44 Michael's songs Acapella for download

1. ABC Jackson - ABC (w_Jackson 5) (Acapella).mp3

2. ANOTHER PART OF ME Jackson - Another Part of Me (Acapella).mp3

3. BAD Jackson - Bad (Acapella).mp3

4. BEAT IT Jackson - Beat It (Acapella).mp3

5. BEN Jackson - Ben (Acapella).mp3

6. BILLIE JEAN Jackson - Billie Jean (Acapella).mp3

7. BLACK OR WHITE Jackson - Black or White (Acapella).mp3

8. BLAME ON THE BOOGIE Jackson - Blame It on the Boogie (w_The Jacksons) (Acapella).mp3

9. BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR Jackson - Blood on the Dance Floor (Acapella).mp3

10. BUTTERFLIES Jackson - Butterflies (Acapella).mp3

11. CHILDHOOD Jackson - Childhood (Acapella).mp3

12. DANGEROUS Jackson - Dangerous (Acapella).mp3

13. DIRTY DIANA Jackson - Dirty Diana (Acapella).mp3

14. DON´T STOP 'TIL YOU GET ENOUGHT Jackson - Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough (Acapella).mp3

15. EARTH SONG Jackson - Earth Song (Acapella).mp3

16. GIVE IN TO ME Jackson - Give In to Me (Acapella).mp3

17. GONE TOO SOON Jackson - Gone Too Soon (Acapella).mp3

18. GOT TO BE THERE Jackson - Got to Be There (Acapella).mp3

19. HISTORY Jackson - HIStory (Acapella).mp3

20. I JUST CANT STOP LOVING YOU Jackson - I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Intro) (Acapella).mp3

21. I JUST CAN´T STOP LOVING YOU (INTRO) Jackson - I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Intro) (Acapella).mp3

22. I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS Jackson - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (w_Jackson 5) (Acapella).mp3

23. I WANT YOU BACK (REMIX - BLACK ROB & PUFF DADDY) Jackson - I Want You Back (Remix w_Jackson 5, Black Rob & Puff Daddy) (Acapella).mp3

24. I´LL BE THERE Jackson - I'll Be There (w_Jackson 5) (Acapella).mp3

25. IN THE CLOSET Jackson - In the Closet (Acapella).mp3

26. JAM Jackson - Jam (Acapella).mp3

27. LEAVE ME ALONE Jackson - Leave Me Alone (Acapella).mp3

28. NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE Jackson - Never Can Say Goodbye (w_Jackson 5) (Acapella).mp3

29. REMEMBER THE TIME Jackson - Remember the Time (Acapella).mp3

30. ROCK WITH YOU Jackson - Rock With You (Acapella).mp3

31. SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN Jackson - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (w_Jackson 5) (Acapella).mp3

32. SCREAM Jackson - Scream (w_Janet Jackson) (Acapella).mp3

33. SMOOTH CRIMINAL Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Acapella).mp3

34. STRANGER IN MOSCOW Jackson - Stranger in Moscow (Acapella).mp3

35. THE LOVE YOU SAVE Jackson - The Love You Save (w_Jackson 5) (Acapella).mp3

36. THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel (Acapella).mp3

37. THEY DON´T CARE ABOUT US Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Acapella).mp3

38. THRILLER (VOCALS BY VINCENT PRICE) Jackson - Thriller (Vocals by Vincent Price) (Acapella).mp3

39. WHO IS IT Jackson - Who Is It (Acapella).mp3

40. WHO IS IT (FROM OPRAH WINFREY) Jackson - Who Is It (w_Oprah Winfrey) (Acapella).mp3

41. WHY YOU WANNA TRIP ON ME Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip on Me (Acapella).mp3

42. WILL YOU BE THERE Jackson - Will You Be There (Demo) (Acapella).mp3

43. YOU ARE NOT ALONE Jackson - You Are Not Alone (Acapella).mp3

44. YOU ROCK MY WORLD Jackson - You Rock My World (Acapella).mp3

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Nevermind, found somewhere else to download them. I love MJ Acapella <3

The links don't work anymore?

i only found this thread today with the help of neecy (thanks!) and i am now the proud owner of these beautiful acapella versions, thanks so much for sharing milady! Smiling

You are most welcome Vandy. I don't have Speechless acapella. I guess he didn't record the Invincible album in that way. I'm sorry. Sad


Milady, OMG that was so sweet and considerate of you. I just love to listen to Michael acapella. He has such a sweet, angelic, and sexy voice. I've been looking for a decent Speechless acapella. You don't by chance have that somewhere? Do you? I found one on YT but it wasn't a complete and true acapella because all the singers and background are still in it. If you come across it, would you please PM me on that link or download. Thanks.

thanks for this great site!

it'll take 100 lifetime before anybody can even reach mj's level!!!

worth the time, thank you

Hi, all.Thank you, MIlady. I bookmarked it, gonna download it later on , thanks again, friend.
Love and Hugs.

LOL yeah the blame it on the boogie acapella does not sound like our Michael. His voice was much smoother and prettier lol

Blame it on the Boogie is NO WAY Michael Jackson. If that's Michael Jackson, then I'm Quincy Jones!

With L.O.V.E

Milady, you are wonderful. Smiling Thank you, thank you. I love Michael's acapella versions because I can hear his sweet voice so clearly.

but its too hard |:

... ill have a go for you girls (:


hey 4ever, come to the chat!!!

.... Dolli Laughing out loud


thank you for posting!

You are more than welcome hb! Smiling

Thank you very much! Listening to Michael signing acapella is such a treat!! Cannot help admiring his voice, absolute pitch and sense of rhythm. He is a god of music. Thanks again!