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Michael's Accidents - the "Bridge of No Return"

28/06/1999 "MJ & Friends" in Munich

"In Munich, while Michael was singing on top of the bridge (more than 8 meters - 27 feet - from the ground), a mechanical problem happened.
The upper part of the bridge fell down. It was no longer held by the engines and only stopped from falling free by the cables that were attached to it. Michael was standing on that steel footbridge when it fell down and violently hit the ground below stage level (through the opened hatch in the stage).
The audience didn't notice the accident and thought it was all part of the show. Very few fans understood the terrible thing that had just happened.
When the bridge hit the ground, Michael was obviously shocked. Nevertheless, he carried on his performance and kept singing "Earth Song" with half of his body emerging from the stage hatch. Nobody could tell something was wrong. Then, without showing any sign of pain or distress, Michael climbed back on stage and ended the song with the HIStory Tour usual routine (band members decided on that new arrangement within seconds after the accident). The tank then came on stage and so did the soldier and the kid. "Earth Song" was over."

Michael hurt his chest during the accident - reported the German newspapers the following day -and it was the reason his afterwards back pains.

You can watch the accident here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CnZpcwm0FM

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Thanks for your link too Tholstrup, wonder what that "flying" thing was......

Thanks kyl for sharing!
Yes Tholstrup, you can almost feel it in your stomach!!

ok I just read Karen Faye's account. Poor thing! That security guard would have been on the floor writhing in pain if that were me! Funny how the even organizer Mr. Patrick got it wrong though. Michael continued with the performance w/o missing a beat. You would have never known. He was in obvious pain after the 8:40 mark when he bent over to grab his thighs. He looked like he wanted to cry but it went along with the song perfectly. I bet most of the audience couldn't tell. Michael didn't stagger off to the side of the stage or leave halfway through. Michael took it like a man (though most men probably would have pissed themselves during the fall) and told himself the show must go on!

I finally saw the video. All I can say is Michael was the consumate performer to keep on singing and climb back up on stage out of that pit. The audience probably would have heard a string of calls to G-O-D along with a few choice obscenities as the thing was falling. It happened so fast and from so high (looked higher than 27 feet to the floor of the pit) there is no way that was planned. His singers also kept singing. They were all professionals intent on giving the audience their show. My heart aches for Michael. We could have lost him that day. He always was a risk taker with all the pyrotechnics, the jet packs, the cherry pickers, and innovative stage sets. He always did push the envelope.

Thank you all for the kind words, we do it for love and for Michael. God bless you all!

Thank you cslovinu for this link: http://www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=...
I didn't know that Karen Faye wrote about the accident.

@cslovinu...thank you for sharing your article.....with Keren Faye's account of the sad accident {hug}

Poor Michael! He must have been so scared when it happened. He was such a professional, he just kept right on singing. He didn't want to disappoint his fans. He even managed to hold that note at the end of You Are Not Alone, even though he was in pain.

lyl...you never cease to amaze me girl..you have a keart of gold...we would not even know these things...or miss the video altogether..if you did not out of the goodness of your heart share it ...with us.....what a sad moment...what our wonderful..wonderful Michael went through...but put away his pain at the moment...FOR US...He is such an amazing guy......and lyl...you are an amazing person...Thank you God bless {{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}....

I watched the video this summer but did not notice an accident until I read the comments later.
Thank heavens he survived but how very sad for the injury and subsequent pain.
I happened to read Karen Faye's account of the accident as she watched from backstage. Can you imagine how frightened she and the backstage crew must have been?

I was in tears, too.
Just think of the horrible back pains he had to endure all his life after the accident and Michael never complained to the media about the incident. It was just in the German press the day after it happened.

Imagine falling from 27 feet!

Oh my goodness it fell so quickly - poor Michael Sad He is so brave to have got up and continued singing and performing. He must have been in shock after that. I wonder if he was cross with the technical crew afterwards?

lyl - yes, I saw that performance and I did think that the bridge falling was part of the act. Thanks for the info.


the ending of that performance had me in tears... he was such an amazingly unselfish person and still people try and find fault. <3 Michael.

It's called 'Michael Jackson Earth Song Munich 1999' here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CnZpcwm0FM

I couldn't find the video on youtube but I'm watching the whole concert now. (I should be working.)


"A few minutes later, "You Are Not Alone" began. Parts of the "Bridge of No Return" weres still on stage. Crew members were unable to operate them anymore and had to leave them there.
Michael appeared on stage with his "Earth Song" outfit, which was a clear indication that something was wrong. He was indeed supposed to change clothes for this number.
As soon as "You Are Not Alone" finished, with a remarkable ending vocal performance (given the circumstances), Michael left the stadium.
He was immediately taken to a Munich hospital for a complete check-up.
One hour later, after the doctors agreed that no major physical injuries had occured, Michael was released and headed back to his hotel.

Unfortunately, on his way back, he fainted from nervous exhaustion due to the intense fear, stress and commotion he had just gone through. He was taken back to the hospital and spent the night there under medical observation."

You can watch Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone Live (Munich, 1999) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjNh-90aUJE

Wow, so glad everything was alright with him afterwards... I felt a rush in my stomach when I saw it falling to the ground with him on it.

Here's another accident, but it's more on the fun side, and I love his comment Smiling