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Dick Gregory EXPECTED Michael’s MURDER

For those who have not seen it, I’ve found a thread in MJ General Discussion (http://www.michaeljackson.com/us/node/441106#comment-441883) about a prediction made by Dick Gregory.


You can find the article at http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/article_1238.shtml

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Dick Gregory knows alot and he can't be lying. That man has been so many places and knew Dr. King and has a book about his assassination. No joke. I have his DVD You Can't Handle the Truth.

@LuckyGirl27, Listen Dick Gregory is not crazy, this man has some information that will no one knows about. If anyone of you can remember, there was a gentleman who worked for Former President Clinton by the name of Ron Brown he was the former Secretary of Commerce. Well, let me tell you that Mr. Gregory has the pictures of his autopsy report. Everyone that can go to youtube type in You Don't know the Real MJ part three of three. This is a conversation that Greogory had in August of 2009 with a Baltimore MD talk radio host Darin Mohammad.

There is a picture of Mr. Brown's autopsy and a bullet was in the back of his head. He did not pass away in a plane crash the way that they said. There is also a book about Ron Brown's death as well and the author is Jack Cashill. I will look it up.

Dick Gregory has a DVD called You Can't Handle the Truth. I urge you to get it and learn. It will be one year ago tomorrow that he came here to Baltimore MD at Sojourner Douglas College's East Baltimore campus. Amazon.com, Ebay.com, etc they all have the DVD on hand.

Fabric Princess, thank you. The forum is monitored, no doubt about it.

Do you think someone does not want us to GROPE OUR WAY TO TRUTH?

I was also piqued when I noticed that serious threads are not very popular but I always thought that it was people’s choice rather than administrator’s…

Hello hb. Here's a link to a video in which Mr. Gregory is interviewed. I noticed that once again, my previous links to anything related to the Illuminati or The New World Order were taken down IN ALL THREE FORUMS. Hmmm. . . .

It's good to know that this website does, in fact, have administrators working full time, isn't it? And to think so many of us were wondering about that not long ago.



P.S. If anyone wants a link to the videos I've previously posted links to, you can e-mail me here:

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Lucky, exactly!

Besides, why did the investigators question some key members of Michael’s staff two months after June 25? According to reports, their testimonies were identical. Is it a surprise? They had two months to rehearse, if such a rehearsal was required.

Is there any info regarding security tapes? Has anyone tampered with them?

hb - I question that also. Why was Thome even at the hospital when he was not managing MJ anymore. And why did he have MJ's 5 milion dollars that he turned over to the executors of the estate weeks after MJ's death. Did he go to the mansion after Mj's death and speaking of that were is the security tape from the mansion. I mean I cannot imagine that a mansion that big had no security footage....
I could go on. Things just do not make sense.

Besides, there was Reverend June Gatlin who recorded her telephone conversations with Michael at his request. He was scared and complained that Tohme Tohme was blocking him from attorneys and financial advisers. WHY DID NOT SHE RAISE AN ALARM? How did it happen that nobody intervened?

I saw a footage where they said that Michael dismissed Tohme Tohme in May and signed a document to the effect. How come that Tohme Tohme declared that he represented Michael after Michael’s death? Is there anyone looking into this suspicious guy’s affairs?

Question mark upon question mark and no answers…

As I heard this tapes... michael begged for help... but where's is the love?

I don't really understand how can nobody else intervene in such situation... when there's is a life in jeopardy I think the world should be clearly read HELP ME! the world needs to change now!

it seems that something could be right ...
.....will we ever get know?

I'm sure people around Michael know what really happened and who it was, like LaToya is saying. They are probably afraid to say because the same thing could happen to them. She thinks the doctors were hired by someone else, there is no contract signed by Michael. A cardiologist is not going to make this many mistakes by accident. No monitering equipment, a lethal dose, mixing drugs that shouldn't be mixed and leaves the room. Then he is approved to go back to work.


Though some people say that the 20/20 interview with La Toya Jackson conducted by Barbara Walters (http://watching-tv.ew.com/2009/09/11/latoya-jackson-interview-michael-ja...) was nutty, I cannot forget La Toya’s words when she said that Michael told her repeatedly, “LA TOYA, THEY’RE GOING TO MURDER ME. IF I DIE, THEY KILLED ME.” Who “they” were, La Toya did not say. She also said the doctors caring for Michael were “hired by someone else,” not Michael.

I know that she had told controversial stories in the past but I love what she said of Michael, “HE WAS THE CLOSEST TO A GOD THAT I KNOW.”

Dick Gregory is not lying. I have heard tapes of Michael calling his manager and friends in the middle of thenight from Neverland saying he was afraid and didn't want to be alone.. A former manager, I think, recently came forward with the tapes and it was Michaels voice calling him saying he was afraid for his life and his children and that he was being stalked. He wanted to leave Neverland and had found a place that he wanted to go because he was afraid to stay at Neverland. It was several different calls so it is true. He was very afraid for several years and knew people wanted to kill him, he just didn't know how or when.

Kathy, milady, lucky and others: fully agree with you. There are TOO MANY questions and too few answers...

Besides, a number of people are saying that Michael was scared. I do not buy the paranoia or persecution mania rumours, that’s BS, Michael knew what he was talking about!

Hmm....I don;t put anything past human beings when there is $1.5 billion involved...I am also getting creeped out about the timing of the Beatles revival this fall....strange, isn't it , when the owner of the Beatles catalog is now dead? I absolutely believe race plays a part of why Michael Jackson was hounded. There are many many outspoken racists in America, racist groups still exist and there is much unconscious racism. What is absolutely strange is that the FBI would be involved int e Neverland search. Now how much did this search and trial cost the taxpayers? And the LA attorney wants money back from the city for the memorial service security detail? How abt recouping the costs from the trial with no proof??

That poor poor baby
all the hell he had to go thought.
When the hell was he happy???
The more I learn the more I can not see when he was happy???
This kind of life would make me crazy
He had no life. We kept him in a cage, money hungry trying to kill him
which it looks like the finly got there wish.
The have the money the catalog back and we got what
year to look at fake MJ cCristmas stocking like the Elvis pant legs I was!!!!.

This is the link to 1 of 3 videos, buy they are boring and I think he keeps talking about 2004/2005.

I have seen this man in at least one video after Michael's death, I think talking about conspiracy. I will try to find it.
The theory of the conspiracy about the catalogs is sustained by several people. In December or January is coming the new book of Geraldine Hughes called "The Michaelgate" where she talks about the conspiracy of the homicide.
(For the ones who don't know she is the author of "Redemption")

Just because Dick Gregory tried to be a bretharian and then was caught eating McDonalds does not discredit him. I am sorry but that breatharian thing cracked me up !!

Seriously though - If Dick Gregory thought this in 2004, he must have talked to MJ about it. I keep thinking, "Was MJ scared?" How terrible that he possibly had fear like that and was not really able to trust anyone.

Me either, Wendy. This casts a different shade on the whole story.

This is a very chilling story. Gregory is asking the questions...who has the answers? That makes me mad that Michael is asked to pay 3million bail...but I'm not surprised. Dang! I didn't even know the FBI was in on the search.

MJJmahal, please try to be strong!! I love you!

Will the 1993 Oprah Interview help this time? Give it a try! Hugs. hb

hb, my friend. this is such a sensitive topic for me. i have read so much of this when MJ passed and it broke my heart. i am just recovering from the heartbreak and i just can't right now. i'll bookmark this and save it for a day when i feel stronger.

i am feeling so sad with thoughts that he should still be with us!

CloBird, thank you. I have not heard about it. It's funny... Michael also had a bet once that he would not eat for a week and was caught “red-handed” with a chicken wing in his hand. LOL!

I am not sure whether his quirks make his statement about Michael less credible.

Dick Gregory isn't known for his truthfulness or credibility.This man was caught in a bold-faced lie several years ago;he claimed to be a "breatherian",a person who lives by eating air,not eating food,just breathing...He was caught eating at a MacDonald's.He was a laughing stock in the press for a few days.

Thank you, Rose. I have just heard from a fan here that someone posted a picture of Michael’s legs on a Russian website and claims that his legs are covered with needles marks (or “tracks” as addicts say.)

It’s a falsification! In fact, it is the famous picture with tarantula bites Michel had to submit as evidence to court to explain his non-appearance.

Someone is trying hard to pose Michael as a pathetic drug addict who died of an overdose and hence, nobody can be blamed for his death and uninformed Russian “journalists” bite the bait. I do not buy it. I do admit that Michael was dependent on pain-killers and sleeping pills but there are no traces of narcotic drugs in his blood or bone marrow. BTW, narcotic drugs are not easily excreted and are traceable in bone marrow of any addict.

HB what have you done girl? Perfect as usual. Thank you so much for this. I am saving it in my archive. I dont find his argument farfetched at all. I have always thought this was a possibility.

GoneTooSoon: the creepy thing is that the article dates back to early 2004. It is not like someone claiming, "I knew it! I told you before." This guy did have suspicions before. Anyway, I treat it as food for thought and I am not ready to dismiss it as nonsense or attention-seeking.

I think Dick Gregory really loved Michael.

I find it hard to believe that he really knew. I mean if he'd said when/how it was going to happen, yes, that would've been creepy... There are so many ppl giving out conspiracy theories just to get some attention and when it coincidentally comes true they get the fame they were looking for!