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Who is the designer of MJ's clothes?

Who was MJ's designer, was it Christian Audigier or Ed Hardy or both? I loved his style of clothes he always looked great. Thanks.

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Sure. I understand that. Still thanks for the answer. I was wondering whether you should put that post about Thriller Live regarding the voting on other parts of the forum too. We dont seem to be doing very well on that yet.

that particular time, me and my friend saw Michael Bush walking down the street outside the hotel where Michael was staying. We went over to him to say hello and asked him if he would take our gifts to Michael. We saw him walking into the hotel with our gifts.

other times I have handed Michael gifts and letters or gievn them to his security. I would only give gifts and letters to people I recognised as being Michaels staff, people like Michael Bush, Karen Faye, Grace the nanny, Romaine Bain or members of Michaels security team.

I know 100% that Michael got my gifts and letters, but I want to keep that info private.

Yes that is it.Zaldy. I read somewhere that MJ was not very happy with that but not sure.

the other designer on TII was ZALDY.

I was just wondering, when you sent the letters and gifts, did you get any acknowledgement from MJ? How did you make sure they arrived at their destination? What kinds of things did he like? I might be too nosey but I just wonder. You dont have to reply if you did not like the question. Smiling

Thank you very much. I remembered seeing the picture now that I saw the picture. I think the name had not registered when I read it. I think TII had another designer though. I think MJ was not too happy about it either. Will find more about it and come back and post here.


I met Michael Bush in 2000, when I travelled to see Michael. He was very nice to me and and my friend and took our gifts and letters for Michael.

Thanks Moonstreet. Where can we find more on Mr. Bush please? I love Versace Smiling It is one of my favorites, if not the favorite!

@Scrantonfan : I exactly know what you mean. I hope the same.

Michaels clothes designer for over 20 years has been Michael Bush. He designed many of Michael's performance costumes , for both concerts and videos. He was costume designer for BAD, DANGEROUS and HISTORY tours, MJ and Friends concerts 2001 MSG concerts and soo many more. He is listed on the thankyou notes of Michaels albums.

Michael Bush also designed and created all of Michaels suits for the court in Santa Marie and he also worked on costumes for TII.

Michael has also worn clothes by many designers in both his private and professionl life. At the 2006 WORLD MUSIC AWARDS for example, his suit was CAVAILLI and the famous GOLD PANTS from History tour were Versachi.

oh and he had Louis Vitton suitcases but thats beside the point!!!

Neveland Rose, that is what I was suspecting! I wasn't sure if I should come out and say it! I am sitting here laughing--I am glad I am not the only one thinking that. There is also another video clip posted here and you can find it on You Tube that I suspect comes from this set of pictures. Michael is leaving somewhere I am not sure what it is--I think it's somewhere in Beverly Hills and he is gun shy about leaving because TMZ is out there causing a fuss yelling Chutes and Ladders or whatever--trying to rattle our beloved--and he is wearing this same jacket--and I think one of those woman might be this Ruska. I mean in other shots he has a shirt on and in this photo, no shirt. It's like they just woke up and he threw the jacket on--what do you think? I love our Michael and I wished for him some sort of wonderful relationship in the end--you know what I mean?

I love the jacket he wears in that photo (also in TII)!

So cool! Smiling

Eye-wink She was dressing him but I think you are suspecting whether she was undressing him as well ? Eye-wink I think you are right they look far too cosy dont they ? Smiling Thanks for the link I will check them in a bit and come back to comment on Smiling

Thank you Neverland Rose for posting the article that I had the link posted to down in one of my replies. Yes, that's Ruska with Michael in that photo with no shirt on under the jacket. I don't mean to speculate, but what was going on there? They both have that kind of sleepy/sexy look to them! If you look at the link that I posted, there are more photos of the two of them, hugging each other. They seemed very intimate and very close. Supposedly she was dressing him in all of those neat designer outfits in the end--some of the stuff that he was wearing in TII.
To give credit-this was posted previously--I am sure it's buried on one of the back pages somewhere. I just thought he looked so darn sexy and very much into her.

Have you seen this guys? The pictures are missing so see this link for the whole thing if you like. I could only post the written bit here.

RUSKA BERGMAN:The Last DinnerWith Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's stylist - in her own words The orginal article was written is in Croatian/Serbian and someone was kind enough to translate them.


The last dinner with Michael Jackson

Famous New York stylist who was born in Takov, the woman who enchanted Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman and Hilary Clinton, for two and a half years she was inseparable with the tragic King of Pop, who said a month before he left this world’s stage that he will forever be with her.

Written by: Zaneta Apostolovski
Photos: Private Albums

Michael Jackson was never selfish, he shared his love with the whole world, but that he’s the King of Pop – no one truly admitted that till he died. Michael wasn’t a freak, even though so many ugly things and lies were written about him. People simply didn’t understand him just like they didn’t understand Beethoven and Mozart but time has proven that they were musical geniuses as well. Jackson was an amazing artist. He lived in his own world with his music. I’m happy/lucky because I got to be his friend and that he chose me out of all people to be his stylist – says Ruska Bergman, the personal stylist of the late pop icon.

She’s only worked for a few years in New York but she’s already worked with Hilary Clinton, Bjork, Cindy Crawford , Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow and many other stars. She’s convinced that Michael Jackson was the most noble and sophisticated person that she worked with.

“I work for the Italian ‘L’Uomo Vogue’, I styled lots of directors, athletes, actors and when we had to pick out a music icon for our photoshoot, I suggested Michael Jackson, so I sent him a letter. I was at the theatre when after three weeks I got a phonecall from his lawyer who said he was calling on behalf of Michael Jackson.” – I was completely caught off guard. I got scared that I did something wrong in the way I contacted him …so I started apologizing. When the lawyer told me that Michael agreed to do the photoshoot, I asked him to repeat that sentence again before I pass out …I called the editor of the magazine right away and told her that Michael Jackson agreed to do the photoshoot.”

According to Ruska, the preparations for this photoshoot were the most intense preparations on the planet.

“I got thousands of girls assisting us but by the end of it we decided on six. Completely impressed with what he saw, Michael simply shouted, “Girls, you are divine!” – but in order for Ruska to hear that sentence she worked very hard for five months.

Even though he was a megastar, Michael never acted like one on the set. He was very professional, he knew that he was working with the best stylists, make-up artists and photographers and he never saw their work as something beneath him.

There were hundreds of people on set. We played his Thriller album, he immediately stood in front of the camera and started dancing and a few moments later everyone was in tears. He had so much energy that I then, and many times later, thought that he must be from a different planet.

Michael Jackson thought the same about Ruska though. He was amazed how much love she put into her work . Because of similar sensibilities, they continued to work together and their professional association quickly turned into friendship. He loved her character and honesty. He appreciated the fact that she was always honest about what she could and couldn’t do as far as her work goes.

The change in Jackson’s style over the last couple of years was very noticeable and noticed by the world media…on the internet blogs, everyone was asking who was behind the new look of this 20th century pop icon; His secret weapon was of course RUSKA BERGMAN!

“He trusted my taste a lot and he used to always tell me to never stop because I’m the most interesting person he’s ever met! When we became friends, he told me when I first showed up on his door in Vegas he could smell the Mediterranean sea on me”

Ruska and Michael were working intensely with one another over the last two years. They saw eachother often and stayed in touch regularly.

“My phone rang on New Years. I picked up the phone and heard someone singing opera. I was completely baffled. I asked who it was and Michael responded, “Who do you think it is?” – He was very shy and I can’t even describe how gentle he was. But his talent, voice, music and charisma can’t be surpassed.”

From the first time they met, Ruska was convinced he was a genius. After that meeting in Vegas, her whole world changed. She walked down the street and suddenly compared to Michael, all the people seemed so ordinary.

“The more I watched him, the more I loved him'', He was simply magic. He was the most noble person in the world. No man on Earth can compare to his inner and outer beauty. I met so many stars, talked to them, worked with them, but no one was even close to Michael’s charisma. He was simply always ahead of everyone else and I can’t believe that my dear friend died Sad How can I believe it when we actively worked so much together lately? I was getting the styling ideas ready for the tour, which unfortunately he will never get to do now – and it would’ve been a true spectacle.

According to Forbes magazine, Jackson would’ve earned 2.5 billion dollars from that tour, But he wasn’t too concerned about that. He had over 30 people who took care of everything and he had eleven lawyers, he lived in complete isolation but he was able to see who his true friends are. The moment Ruska came to LA, Michael would call her and sometimes he himself would pick her up at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“The window of the limo would go down and Michael – guarded by six bodyguards in there – would wave at me and call me over. We loved and respected eachother. He loved everything that I wore, and he always wanted to wear it. He always asked me where I was hiding so long. A man like that will never come by again, but I’m convinced that his music will live for hundreds of years. Everyone copies him, but only when Michael himself showed up would people actually faint.”

The woman who works in the biggest fashion house and gives advice to Tom Ford, Givenchy and many others, she fascinated the King of Pop when it came to how humble she was and her general view when it came to money.

When we had dinner just a month ago, Michael asked me, “Do you know why I love working with you? You never asked me for money. And we never talked about some agreements. You trusted me as I trusted you. I changed six managers in two years. You’re the only person who stuck with me. Everyone else came and went, and you, my dear, will be with me forever.''

The last time she saw him was two weeks before his death. She was at his house five days in a row.

“He was truly beautiful. He didn’t seem depressed or sad at all. He even danced a bit. Didn’t seem to have a care in the world. As always, he was the gentlest person on the planet. It seemed almost as if he was ‘ours’ . I never felt that about anyone aside from ~Steven Spielberg. But Michael was so unusual, his warmth and love completely got me. Everything was just fine. I can’t believe that he’s gone all of a sudden.”

She heard the news about his death while she was in the studio. The moment she heard it she thought she would fall off the chair. The only thing she could possibly say was that it was simply impossible, it can’t be. She couldn’t stop crying for days. All the material and the photographs and data that she has, she’s keeping for the movie, This is It, that’s coming out.

“I know I was very privileged because I had the chance to be so close to him, to see him as a real person. We perfectly understood eachother. I feel sad that the media was so unfair and cruel to him. He didn’t have cancer, his nose wasn’t falling off, all those things are just fabrications, stupidities and lies. The pop icon is among angels right now, but his music will live forever.”


The cover shoot she styled him for

Yes, that one was great! Don't know who designed it though.

Here's an amazing suit he wore in Tokyo, March 2007 for the Premium VIP Party: spectacular black silk Covered with gold lions. Does anyone remember this? Know who designed it?

the speech he gives is muffled by the fans screams - but you can see the suit in the opening stills:


I think the woman in this photo is also Ruska? (recognised her big black ring)
MJ's not wearing anything under his jacket....... is it hot in here???

I had not heard of those two but of Hardy and Audigier. I look them up. He had great style for sure!

That picture with the girl is lovely. I had another similar, from another angle, he has the most beautiful smile on it. But i cant find it. I'm gonna check that site, maybe there is.

I found these names: Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins. They worked a lot of years with Michael designing his clothes, even his trail suites. Here's a link with some nice pictures of their work in some Michael projects.


Thanks- Just bookmarked! I'm eternally grateful- you're a treasure;)

If you go to Elusiveshadow.com they have a lot of great pictures of him!

Thank Youuuuu!!! This picture made my day (& night) I've never seen it before. It's gets printed right out & put in my MJ fashion book!

I KNOW I KNOW, sometimes I just can't take it!!!!! He's sooooo HOT! It's a simply picture but OMG! Those shoes!!!! That coat!! I give credit to those people I don't know if I could have contained myself if I saw him, I wouldn't want to act crazy because that doesn't get you anywhere but I would pass out later after I met him, lol

Wow, that was a cool picture of him. He seemed so anonymous here yet sometimes he had all of these people mobbing him. I love the coat--he was so frigging amazing--what other man would I find sexy wearing a mask!

Here's the picture I was talking about. I LOVE his shoe boots he is wearing and that rain coat, for some reason this picture just GETS to me!!!



This isn't about his designer, but about his stylist. I know this was posted awhile back but I think it was cool and this lady, Ruska Bergman, has lots of nice stuff to say about Michael, and the photos of them together are rather striking....she is the one that supposedly dressed him in the Balmain jacket......they look like they were quite cozy together....

Here's the link.......


I think I read somewhere that his loafers were Deer Stags but not sure, my friend loves his shoes, and your right, he wore them good! God, he looked so good in everything he wore. I like the red and blue shirt in TII. He was too fine!

Christian Audigier designed those magnificent blue and red shirts with the silver - and the black press conference jacket. He and Michael were set to launch the Michael Jackson Clothing Line this year! I believe the estate was still considering launching this sometime in the future --- we can only hope!

...and only He could make black weejun loafers sexy

BTW...I have a related post: Michael's Stunning Suit: Tokyo 2007. Anyone know who designed this incredible piece? Thanks.

@Planet Jackson
I'd love to know who made that red shirt he wore for TII.