GUYS, it's breathtaking. FAN WITH MICHAEL ON A CHERRY PICKER DURING HIS "EARTH SONG" HISTORY TOUR. Somebody posted it previously, but I so love this video, and it's taken from the other angle of vision. I'm so jealous, I wanna be there. Unforgettable experience with Michael.
What about you?Do you wanna be there with MJ on a cherry picker ? LOL Love you.

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I do not think that the fan was brave, I think he was a moron to put Michael into such a precarious situation! Look at how the idiot is showing off waving hands, which made it even more difficult for Michael to hold him. I cannot understand such impulses. If you love someone, you would never put that person at such a risk! Serves him right if he was arrested afterwards.

Michael could barely maintain balance trying to save the idiot’s life. Besides, such things are designed for a maximum load, and it was possible that the cherry-picker had been designed for one person only.

Michael had already been injured in a cherry-picker incident. It’s a pain to imagine what Michael was feeling at that moment.

@forevermichaelj. this is one of my fav videos too.
@Milady, thanks for the link.LOL awesome.
@An Marie, I agreed with Speechless LOL
Love the all of you.

don't you just love men LOL


I remember this video! This is soooo funny!

You couldn't help BUT notice! All of a sudden, it was like <strong><em>BAM Evil !</em></strong>

@ first, I thought he was being nice, joining her in kneeling, but OHHHH! When he stood up!

You don't need a camera close-up!
You could see that package a mile away Eye-wink ! LOL!


THANK YOU milady!

I'm calling it a night, now!

I'm too thru!


I give you another link from the same funy author about Michael of course, this is hot! Eye-wink

LOL I love that video! That fan is so brave!!!! I wonder if he got arrested afterwards or a citation? If so, TOTALLY WORTH IT! LOL ...Also I love how Michael was making sure that he wouldn't fall and was trying to get him to grab on to the bar lol

If I was Michael I'd be scared sh*tless if I saw that guy running to me... and yet you can see the fear in his eyes hahahahaha oh man that guy is so crazy..

Hello solonoy! LTNS! Thanks for the link. I've bookmarked it.

LOL @ milady's link! That made my night. I've bookmarked that version too. Too funny!

@ milady:

THAT was FUN-NY!!!

Thanks, Milady , for the link.
I think Michael processed much more thoughts in a split second while he'd been holding this fan, that it's shown in your video, Milady. Thanks God, nothing happened. It could be another catch for the yellow press.
Long Live Our King!

HeeHee Eye-wink !!!

This is the funy version, don't miss it:

An Marie, I love your cool sense of humor, buddy LOL Hug.

Solony, denissemjfan. . .

I would much rather have been the cherry he . . . Evil

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! WRONG thread!

LOL <em>(EVIL Vincent Price laugh)!</em>

Hi, guys. I have DVD with this Live concert 1996 in Seoul Korea, History tour. This fan ran up to the Cherry Picker while it was lifting. Michael continued to perform, such a high class professionalism. It was really scary, when the CP seeded down,Oh Gosh. But I understand the fan, it was impulse. We all getting crazy when it relates to MJ. Love u.

aww Michael so protective,
he held him tight so he would not fall,
you know I would have loved to be on the
cherry picker with Michael!!!!...=P

Idiot fan spoilt vid, I wanna see Michael not him

How in the world did he even get up there anyways? What a moron. He couldve seriously hurt Michael, and himself, wonder what Michael was thinking ? He was so professional, kept singing while he was hanging onto the guy. Love the way security is all over him though, he deserved it . Hope they handcuffed him and had him arrested.

That guy placed Michael a precarious position by jumping up on that Cherry Picker during Michael's performance. I am just happy that all ended well but that could have been very bad press for Michael had he fallen.


When I watched this video for the first time I was angry and sorry: I was gnashing my teeth at the fan and I was so sorry for Michael. The idiot risked his life, Michael had to hold him fast, keep balance and continue singing! He was also putting Michael’s life at risk (I guess the cherry-picker was designed to hold one man rather than two)!!!

Can you imagine what an uproar tabloids would have created if the fan fell down and died (there were incidents in the company I work for when people were fatally injured falling from 2 meters!) The haters would have claimed that Michael Jackson had pushed him!

I hope the fan was taken to a police station for the stunt.

Hannah, LOL I exactly know fan's feelings, flying with Michael, double pleasure LOL
Mahal, I noticed how "stressed MJ was once he got down" too. Gosh, he had been responsible for this crazy fan life. All crew was in panic LOL But Michael Is Michael, he continued to perform, as nothing happened . Love you.

I love how he held him so tight the fan is loving it poor Michael was most likely freaking out

The guy looks like he flew up there lol

One of my eternal favorites! LOL! Imagine that fan jumping on that whatchamacallit and running up the ramp (which wasn't suppose to be a ramp) to get to MJ! Notice MJ's eyes get so wide at 0.17 (he's thinking WTF ...this just can't be real!) I want to find this dude and get him to share the experience with us.

WIll I wanna be up there with him? Who wouldn't? But notice how stressed MJ was once he got down. He never missed a beat though - total pro! I wouldn't want to put our man through that stress. But dang!!! yup I will be totally tempted!

He also held on to that guy so protectively. He might have whispered "hold on" or something like that at one point. And the fan just spread out his arms and let MJ do the work of keeping both of them from falling.

Dang - MJ is just MJ!!! The best in every situation.

LOL Hannah, hi. I can imagine Michael's feelings at that moment. LOL he has to be holding this guy and to perform the "Earth Song" Hug

hehe i love this video that guy comes out of nowhere lol

Thanks for posting it again Solonoy Smiling