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How can you download YouTube videos you like to your own computer?

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ok so after you have the real player how do you goavout downloading from you tube then ..Smiling

Real player...i use it to download the videos...

There are special programs for that I believe......


Sorry for replying so late to your question. Its real player sp.


As I only have dial-up, I go into my city to an internet cafe and over two occasions I have downloaded 70 videos, and have watched over 100. The program I use is called Youtube Downloader. You can download it from here:-
It is very simple to use. It will automatically load the url in the bar where the url video shoud be, if you are on youtube at the time, and on the page for the vidoe you want to download (I usually watch them whilst downloading them at the same time). The program can also convert the files to different types of file extensions.

i have mozilla fox as my internet browser so you can go on their site and download add-on's and it's really easy to download videos straight from youtube and in mp4 format so it's easy to put on your iPod Laughing out loud

Real Player S or SP? I downloaded the SP and don't see an S, but it looks like it is for more music than video.....I typed in a YouTube Address on one of bars, but it says it isn't available....dummy here. lol.

Thanks much. I'll try that!

I suggest you google realy player sp and click the first link you see. Once on the site find the link for free real player s and download it. Follow the instructions and when you get to the page that has the words Download and Recording click the button to enable you to download videos

I have no idea. I know sometimes a Windows Media Player pops up when I open stuff in e-mail on one computer that get sent to me, and I know that a player opens up (free version) when I play videos taken by my own camera on another do I find out? I'd like to assemble my favorite YouTube Videos on my own personal disk, even ones that fans have created, so that some day, even when I'm gone, my children can see the positive stuff about MJ and continue the fight into the next generation, ya know? Sounds silly, but I really feel like things the fans share can point you more in the direction of the truth than what they may see on the media (the latter part being fact and not silly). lol. I'm bummed that so much that I would like to share with them on there has already been removed, so I'd like to capture it as soon as I see it.

I downloaded realy player sp. that enables you to download the videos.

Do you have "real player" or "windows media," or some type of software that enables your computer to download video's.