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PHOTO,,,Michael jackson sitting on a girl's lap!!

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*tears* cute is he!!!!!...

I thought it looked like Karen Faye too with Red Hair, she has blonde hair now Some of the youtubes I've seen of them look like something was going on and I've heard that when he got hurt on tour and wound up in the hospital while he was married to Lisa and she flew out there to see him hospital personnel told her he needed to rest and Lisa found out later that Karen had actually been in there, so his wife isnt allowed to see him but his makeup artist is?? I dont know how true that is but she seems to be a little more than a makeup artist, at least she seems like she oversteps her boundaries as an employee, like she is in love with him who wouldnt be? I saw an Inside Edition in 95, where they said that Lisa hated Karen wanted her fired but MJ wouldnt do it, jelous I'll just bet that Lisa was.

This was his make up artist during the filming of BAD. I read somewhere that they dated for a while but who knows if its true. I don't want to get beat up for saying that!!

Anyway, I wish this was me. He would have had to knock me over in the chair to get out of my arms!!! Then I would tickle him on the ground until he begged for mercy!! Then I would join him on the ground and we would...just go from there!!! LOL Smiling

I just love MJ!!

Very cute! I wish it was me in that photo!

yosra, I love your avatar! Very nice photo of Michael & Diana.

Yep, that's definitely Karen Faye. How cute, he's sitting on her lap instead of vice versa. Gee we miss him heaps. (sniffs)

awww he looks so cute!

what a beautiful photo! thanks so much for share... and Michael is so cute Smiling

hahahaha she looks like "I won't let you go" Eye-wink

Thast is Karen, his makeup artist. I am sure about it.

hahahha, aww, he's just like.."i may fall off soon.."

I don't think this girl is karen faye..,,i don't know who is she really,

very lovely picture, he looks happy. And I thinks its indeed the woman who did his make-up not sure but think its her.

Any idea what year this picture was taken? Michael is sexy and cute

is that a young karen faye?! could be!