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MJ's 'Secret Girlfriend' - Shana Mangatal: anybody know anything about this?

Shana claims she was Michael's girlfriend for 7 years ... Seems amazing that they could have kept this secret; does anyone have any views/info?

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@t4everhope so mikey dedicated the song to her thats sweet sounds like an on & off relationship,maybe they were jus friends who knows.

One lucky girl... I love that song <cite>Whatever Happens... shana na na oooh shana na na na Don't you let go of my hand shana na na ohhh shana na na....</cite>

Imagine having a song dedicated to you by MJ!

I heard the song"Whatever Happens" was dedicated to her to. I remember before Michael passed and still til this day people address her as 'Shana na na' on her facebook page! And some of those people weren't even those MJ fans that she adds. Some were her actual friends.

And the demo version of the song is missing the 'Shana na na" part so I think its safe to say Michael added that part by himself. Was that something he did for her? If so shes very lucky Smiling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MPv6f-zYys

They were also supposedly 'reconnecting' once again sometime in 07 or 08. At the end of the video I posted ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9mN_DC4-2s) <--- it shows a recent interview Pear Jr did this year where she mentioned an conversation she had with Shana years ago before Michael died and she told her that her and Michael just got back from a date during that time, (07,or 08)There was also an article I remember reading about how a fan saw them together in las vegas or something like that too. So yea, they were close!

wasnt she in ghost short film or something or supposedly he was dating her around da invinicble era. i remember rading sumwhere thought watever happens wat about her.cuz of the way he sha sha na na or sumthing n the course.

Man all these hos was ugly what did he see in them? Seriously Michael had bad taste

well this is what I do know Michael hired Shana to work for him in the 1990's before he married Lisa and they were messing around up until he married lisa he broke it off and she was PISSED, but supposedly after Lisa/Debbie marriages fell through and Michael cut Lisa loose he hooked back up with Shana and that was the 7yr relationship and there is rumor of a third marriage but the records are sealed on that so we may never know they may have been married for a short period but it is also believed blanket may be there child because I know of someone that knows the family that believes this to be true because blanket looks like Shana's brother, and Shana has been seen recently around the family

I can't know for sure Nor can my friend but remember what Michael said on Bashier about blanket and his mother that he knew her for a long time... Shana

that is all I can say

Well, of course nobody can really know the truth except Shana and Michael -

IMHO though, I do believe she and Michael were romantically linked in the early 90's. I only think this because of the change in Michael - he just seemed a lot more comfortable and confident in his music/dancing - he became a lot of suggestive I think around that time, plus the poems like 'Two birds' and 'Love' are like little hints that he kept throwing to the fans
I mean, look at 'Two Birds' included in the Dancing the Dream book by MJ.

"It's hard to tell them what I feel for you. They haven't ever met you, and no one has your picture. So how can they ever understand your mystery? Let's give them a clue:

Two birds sit on a tree. One eats cherries, while the other looks on. Two birds fly through the air. One's song drops like crystal from the sky while the other keeps silent. Two birds wheel in the sun. One catches the light on its silver feathers, while the other spreads wings of invisibility.

It's easy to guess which bird I am, but they'll never find you. Unless ...

Unless they already know a love that never interferes, that watches from beyond, that breathes free in the invisible air. Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious. How long will it be before the world hears your song in mine?

Oh, that is a day I hunger for!"

Of course it could just be a poem, but I don't know. I think maybe she was the real deal. Who knows though? Smiling

Here's what I dont understand...If Michael and Shana wanted to keep their relationship STRICLTY PRIVATE then why did she get on NATIONAL TV talking about her relationship with Michael? just a thought/question...I find it pretty odd she would do that considering they wanted a so-called PRIVATE relationship. If she hadnt been on TV talking about him then NO ONE would even know who she was..

Well there are only TWO PEOPLE who know 100% FOR SURE if Shana was indeed Michael's girlfriend...SHANA and MICHAEL.. but unfortunately we will never get his side of the story..only hers and we cant be too sure if she is telling the truth..Maybe she is but then I look at the guy Erin was talking about and think maybe they did have a relationship..why would that guy just randomly pick Shana's name to say she was Michaels woman? Maybe it is true.

lol ive never heard the three side to a story saying before...it makes total sense

Sparklesdecat, you wrote......................
"Meh...in my humble opinion...this Dr. Etok has her own version of things too. I'm just going to think that Michael took his secrets with him, and they are locked away in his heart."

I agree with you. Nice words.

I heard a saying once.

There are always 3 sides to a story.
And what really happened.

i think this story has morphed into like 2 versions...one a body guard says he had a g/f in the uk and the family knew about her and they were gonna meet up in london...and now its shana who was gonna meet him up the day after he passed ...but changed it to the weekend ( which isnt friday the weekend)...but apparently the family didnt know because she had to get her own ticket...but was in front...but wasnt ...and it didnt seem like anyone seen her at the funeral for his closest friends....so if the family knew about whoever the secret g/f was why wasnt she invited to sit up front like omar was....and its comon knowledge amongst fans he would go through alot to keep a relationship secret and for the girl not to be hunted down...like he said with the surrogate and donor for blanket...and of course she would be devastated ....i just dont hear any sort of proofs or i should say something that wouldnt be common knowledge taken as proof...but i may be wrong ...i do also hope he was happy and maybe in love but all these stories are getting all friged up...

LJMISSMJ....you always lighten things up here with your funny answers.....ha ha ha!!! Well.......... WHOEVER Michael was seeing, they sure were the luckiest woman in the world. There are broken female (and male) hearts all over the world now!!!

I was not there so I don't personally know... this guy just told me they went to incredible lengths to keep it private..he did not want her life ruined..I guess she is devastated. Again I am only repeating what I heard and he did ask me not to mention his name.. didn't want it getting back to her.

Geez, that just sounds ridiculous that he could have had a girlfriend and tabloids or somebody not know. No, scratch that, more impossible than mission impossible.

A connection told by Shana's brother. They didn't even talk to Michael at that event, yet "Shana's good friend Michael" called her to personally invite them? It seems more likely to me that Grace, who has befriended Shana, wanted them to be there and Michael had nothing to do with it.

This whole Shana Mangatal thing seems really fishy to me.

HI ALL! OKAY, my back's against the wall, you guys done wore me down. Ready? I, LJMISSMJ am the secret girlfriend....HAPPY NOW? You guys got me to spill my guts! I'm sure there are pictures floating around with me and "the man' my beloved Michael J, in a passionate lip lock on the river Nile. Fellow fans - don't come to my home, don't call me ok. No, i'm not taking any questions so don't ask. And no picture puh-leesse. My lips are sealed!

I see ya rolling your eyes -- WELL A GIRL CAN DREAM CAN'T SHE?? Smiling
Hope you all are having a Michaelicious day! Love ya. Keep smiling.

TII 3 times and counting!

it wasn't like that my friend is a MLB player this guy I met during an event we were working on..
Here is a 2004 connection http://www.ariousentertainment.com/4.9.04.e-mail.htm

No offense Erin, but why wouldn't he lie about it. There are so many people coming out nowadays with stories about Michael and a lot of them are just not true. I'm sorry, but I'm really skeptical about all these stories.

I'm not saying he is indeed lying, but I alway try to put myself in the person's place. If I knew Michael and Shana and the whole history between them I wouldn't tell some random person about it. Especially since they apparently wanted their relationship to be kept a secret.
Maybe he does know Shana and is she the one who's lying. And he's just telling her story.

You know, Michael wasn't that mysterious about his love life. He told us about Diana, Brooke, Lisa Marie, Debbie & Tatum. Since Shana publicly said she was in a relationship with him, why even bother hiding it after that.

I would love to know Michael had a special lady in his life. He deserved it so much. But Shana's story just doesn't add up.

I heard it from someone who knew Michael. All of it including she worked at Idol not sure why this person would lie...or how her name just came out of his mouth during our conversation..

It's all gossip.
How many ladies have been speculated to have had a relationship with Michael ?

Yes I'm pretty sure about that. She had a pic of the tickets on FB and she said she got them through this manager Sandy Gallin something.

I didn't see her on the memorial though.

Are you sure Nadia?

She was sitting right near the front.

I believe her. I don't know why people find it hard to believe he dated. Maybe he didn't want to marry her, but why not go out with her etc? She seems like a lovely girl too.

Erin, I don't know how you got this guestlist but I know for a fact that Shana didn't get an invite to go to the memorial. She did attend it though, but she got the tickets (same one as all the fans) through that manager she worked for.

I heard this from someone who has known MJ for about 15 yrs That Shana was MJ girlfriend and was with him Intel the time of his death. I heard she works for American Idol..I read somewhere MJ had visited Idol. That would explain that also... look at the guess list for his memorial:
The guest list includes among others :

Katherine Jackson, Joe Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket) Rebbie Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, LaToya Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Randy Jackson, Janet Jackson, Austin Brown, Stacee Brown Salas, Rex Salas, London Blue Salas, Yashi Brown, Nathaniel Brown, Siggy Jackson, Brandi Jackson, Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson, TJ Jackson, Royal Jackson, Jermaine Jackson II, Autumn Jackson, Jaimy Jackson, Jeremy Jackson, Jourdynn Jackson, Donte Jackson, Jaafar Jackson, Jermajesty Jackson, Brittny Jackson, Valencia Jackson, Marlon Jackson Jr, Genevieve Jackson, Steveanna Jackson, Randy Jackson Jr, Levon Jackson, Elijah Jackson, Rijo Jackson, Simone Jackson, Michelle Jackson, Antony Jackson, Brent Jackson, Jeffré Philips, Frank Dileo, Grace Rwaramba, Omer Bhatti, Dominic Cascio, Connie Cascio, Dominic Cascio Jr, Frank Cascio, Eddie Cascio, Marie Nicole Cascio, Aldo Cascio, Anton Schleiter, Francescka Schleiter, Miko Brando, Karen Brando, Shane Brando, Prudence Brando, Mark Lester, Todd Bridges, Corey Feldman, Chris Tucker, Evvy Tavasci, Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Usher; Kobe Bryant, Jesse Jackson, Mariah Carey, Andrae Crouch Choir, Berry Gordy, Jennifer Hudson, Shaheen Jafargholi, Magic Johnson, Martin Luther King III, Bernice A. King, John Mayer, Lionel Richie, Rev. Al Sharpton, Brooke Shields, Pastor Lucious Smith, Stevie Wonder, Wesley Snipes, Kim Porter, Nicole Richie,Spike Lee,, Louis Farrakhan, Ja’net Dubois, Eddie Holland, Freda Payne, David Gest, Joe Frazier, Sean, Diddy” Combs, Don King, Martin Bander, Tommy Mottola, Mickey Rooney, Dionne Warwick, Levar Burton, Telma Hopkins, Lou Ferrigno, Mike Tyson, John Landis, Wayne Nagin, Mike Lapperuque, Anil Kapoor, Shana Mangatal, Evan Ross, Riley Keough, Chris Brown, The Kardashians, Debbie Allen, Brian Oxman, Raymone Bain, Tohme Tohme Lil Kim, Brett Ratner, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Akon, Suzanne DePasse, Nathan East, Paulinho DaCosta.Basheer, Michael Amir, Faheem, the This Is It Team (Michael Bearden, Alfred Dunbar, Roger Bashiri Johnson, Jonathan Moffett, Thomas Organ, Orianthi Panagaris, and Morris Pleasure,Judith Hill, Dorian Holley, Darryl Phinnesse,Kenneth Stacey; Kenny Ortega, Travis Payne, Anthony Testa, Stacey Walker; Karen Faye Heinze, Michael Bush, Nicholas Bass, Daniel Celebre, Mekia Cox, Christopher Grant, Misha Hamilton, Shannon Holtzapffel, Devin Jamieson, Charles Klapow, Ricardo Reid, Danielle Rueda Watts, Tyne Stecklein, and Timor Steffens)

Kinda weird that a stalker and a Lier would be invited by the family! Wonder who invited Thome Thome and Tommy Mattola...oh that must have been Jermaine!

Hey Everyone!!!!!
I'm new to the site
I have been looking for the transcipts to the conversation between Michael and Glenda.......
I found a summary of the transcipt at this link:
Scroll down to the summary and keep goin after that
Hope this helps a little with the insatiable appetite for ALL things Michael!!!!!
Feel welcome to add me!!

oh i wonder if that was the same guy they shoed on tv...lol

Ask yourselves this. Did Michael seem like the type of guy that would date and marry someone and then call his girlfriend when he gets back from his honeymoon to apologize? As I said before, Michael was the kind of person that if he met you, he'd make you feel like someone special , even if he never remembers your name.

Someone from Dr.Klein's office claimed he gave Michael a ride somewhere and the two began dating, right before he died. I'm sure Michael was pleasant to everyone he was around. He's even been know to be somewhat of a flirt. An infatuated person, can build a complete relationship around a simple smile.

I can say this, because it happen to me. I smile at someone who had a crush and they literally build a relationship around that. Their friends would see me with other people and they'd be very nasty to me. Because, they thought I was dogging out their friend. I didn't even remember meeting their friend. But, in this dude's mind, we were a couple. Just because, I was nice to him when we met

ok doesnt it usually happen that your hairstylist is like an unbiased ear to gab to ..then he probably told karen almost everything and since she was also a friend im sure he valued her opinion...and she was around him alot so ...plus theres womens intuition she would be able to pick up on stuff...and it seems shes trying to keep what ever really happened with whomever he really dated a secret because she full out denying some of these women

i dunno guys i kinda believe karen faye..what need would she have to lie...and in the tapes he sounded like he was just getting together with who ever it was and the conversation was definitly in part in 92...i hope that women was none of these women and shes thee smart one and not talking about because she knew mj wouldnt want it