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Boxers or Briefs?

"Boxers or Briefs" - another good one. And like the author says, I'm pretty sure it's neither! (Love that picture of Michael at the end!)

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So why do you guys think he suddenly decided to just let it all hang out? Seeing his other concerts and appearances, it seems a bit out of character.... But I like the upgrade Eye-wink

Well, I know what kind of package I want under my christmas tree Eye-wink The big and bouncy kind...And if it's sweaty, well that's just fine and dandy!

LOLOLOLOL @ Physics Instructor Ethemer and Package Inspector Mido!!!!

@Tholstrup, I image he might experience chafing with regular pants but his were individually tailored. I imagine he had some sort of lining to prevent that and to wick away all that sweat his gyrations produced.

I agree his Willy was already freed in the gold pants concerts. I watched that video posted yesterday as well as this one last night and I was thinking to myself about all that bouncing. Not being male either, wouldn't that be uncomfortable? He did do a lot of jumping up and down and whatnot on stage. I have seen photos of the black spandex pants worn with the beloved silver buckle shirt where he had "panty lines", but I agree the gold pants seem to have nothing between him and them.

Oh, to be reincarnated as those pants! The stories they could tell!

To be honest I'm almost always interested of "substance" .. I see no trace of tissue,cotton or something .. and I do not dislike at all Eye-wink

For Honeysuckle:

UPDATE: Hanes Tighty-whities has a Wikipedia page! Why?


Now I know I need to log off for the night, morning!


Well, I did it Smiling

@ Honeysuckle: Oh Pants! Whether MJ wore tight pants!

@ Tholstrup: Can you really google tighty-whities? Why? LOL Eye-wink

It's too late... or too early... I need sleep!

UPDATE: Hanes Tighty-whities has a Wikipedia page! Why?


@ Honeysuckle: Oh Pants! Whether MJ wore tight pants!

Tholstrup: Can you really google tighty-whities? Why?


Oh my goodness, I watched this video to wake me up, and boy, did it ever! Some of this is funny, I fell out of my chair and hit my head on my cat (it was trying to take a peaceful nap by the computer, it bit me).

Ooooh thanks!

Just Google "Hanes tighty whities".... Smiling

Knickers= ladies


Were they like Y-fronts?

I need a link with a picture of the style of undies!!

We are talking about whether or not MJ wore tight 'knickers' or no knickers at all...

I think knickers means undies!


I love reading those little stories of people's experiences with Michael.

I don't understand which style of pants he wore.

Someone translate for and English person please!

I need to know...

Oooooooooooooooh men!!!! Tholstrup.............hahahhaaa (I am not gonna answer that question cause I dont know)..........I almost felt, of my chair here................whahaha

Ok, I just gotta ask, since I don't have a penis myself... If he went commando in the goldies, wasn't there a chance that he could shafe (don't know if I spelled it right)? I mean with the sweating, the rubbing together of things... It must have caused some friction in the testicular area, right?

Just read my question out loud Smiling lol

Aaaaahhh mám, I loved reading this post and your if your in the mood, zwevalovesmichael posted another link with gold pants im my LOVE shower post......but before watching: after going to the LOVE shower one, you might need a COLD shower afterwards

MJs personal underware shopper and inspector!

MY dream job!

Somehow tho if I were inspecting the undies, while they were on MJ, I have a feeling he would have NEVER passed the inspection! Sad ME to MJ: Sorry, MJ I MUST inspect again... these undies are not quite tight enough!! Smiling Eye-wink

First hand knowledge... only if dreams count... I KNOW what you're dreaming...

Ethemer & Michael sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G... first comes lust... next comes marriage... then comes Michael with the baby carriage!

Uuumm, sorry Ethemer... you didn't dream that you'd get to keep MJs babies in your dream did you? Eye-wink


@ Mido: First hand knowledge?...Well, only if dreams count, Eye-wink. The Hanes info came from an account from an attendant at Michael's recording studio. He got to know Michael a little and sometimes ran errands for him. One time Michael said he ran out of underwear and asked the guy to run into Penney's and buy him some. It was a cute story. The info about the thong/pouch stage costumes came from pictures listed in an auction catalog. He might have worn a jock strap or something like spandex underwear onstage. But the construction of the shirts looks like they're designed as built-in underwear. As for knowing he was commando in the Gold Pants... well, I've researched a lot of videos and photographs... for scientific purposes only, of course .... and he was definitely freely moving and line-free in those pants.

Update: Tholstrup posted the Hanes link below.

I wish I had first hand knowledge about MJ's undergarments, but unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to be able to inspect him in person! That would have been a dream come true! I'm convinced because I've watched the videos so many times & also by the way his "package" is bulging & bouncing around!

Why, and MORE importantly, how do you know such intimate details of MJs under garments! Eye-wink

When and how did you learn this info... any first hand knowledge? Eye-wink

So jealous!!

I'm 100% convinced that Michael wasn't wearing anything under those sexy gold pants! They were so tight they looked like they were painted on & there were no undie lines. Now I need a cold shower!!

Off Stage: tighty-whities (Hanes 30 to 32 in the early 90s)

On Stage: no undies
A lot of the shirts he wore onstage extended down to a thong/pouch at the crotch, such as his Silver/Buckle shirt on the Bad Tour. This kept his shirt tucked in his pants as he danced, kept him free of unsightly panty lines, and the pouch gave him a storage container for his..uh...personal items. However, he just wore a regular white T-shirt with the Gold Pants, so no pouch, leaving his stuff free to roam around during his bumps and grinds and spins.

For some reason I'm suddenly thinking of my old Physics lessons on Centrifugal Force. What is it again? Something like... the more massive the object and the faster the velocity, the greater the resulting outward force.

Sticking out tongue

I agree with Ms. KinGofPoP411Jnky. he was free as a bird in the gold pants. Lol
I read on a blog somewhere this guy use 2 work 4 Michael and Michael made he go buy him some underwear. Briefs. This was when he was making the dangerous album. Maybe by the time he got 2 history he wanted 2 showcase the goods. lol

Please, please let them be tighty-whities!


Take it from somebody who's watced MANY gold pant videos. He was COMMANDO in those sweet tight gold pants! NO undie lines to be found on Mikey. The amount of bouncin MJ's "gift" does in his gold pants is an indicator that MJ loved to rock out with his....OUT!!! Sticking out tongue

Watch his 30th anniversary special too. NO undie lines in those glorious white pants!

Gold pants, yes commando maybe! But what about those costume changes? Ummmm I don't know if he could've gone without anything covering him.

I think MJ wore the seamless briefs. For a man who was in charge and aware of every camera angel, he wouldn't over look the pantyline with his gold pants. He had to look perfect for us, so he bought the seamless underwear. lol I can't believe we are talkig about this. I think he would be too embarrassed to go on stage with no underwear on. I'm getting embarrassed for him.

At first, I was thinking, What the heck? But then I actually watched it, and I had to go get a glass of water! Smiling

Love to see the proof of the below said pictures Eye-wink

Girls, there is also another cute blog in Nov 07. Checkout the story about MJ & Madonna. Cute! Ha haha