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What does 'Dad gone it' mean?

Hey guys,

Just listened to Smooth Criminal (for the millionth time, gotta love that song) and he repeats
'Dad gone it - baby' quite a few times.

What does this lyric mean? Does it even have a meaning, or is it just something Michael came out with?

I'm sure he says this in another song, or maybe I'm just imagining it.

I feel quite stupid asking this question, but I have always wondered.


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Doesn't he sing it in "Streetwalker" as well?

Hey everyone, thanks for all the answers.

Sorry SparklesDaCat, I had never heard the phrase before, the first time I heard it was in MJ's songs.

He says "Dad gone it baby" & Doggone it" towards the end. Doggone it is like slang for dammit, but don't know what Dad gone it means. Here's the lyrics...

(Annie Are You OK)
I Don't Know!
(Will You Tell Us, That You're OK)
I Don't Know!
(There's A Sign In The Window)
I Don't Know!
(That He Struck You-A Crescendo Annie)
I Don't Know!
(He Came Into Your Apartment)
I Don't Know!
(Left Bloodstains On The Carpet)
I Don't Know Why Baby!
(Then You Ran Into The Bedroom)
I Don't Know!
(You Were Struck Down)
(It Was Your Doom-Annie!)
(Annie Are You OK)
Dad Gone It-Baby!
(Will You Tell Us, That You're OK)
Dad Gone It-Baby!
(There's A Sign In The Window)
Dad Gone It-Baby!
(That He Struck You-A Crescendo Annie)
Hoo! Hoo!
(He Came Into Your Apartment)
Dad Gone It!
(Left Bloodstains On The Carpet)
Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!
(Then You Ran Into The Bedroom)
Doggone It!
(You Were Struck Down)
(It Was Your Doom-Annie!)


I'm kind of surprised by this thread. I thought everyone knew these words were substitutes for 'goddammit'. Um, with the exception of those for whom English is not their first language.

OH! Shucka-chucka's my absolute favorite. Listened to it today as a matter of fact and I just can't stop saying that and doing the hand gesture he does with it in the beginning!

Michael said "dag gone it" - "sha-mon" and - "oh no" a lot in his songs. Words like that would just slide outta his mouth as easily as he would break into random dance moves. First time I heard him say "damn" in a song, I 'bout fell out of my chair LOL

RE: the entire black and white video.... remember that? I'll have to find the you tube interview where one celebrity said..... "day-em, Michael was MAD"! LOL

Let me ad "woot woot" to your list , it's from the Bad concert dvd song"things I do for you "
haha Hilarious

The actual definition of DAGGONIT: Mildly pissed. You have been slighted, short changed, given promises by a woman, and she forgot all about the promises. A more refined, mannerly way of letting someone know you're pissed than saying Doggonit.

awww here we go wit mikeys own wittle wanguage!!!! lol

mama say mama saw ma ma ku saw
dat gone it bay-beh
aw haw cant tak-too much stuff-yeah yeah aw haw
hee hee hee-eeee!

I always seem to be one of the last ones to get in on these dadburn threads!

DAD GONE IT! Now this is bugging me. I tried googling it and the most comparison I came up with is it's like saying doggone! I know that it's a very old saying from the 50s or something. Believe me, my parents are in their 80s, I've heard it before. It's slang.

Thanks for asking this. I had no idea either.

I always thought he was saying this like when he was getting into the dancing or the groove of the song. Some variation of dadgummit or daggone it , just his way to say something without cursing.

I could be wrong but i thought this was part of maybe a James Brown- type influence?? Didnt James Brown say things like that when he was really "into it" ? i know he said things like "get on up"...

No, it's dad gone it! He says it in Jam also. It's just instead of swearing or saying damnit.

I always thought it was funny that MJ sang "Dog/Dad gone it." because he didn't like to swear. I always thought it was cool how he could put that same energy into "Dog Gone it" or whatever instead of swearing.

Of course then when he did swear, like in "This Time around" and "Scream," it was like "OOOOOHH YEAHH YOU TELL THEM MJ!" lol!! I'd get all fired up! Hehe. (I love when MJ gets pissed. When he does, I start imagining myself in his MJ gang, like it Beat It, or Bad...anyway trailing off in an MJ fantasy..)

I always thought he sang "Dog/dad gone it" in Jam, though lyric websites say he is singing "Get on it."

Oh!? I thought he said dadgumit. would mean the same as dog gone it . These are replacements for curse words. Mikey didnt like to cuss, although there are times he should have!!

Love you Michael RIP

Yup, you're right, it does say that for Smooth Criminal. "The Girl is Mine" was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw your question. Just another way of saying the same thing, I guess. Maybe a regional thing. Or a Michael thing... Shamone! Eye-wink

ha i thought it said dang gone it...but i think some of the lyrics written in the books arent all right...he did say he didnt really wirte the songs down he recorded them and if he didnt have a recorder around he memorized them...so maybe it was someone who would listen to the song and write what they thought it said...but i may be wrong

i figured dog gone meant something like dang it ... or like for frig sakes...im trying not to swear so often

hmmm, *strokes non-existent beard*
a mysteryy

I have the bad album and just went to check the lyrics from the booklet and it says Dad gone it baby

Thanks Smiling

Stupid lyrics on websites, that makes much more sense than 'dad gone it'

Exactly! My phrases are weirder though. Like, I'll just exclaim "Peanut butter!" at seemingly random moment, but it's other people's equivalent of dang or doggone it or dagnabbit!

He actually says, "doggone". It's just an expression, doesn't really mean anything. Like "dang" or "gosh darn".

its actually DOG GONE IT that he says

1. doggone
A politically correct deviation of the expression "goddamn". Mainly used in the southern United States.

2. doggone
A southern version of an exaggeration word (such as in the word "Very" being replaced by doggone).

doggone [ˈdɒgɒn] US and Canadian informal
an exclamation of annoyance, disappointment, etc.
adj (prenominal)
Also doggoned another word for damn

If you feel stupid asking this then i do too. I was going to ask the same thing but changed my mind. I would love to what it means aswell.