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MJ Christmas Ornaments

I'm a huge MJ fan and would love to have MJ ornaments to put on my christmas tree this holiday season. Does anyone know where i would be able to purchase them?

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I had to make my own because they haven't any stores here that sell MJ ornaments. When one can't find Michael, one improvises the best they can! Eye-wink

I have found something very beautiful here in the local gardencentre!
It is an barok style golden frame with many beautiful colored glitters on it and it has an little picture of an angelic face in it...it is an Christmas tree ornament!
I have bought a few of them and now I will place a lovely picture of ♥ Michael ♥ in the frame!
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I have one from a few years ago and it plays some of his song clips when you press a button
got it at Walmart here in Canada

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I just saw them last night at Walgreens. They are on sale: 5.99 for the ornament statues of MJ and 7.99 for the ornament that plays music (little red frame around MJ). I couldn't get them though because it's Christmas and I spent all of my money on Christmas gifts. Maybe they will have them after Christmas - I get my paycheck right on Saturday, Christmas Day.

yessss thts where i got mine too haha Laughing out loud we had the same deal too !!

I purchased mine @ Walgreens today. I think they have the best deal with Buy One Get One Half Off Smiling

yeah i got me a few MJ ornaments also... even though i wont be putting up a tree i still needed to have my ornament so it could feel more like christmas! Laughing out loud

This is exactly why I LOVE these forums. I would have never known about these ornaments! Love you guys! lol

The local Walgreens and CVS stores are all out of the MJ ornaments, so I just made two ornaments myself! I went to Michael's, which is a local craft supply store here in So. CA. They had these great little picture frames that are actually ornaments you can hang on your tree. They had a lot of different styles--I picked out a silver one with rhinestones, and a red one with beautiful gold trim. I then printed out my two favorite pictures of MJ (scaled to fit inside the little frames, of course), and voila! Instant ornaments! I found them back by all the other picture frames. They were so easy to make, and they look great hanging on my tree!

At your local Walgreens and CVS right now. Hurry, it has been avalable for 2 weeks now.Right now Walgreens is buy one, get one half off!

To hand make them would be much more special in my opinion. Such a splendid idea.

You could take a childs glove and sew sequines on it or cover it with sparkels......The federo would be soooooo great. Little leather jacket maybe Barbie.I will look.
STARGAZER I will look on ebay

Yeah, like little Fedora, a tiny glitter white glove, little bubbles, jewel encrusted crown, little Billy Jean jacket etc awesome Laughing out loud

I would L.O.V.E. that! Thanks for the excellent idea.I think my family would flip there lid............Actually they have all been pretty good,the kids have stopped hiding my CD'S. The death threats worked!!!!!!
ANDREA I think I will make mine...any ideas.....I could make one for my a rear view mirror too.
I can already see sparkels all over the kitchen floor Hee Hee. When I decorated some M.J. T-shirts we were covered in sparkels. Hubby said he had comments 4 2 days at work and hockey . Have you ever tried to get those little suckers off....L.O.V.E. Love Jamielynn

What about if you try making your own?, plus they would
have that personal touch well, cos they were hand-made.
Its just a suggestion for you. Goodluck.xx

There are some on Ebay. Smiling