I have seen on TV interviews and his teeth are yellow.

How can you trust a man to take the time to find out and tell the truth when he won't even take the time to brush his teeth?

I didn't know about this recent book and what Jermaine said. Michael as a drunk?? I just can't see that, I don't know where all of this is coming from. I'll tell you, though, Stacy Brown(who is actually male haha) is full of it and was actually called as a witness for the prosecution in 2005 and basically lied and tried to twist things, I don't trust him. I'm sure the Jackson family doesn't like him either, when he says "family friend", he's probably only referring to Jermaine, I don't know what that's about!! I can't believe Jermaine would say that!! xoxo.

It just absolutely turns my stomach to think of what people will do for the almighty dollar. What happened to true compassion and caring for others? Just sickening to think that those you think are your friends will sell you down the river in a heart beat as long as the price is right. I mean if you can't trust those closest to you, who can you trust? No wonder why Michael spent his time with children, I would too!! Children take you for who you are, they don't want anything from you and they are honest and they don't judge you. I hate that Michael was surrounded by greedy scumbags. He was a human being for God's sake not a piece of trash. Where has the love gone?

I know many people, feel that we shouldn't speak bad of Michael's brothers and after I saw the show last night, I really changed my opinion on all of them, except Jermaine. If anything he reinforced my feeling toward him. I really felt for Jackie, he's so much like Michael, or should I say Michael was like Jackie, since he's the oldest. Tito, seemed to be the father figure of the group and Marlon the comedian. The 3 of them, in spite of what was going on, seemed to continue to try to work together. Jermaine, on the other hand, seemed to want to run things, be the lead singer and although he suggested doing some of Michael songs, he made sure that his songs, most important should be used! That' okay but what about the others? Jackie has a beautiful falsetto voice. Go to YouTube and type in Jackie Jackson, he had an album out and sang "Bad Girl." It is so pretty. Jermaine, OMG!


....Sorry, but I never trusted Jermaine and would never believe a word he's saying.

Wow, that all I can say is Wow. Are we sure that Jermaine is Michael Jackson's brother, Ha Ha. I guess he's not his brothers' keeper. Some of his ugly ways reared their ugly head on their reality show last night. Wonder will he "really "do the album with the rest of his brothers? He's a piece of work!!

One thing which is very clear, like that Tohme dude, Jermaine was indeed Stacy's gateway to his little brother and family. Another person, who snaked Michael. Because he was allowed into the Jackson's world, through his relationship with Jermaine.

Here are some alleged excerpts from the tapes, reportedly in Jermaine’s own voice, according to Stacy.

“My brother is a superstar, yes. My brother is wealthy. He owns shares in Sony music. He drinks, he does drugs, he lies, he cheats, he changed his skin color and mostly, he’s human. He attracts gay men and wards off women like the plague.”

“He married a woman because she was pregnant and he was doing business with Muslims (which I am a Muslim) and Muslims won’t do business with someone who is engaged in having children without being married.

“He paid this woman, who nobody would ever look twice at, several million dollars. My brother purchased children. It is like a sanctioned black market. He is very powerful; he picked the sperm donor by using information provided by a sperm bank. Now, who can do that? Michael Jackson, that’s who, my brother.

“I have maintained my residence by my mother’s side at the family’s Hayvenhurst estate in Encino, California because I know how much I am needed there. Michael counts on me to be there as does the rest of my family.”

“It was my little brother, he conceived the whole idea behind DreamWorks. The logo is still proudly the official logo of Neverland. Unfortunately, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen all stole the idea from him. That’s one reason why Michael hates Jewish people so much. But he plays the game with them. There is a game that all in Hollywood play. But the Jews are the powerful ones and they have done a lot to put my brother in his place….just another ni**er. That’s what Don King told Michael at the start of the “Victory” tour. No matter what Michael, you’re just another ni**er.

“My brother doesn’t always learn the valuable lessons life teaches. He is stubborn, hard-headed and, at times, harsh. He is cold, calculating and devious. The blood of his father runs freely through him. We were all afraid that the blood of Joseph Jackson would eventually contaminate all of us.

“But this is still my family and I love every one of them and I won’t sit by and let my brother go to prison. Prison would kill him. I’ve thought about doing the time for him, if he’s convicted. Michael wouldn’t survive in prison for one day. He’d commit suicide.“

"Joseph did some disgusting things to LaToya and Rebbie, especially. If it weren’t for Mother’s loyalty to him, he’d probably be in prison for what he did to our sisters.”

That is what Stacy says. But,remember what Stacy said under oath. That he had written a book with Bob Jones saying MJ was a pedophile, in order to make money. Stacy added that he knew nothing about Michael's sexuality or lifestyle, but was paid to invent stuff. He declared that he had only met Michael two times (and barely talked to him) and had little contact with the Jackson family. Stacy Brown is also infamous for saying that the Jackson family didn't believe MJ was innocent and that Jermaine had seen Michael in very suggestible positions with his nephews. Jermaine later said that Stacy was lying.

Who do you believe? Jermaine has done so much to hurt his brothers, I wouldn't put it past him. But again, when you have two lying snakes, which one do you believe? I believe that there are truths to lies. Because Jermaine did invited this man to his mother's home during the time of the raids. Where he was free to make his own observations of the family. According to him, he observed a family on the fence with Michael's innocence. My question to Jermaine is, why did you have this man around your family during that time.... ?

I remember they were talking about this on Entertainment Tonight after Michael died. Stacy & Jermaine were supposed to write a negative book about Michael a few years ago, then all of a sudden Jermaine changed his mind. They showed a clip of him going on Larry King & saying a book never existed. Don't know what caused Jermaine to have a sudden change of heart. I'm not sure if this guy Stacy is still planning on releasing the book. I'm sure there would be a big lawsuit if it did happen.

Michael deserved much better from many, many people and even some family members!

My heart breaks for Michael when I think of all the jealousy and hate thrown at him!


I just wanted to set the record straight, Stacy Brown is a male. I googled his name and found this article:

LATEST: Journalist STACY BROWN is forging ahead with plans to go public with tapes of conversations he had with JERMAINE JACKSON as part of a "very aggressive" slander suit against the singer. Brown is furious with the 51-year-old star after he appeared on CNN show LARRY KING LIVE on Tuesday night (07MAR06) rubbishing reports he had planned to write a tell-all book about his brother MICHAEL JACKSON. As part of the interview with King, Jackson claimed the proposed book, LEGACY: SURVIVING THE BEST AND THE WORST, was a myth and that former Jackson family friend Brown, his reported ghost writer, faked the whole project. But Brown, the author of MICHAEL JACKSON: THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK, is planning to make an example of Jermaine after confirming he has teamed up with top celebrity lawyer MEL SACHS to discredit the singer's claims. Brown fumes, "The fact is I would not have written anything without the express consent of Jermaine Jackson and, in fact, you will see more than it on paper in the coming days; you will hear it on tape. Jermaine should be very careful about what he says. "(The tapes are) currently in the possession of, and being reviewed by, Mel Sachs. He and I have talked and we will be launching a very aggressive slander suit against Jermaine Jackson." Jackson is said to have shopped the proposed nook he co-wrote with Brown to publishers in late 2003. Brown claims Jackson promised to talk about brother Michael's alleged drug problems and reveal secrets from his personal life and child molestation trial.

I can't think of anything one of my siblings could do to make me want to destroy their lives like that. I just can't imagine why someone would do that to the one they claim to love

Jermaine has always thrown his little brother under bus. Nothing new here. But, it seems whenever Michael didn't kiss Jermaine butt, he'd talk mess about him. Then recant. Look up "Word To The Bad" He can't recant that.

Every article I've read so far states that Stacy Brown is a friend of the Jackson family. (Not the kind of friend I would want). What about the tape recordings that Stacy Brown claims to have? Why would Jermaine say these things about Michael? The comments were pretty malicious and nasty. I know I will catch grief for this but I'm sorry I don't believe hardly anything that comes out of Jermaines mouth.

"Supposedly" he claimed that Jermaine had contacted him a few years ago and was gonna do a tell all book about Michael, claiming Michael, drank, lied, etc. all claimed Stacy Brown from the mouth of Jermaine, but then Michael found out about it and freaked so Jermaine shut it down. But this didnt come out until after Michael died and Jermaine claimed that Stacy Brown had twisted his words then in later interviews Jermaine then said there was no book at all. Nothing since maybe beginning of July has been mentioned about it. Stacy Brown is prolly another person trying to profit on MJ's death. But yeah he had Jermaine on tape saying these things, and then then Jermaine denied there ever was a book ET I think it was had 2 dif. interview with Jermaine both about the book 1 I think was in 2004 or 2005 saying there was a book, then later denied it.

She's the co-author of "The Man Behind the Mask". I'll never read anything she writes because she writes lies, rumors, and hearsay and pretends it's "writing". In my opinion her book is garbage.

what bothers me is supposedly this Stacy Brown had Jermaine on tape stating all these nasty things about Michael and his family

Ooooh yeah!!!

I forgot about him...he did a few interviews after MJ passed. Now I do remember him mentioning this book. I think Stacy made a comment about Jermaine backing out and recanting on the comments that he made about MJ. I think this book was to have came out some time ago, but it never did.

From what I've read I think Stacy Brown is a supposed Jackson friend who wrote an earlier book with Bob Jones about Michael.

This is the first I heard about the book, but I believe one of sister Rebbie's children's name is Stacey Brown, which is Rebbie's married name.