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Michael - New York - Sept 10, 2001 (note the date)

30th Anniversary Special at Madison Square Garden - The "day before"......

For all the Billie Jean fans:

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Moonstreet thank you for this information. How sweet of him to care about his fans this much. It is incredible. Such a loving caring guy. I have never heard anybody like him. I think you are very lucky because you have all these memories. I never had the chance to see him.

I was at this concert and the first MSG concert on friday september 7 2001. I remember after the concert, going back to Michaels hotel and hanging out until the eary hours with all the fans. It was such a happy time, the night was soo balmy and we spent hours just chatting and reliving the concert and all the "omg, rembember when " moments.

The next morning, and the days after changed all our lives.

Along with all the other international fans, me and my friends were stranded in New York for almost a week. We couldnt go home as all the airports were closed, most of our European cell phones didnt work in America and many of us had to get money wired from our families in Europe as we were due to fly home on september 11 and 12..

Michael and his family managed to leave New York around 12 pm on Spetember 11. They were taken by police escort to New Jersey. As they left soo quickly , they didnt have time to pack, and his bodyguards had to pack his luggage and have it sent to him a few days later.

His bodyguards were stranded too, just like us international fans. In the days afer september 11, around 50 of us fans continued to meet outside Michaels hotel. Even though we knew he wasnt there, it became a sort of safe place for us to meet to make sure everyone was ok and to share information about airports, airlines etc. Michaels bodyguards found out that we were all still outside the hotel and every night they would come out to see us. They were in contact with Michael and told us that he wanted to make sure we were all ok.

Thanks so much for posting this! I've seen it dozens of times but never, ever tire of it. I LOVE watching The One and Only.......will forever. At 1:30, right as he ducks down and removes the fedora, just seconds before the legendary BJ beat starts, and JUST before the FIRST "crotch grab" he has the biggest grin on his face....awww.....he was happy and havin' FUN! *Sigh* Loved it, thanks again.

Yeah, the second show was on the 10th, so I think they flew out that night after the second show and were not stranded in New York. during the attacks. I remember seeing in a video somewhere where Michael thought the 9-11 attacks were Armageddon and he therefore didn't want to bring another child into the world. I believe the tried to stop the 3rd pregnancy (Blanket), but was told the surrogate mother was already pregnant etc.... Was a rough time for all of us, as well as Michael having performed the day before in NY.

I may be wrong, but in Adrian Grants book, A Visual Documentary, he states that Michael and his children had already left New York the night before the 911 attacks.

Thanks for posting this. I'm a fan since '68 too. Every version of Billie Jean is a work of art!

I always love seeing live performances of Billie Jean. He really knew how to work the crowd at the beginning & get them going! As far as the date, I wonder what must have been going thru his mind the next day when he was still in NY & all hell broke loose. I remember watching this tragedy unfold on t.v. as it was happening & the panic in the streets. They weren't allowing anybody in or out. Michael must have been terrified.

I have always felt that it was a fitting tribute to the end of our country's innocence that Michael was performing in New York the night of September 10th 2001.........

thanx for the vid