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Michael in bed with 2 ladies, what a flirt!

I just watched the Michael Bearden interview on Late night with George Lopez. He was talking about the song Dirty Diana on TII and there's a bed scene with a dancer and Bearden asked MJ where he would be during the song and Michael says " in the bed, where else would he be". Soooo funny! Then they asked where Orianthi would be and he says she should be in the bed with them, then he looks back at Bearden and says "I can handle it"! Michael was such a flirt! I wish they showed more of these kind of clips on TII, his flirty , mischevious, funny side. Sorry I don't have the link for the interview, I don't know how to do that stuff. I'm sure someone replying will be able to post it.

Anyway what do you guys think about Michael's flirty side? It's all over his videos, do you think he's like that when he's not being MJ the star? I think that's why I love seeing old pics of him and Lisa together, it shows a side of him we never see just being affectionately uninhibited. Soooo cute!

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Just look at the way he hugs his female fans!He really feels it and drives them wild!I wish this could happen to me!

I love that video, Applehead2U. I love how he just does whatever he wants... the presenter was getting stressed out though!

i would love to see the latest vid posted here, about the flower but it's restricted for my country because of the copyrights... Sad But I can imagine him playing the public...

He was a massive flirt and very very sexual.

He was a red blooded male and he loved women.

Just an example is I'm sure you all know the making of stranger in moscow where he flirts with the girl...just take a look at how he's soo sly about it lol he waits until everyone seemingly turns their back or walks away to do it.

He didn't do it in public...but he was very sexual and very very naughty and flirty I think.

I mean I just laugh every time I see this. He KNOWS what he is doing. Even when he picks up the flower he acts like he has no idea, but really he knows that even though it was a subconcious thing picking up the flower to look at it....he was like "wtf...just picking up a flower and they find me sexy?!?" He wasn't stupid, he wasn't oblivious to the fact that women screamed and fainted for him. And he wore those gold pants...he knew what they did. He knew it 100%.

Just watch this....he's playing with the audience so badly.

It's not deliberate, but even the way he spreads his legs a bit to look at the poster properly is insanely sexy lol

I mean you might be humble about it at the time...but if you picked up a flower and people screamed and fainted because that tiny act looked so insanely sexy....you'd go home and feel good about yourself.


only smiles can explain my lack of words right now; Smiling)))

In case you didn't see the interview but want to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYe_e2wsOOw

That interview was so funny! "And I can handle it too!" Michael's such a flirt! ♥ He was shy but like everyone else he had moments where that shyness wasn't there anymore. I love Michael's shy side and now I just love his flirtatious side that I never knew of until now! I wish that I got to see that in person! Laughing out loud

Lol I remember when Bearden did this interview - "I can handle it, too!" haha!


I would of LOVED to see that!

Love that Michael Bearden interview. Makes me smile everytime I watch it. I can just hear his voice saying " And Bearden, I can handle it, too." =)

i bet he could handle that, and of course i'd be in that bed too Smiling
this was a cute story to hear, thanks for sharing

MybeMJRelative - You sound like me!! It made alot of sense... The man was a sizzlin HOT red blooded American male and wouldve been so much fun.

blttrox: I second that emotion. We both know our MJ, so i'd assume we wouldn't throw ourselves at him neither. Lol! I like to give the thrill of a chase to a guy, and he seemed to warm up to women that seemed bold, but not too over the edge. With that being said, you'd wink, and i'd blow him a kiss and then i'd sit on his lap, and say "it's all out of love, God bless you," get up and walk away. I can imagine him seeming confused, but finding it cute, funny, and innocent. LOL! I know that didn't make any sense, but I tend to laugh at my own jokes way...too much.

Think I wouldve said something like " Think you can handle me huh? Like to see you try" LOL But only so he could hear me , smile sweetly and walk away kinda playing hard to get.

Omg! I just seen the video clip of Michael Bearden speaking about the episode. It doesn't surprise me that MJ would make sly comments about women, because he's a guy. However, it did surprise me in a way of saying, wow, i didn't know he could talk dirty. It makes ur mind wonder, especially when u listen to lyrics such as..."Love is a feeling/ Give it when I want it/ cause i'm on fire/ quench my desire/ give it when i want it/ talk to me woman/ give into me/ give into me."
I don't mean to be vulgar, disrespectful, and don't mind my screen name, but if it were me, and I was laying in the bed; let's pretend I over heard him say that, I would've sent him a note asking "is he up for the challenge?" LOL! Then i'd go into Usher Raymond (Confessions Album) mode and sing..." i figured i'd hit it /and quit it/ in just one night/ got so good to me/ i doubled back twice!
How many of you out there would've done that as a friendly flirt?
I'm a lil shy, that's why I would've written a note. How about you?

Yes, MJ was extremely cute and flirtacious. I think there are times when he is talking and he doesn't even realize he is doing it. Some times he is doing an interview, video, or watching a performance and he does an eye brow raise, or it's just the way he is looking, and it's like, someone pass me a piece of paper to fan with. He can really make a girl weak in the knees. I think that sometimes he doesn't even realize it is being perceived as him flirting. He just has a natural charisma. On the George Lopez show, there is no mistake, he was being naughty and having innocent fun with those comments about the girls in the bed. I think in everyday life, he was very, very shy and that also had the ladies chasing him.

Did she purposely wear those tight jeans to get MJ's attention? I'm sure! I love the video clips of Michael in concert where he would bring a fan up on stage to sing and dance with her, and the girls would just melt into his arms. One of them even fainted and he just picks her up with both arms and carried her off the stage, what a man! It's on you tube, sorry guys, I'm bad at posting links.

Michael was the Biggest, Sexiest Flirt EVER!!..I love that story that Michal Beardin told on George Lopez show too. MJ was due to film the Dirty Diana segment the same day of his untimely and tragic death.

Also, I love hearing the stories from his personal chef, Kai Chase (on Larry King Live and Access Hollywood), who talks about catching Michael checking her out in her tight white jeans when serving him and kids lunch one day. I HAD TO LAUGH!! Michael was a TRIP - AROUND THE WORLD!!


OMG, when i first read about interview a while ago, i was surprised and laughed so hard. I love part like this shown in TII, the cute and funny side.
Michael has this sweet flirty side of him, he never showed it off in vulgar way, but instead, in fun and joke,I just love it! I think when MJ is not being a star, he is much a normal man who can flirt and just be naughty. Oh yeah, heard lots of stories about how he loves women! Yeah me too, i love seeing pics of him and LMP although I am not her fan, but they both look so cute and adorable. I see happy smile in MJ's face during that time, it's like he is in love, and just be happy. Although we never really know what he really felt during their marriage...

I hope it's on the DVD as well. I can't wait for the DVD!

Michael was always a flirt.I also hope its on the dvd but i doubt it. But there is always hope.

i hope its gonna be on the dvd!!!! AHHH but i doubt it Sad

I was very aware of gazingly flirty he is.like I said on the tti forum the way he was with Judith you can definitly tell that he's got a playful side.I think it's very cute and kinda endearing the way he does it.Like you never know when it's gonna happen and when it does it's like''OMG! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?''and it probably will never happen again but you want to relive that moment in your head

In TII he was flirtatious! TWYMMF when he puts his arms around the dancer and in his duet with Judith - full flirt mode . Yet he's cute and boyish when he flirts.....

of course,,yeah Michael was really Naughty,,,
do you guys see this video,,where a fan wanted to take a hug ,,and Michael said (give you more than a hug)!!

@Maria dclue
I feel the same here...
i don't like seeing MJ and LMP pictures,,,she didn't deserve him (my opinion)

It's real good 2 see he was made of those manly tostosterones (i can't even spell it)* (snips & snails & puppy dog tails!!!!))) .. who loves (sugar & spice & everything nice). LOL.... just like all guys I Know.
I imagine a shy Michael just enjoying abit of JUNK talking with his boys,....because thats not even his kind of 'get down". lmao. Thats whats up tho. Everybody in his circle knew that MJ was a REAL man.

He had that flirty-boyish way about him that must have been disarming to anyone on the receiving end! There's a scene in the Bashir film - even though I loathe that man --but...do you remember when he's walking out of his Vegas hotel & he's thanking 2 young women for the pictures - and then he makes a comment to Bashir about the women's style? (I forget the exact words & I'll have to find that clip too!) This innocence is the trait that set him apart from all other men & what I truly miss about him.

I loved that too, I wish they would more of that stuff too but they don't like too. He was so funny.

Here's that clip:


Michael is a joker and a naughty boy!
But I don't like to see his pictures with LMP, better, I hate them, and you must know why ....
I think he liked to flirt with the girls. I've seen many times that "Million dollar Smile", and those brown beautiful eyes with a different expression. But he is a shy person and this can make the whole difference for the next steps ( you know what I am talking about, Ah!Ah!Ah! )
All my love