Beautiful Oil Paintings of Michael | The Official Michael Jackson Site

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wow they are so nice! Smiling
I should paint more often, that inspires me.

Wow these paintings are very nice.

He was so fine wow!

This is nice, thanks for sharing. The artwork was just beautiful.

I love your Art.
Michael is my favorite singer and I also painted several Art works devoted to this great man.
Check this out.

awwwww so beautiful

Unbelievable..! I haven't seen such an art work in my life, all the paintings of Michael Jackson are amazing and i love to see them all because Michael Jackson is my all time favorite singer. Check out the famous art work at:

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those are beautiful!! you have an awesome talent. i love the one titled Good Friday. wow, amazing. thanks for sharing!


Exquisite artwork, excellent proportions.

Omg,these are so beautiful,the one with the tear...I have no words for it,just stunning

These are beautiful. If Michael ever saw them, I bet he loved them! RIP, Michael!

absolute beautiful.......i loved al of them....but i loved most the tear and eyes ones.......jus speechless....u can feel him al through his eyes......the most beautiful on this earth........
dear MJtheHuman, thanks a lot for sharing those......
God bless you.....

I really like the one with Michael under an umbrella. Come to think of it, I like all the paintings. The artist really captured Michael, a bit sad, mysterious and simply amazing.
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The tear drop one gets to me too guys.

Dan I emailed you, will you check it?


ohh those are so pretty. I love the teardrop one...

Beautiful! I love the one with the tear.

Thanks so much for posting links to some of my MJ paintings. Here's two I finished today which you might enjoy-

They are all stunningly beautiful!!!!!! Laughing out loud

If I had to choose one, though, this one would be it:

I don't know why exactly. It just really touches my heart. Smiling

Love you, Michael!