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Ever decide to look for some MJ photos on Google, and end up totally disgusted with all the photo shopped CRAP and GARBAGE that is on there? The pics of him with no nose, balding, comparing his then and now face, looking like a demon and such? I think it is totally horrible. It turns my stomach every time. I really wanna jump through the monitor and tear a strip of the people who create such garbage.

No offense to Google, I know they can't control it, but they should seriously start dealing with the images their search results bring up. Eek!

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The people that create these photos have nothing to do with their sad, lonley, boring lives so they decide to do something that nobody pays attention to anyway. The nasty pictures are a given for ANY celebrity unfortunatly, you just have to pretend they aren't there. Besides, there are much more beautiful and sexy pictures of MJ than there are photoshopped to try make him look ugly!

i hate them! especially the one where his nose is falling off and where he has no nose and is by a tables full of prosthetic ones. but, i think theres something that protects the people putting them up. its offensive, but i dont think u can do anything about it.. cause its not illegal

I know, I saw this one of him with no nose and he is sitting at a table holding a bunch of noses. I HATE how people would do something like that. And as HoneyB said, he is obviously going to look different from an interval of thirty-two years. Anyone would, and they make it seem like a celebrity can't get plastic surgery, and it was just his nose. I also saw this one that showed him and had a caption that said "Only in American can someone be born a black boy and turn in to a white woman." Or something like that. They're are just disgusting.

i know i hate it!!!! It's horrible!!!!! Can't you report images as offensive or something on there?
Well if your looking for pictures theres alot on and

hahaha!! totally!!
but the people whho make that s*** really do make me sick Barf!

ugh i know, they need to get rid of those pictures.
i really hate the picture with his face on a womans body, its so disgusting, whoever made that picture should be should be hit in the face with a brick.

Yes, I don't like it either. It is disgusting, have you gone to They have a lot of great pics.

I hate that one too. I also hate the Youtube videos when they compare Michaels different faces through the years... ANYONES face would look differently from ages 18-50. Seriously!

Um, they CAN control it. Google sets the algorithm for how sites turn up in searches for certain keywords. I have found with Google (and yahoo is even worse; Bing has better MJ pics) they duplicate a lot of pictures and a lot of them are not good pictures. The most popular one seems to be that one with the photoshopped missing nose. I hate that picture.