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What's Happening in the Criminal Case So Far


Here is the latest from TMZ
Delay in Jackson Case -- The Ghost of OJ

Posted Nov 14th 2009 8:50AM by TMZ Staff

Michael Jackson's homicide investigation is taking longer than expected, because -- as one law enforcement source connected with the case said -- "We've had bad luck with big cases like OJ in the past, and we don't want to repeat those mistakes."
The source also pointed to the Robert Blake case, which some experts believe was also botched. But the source added, "There is not a problem with the case. Time is on our side. We want to do this right." The L.A. County D.A.'s office and the LAPD are working as a unit to "anticipate defense strategies and prepare for them." The D.A.'s office is actively involved, requesting lots of info from the LAPD.

One of the issues: authorities have keyed in on Applied Pharmacy in Las Vegas -- they want to make sure there are no other pharmacies that sent the Propofol in question to Dr. Conrad Murray.

Another issue: authorities have gone back to their medical experts for more input, as "strategies have changed" in a case they call "very complicated."

As for when the investigation will wrap: now authorities are saying they'd like to end it "before the Christmas holidays".... but that could get pushed to January.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/11/14/michael-jackson-dr-conrad-murray-propofo-d...

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/11/14/michael-jackson-dr-conrad-murray-propofo-d...

Comments (3)

thank you for posting, my heart breaks for what Michael has gone through... Sad

Long live the king, loved forever and ever..always missed and never forgotten♥

xOSpeechlessOx, you know what - I'm glad they want to get it right, also.

However, I believe their meticulous process in "getting it right" has nothing to do w/the Robert Blake case or the OJ case. It has everything to do w/Michael Jackson.

The history the LA County's DA office & Police department has, in reference to how they treated Michael, has placed a <strong><em>GLARING</em></strong> spotlight on them.

- They maliciously hounded & prosecuted this man for most of his life.
- They laid in wait, never having closed the investigation from 1993, w/hopes of being able to eventually find "something" w/which to drag his name thru the mud & bring him down.
- Even after his innocence was verified & he was acquitted of all the evil charges, they still wouldn't let it go . . . comments made in public, by figures of authority, still claiming he was guilty! <strong>UGHHH!</strong>

There are those out there whose evil & twisted minds are thinking <em>". . . good riddance, that Murray did the world a favor - why prosecute him?"</em>

If they don't "get this right," it'll be one more <strong>"OBVIOUS"</strong> vengeful, malicious hate tactic against Michael @ the hands of LA County.

<strong>Yeah, they'd DMAN sho nuff better get it right!</strong>

Thanx for posting CloBird!

Thanks for posting that. Well I am glad they are taking their time to find out the exact details. But I am not one to completely trust the Los Angeles police department. Some are just so racist and malicious... But I would hope the D.A. office is much better...hopefully.