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new R. Kelly's Tribute Song for Michael Jackson

Don't say goodbye to me. What a beautiful song

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I loved the video of MJ rocking to "Igntion: Remix". Made me smile!

Wow...hearing all the fans and listening to that song...I have a lump in my throat the size of a gold ball and tears in my eyes. Forever in my heart Long Live the King of Pop!!

yes, it made me smile and cry all over again

That was beautiful. it made me smile so much. thanks SmoovArt for this great link/video. it has my day much better. just completely awesome! thank you very very much.

Bump.... I needed to hear this song today.



Heeee, hheeee, heee, heee, ahhhhaaaa!

Thanks for the link you are too funny!


when I saw the name Fluffy Poodle, it made me crack up too

Here it is:
Start watching at 3:12

Huuummm Fluffy Poodle,

I'm a Kiefer fan too! What a convenient cover story... a nonsensical dramatic reading by high-brow Kiefer that only Keifer fans would understand! Eye-wink

Heee, heee, heee, heee! Hey, don't be shy... I bet there are tons of porn stars that are MJ fans!

No worries... your secret is safe with me! I won't tell anyone the truth! Eye-wink

LMAO... Keifer code.... haaa, haaa, haaaaa, aaaahaaa! wink, wink! Eye-wink


Beautiful song and the scene with Michael as an angel and his daughter .........was unique

LMAO MIDO!!!! Hahahahaha NO it is NOT a porn name!!! LOL

It actually came from a Kiefer Sutherland interview I saw once. I'm a big fan of his show 24. So this guy was asking him all kinds of goofy questions to be funny and the last thing he told him he had to say "Fluffy Poodle" as dramatically as possible. So Kiefer did it and it was really funny. But the funnier part was that my daughter (7 or 8 years old at the time) saw it and thought it was hilarious. So it became a running joke in our house. Once in a while out of no where someone would say "fluffy poodle" dramatically and she'd crack up laughing. So one day I changed my myspace name to Fluffy Poodle to be funny. And it stuck. Only Kiefer fans knew what it meant. So now anytime I need a username for something that's what I use. It makes it easy to pick a name because it's never already taken. No one else in their right mind would want to be known as Fluffy Poodle. LOL Eye-wink

Could be a... porn name... No Offense! and/or No Offense to suggest that it might be offensive to have a porn name... sorry... I should be quiet... Eye-wink

Tell your secret Fluffy Poodle... Smiling

I love secrets,

Thanks SmoovArt: Smiling One day I'll share the whole story where the name came from.
And thanks for the update on the song. I'm hoping he will put it up on itunes. Also hoping I can hear it without breaking down Sad

Update on the studio release. Well actually, the song is just being performed live. He has yet to go in the studio and record it. But, I was told it will be done in the next coming week or so. They are not sure as to how it will be release. He has been getting a lot of request for the single on the tour. I got a direct contact with his people, and I will continue to bug them for it. I'll will keep you posted. In the meantime, keep watching the video. Management and the media monitors the view.

Fluffy Poodle is the cutest profile name , ever . *smiles*

I am bawling my eyes out. Beautiful.

That was Beautiful

Really. Because everyone seems to believe he was pretty smitten with Beyonce. Maybe he was just trying to get Kelly's number from her.

Michael had a crush on Kelly Rowland (said David Gest).

Thank you SmoovArt

I loved it I was wondering the whole beginning if R. Kelly had ever seen that video of Michael dancing in the car to ignition then they showed it I thought that was so cool.

bump...everyone must hear this song

FunkeyGurl, I'm working on it now.

Thanks for sharing Sad
Please, if you find the a studio recording, let us know

Loved 5:58 where it sings "Remember daddy's still here..." and the frame is a picture of Michael in wings and beside is Paris, both of them looking up.

The lyrics are so beautiful. I had been able to listen to many tributes and just smile. But, this song affected me different. The first bar, choked me up. Because it was my first reaction the moment I heard Michael was gone. Afterwords I was feeling really guilty for wishing he was still here and never having to walk in his shoes. He's at peace now and I really do believe that. Although, I don't think much would change in terms of how Michael was treated in life. If I could bring him back today, I would. Is that selfish of me?

nice 2know ive been missed- you guys post SOOO Much threads
dude how am I supposed to reply them all

FYI I typed out the lyrics to the rkelly song- posted it on my blog-
& yesterday i saw another -mj smiles-only video and spontaniously started to cry- cant give u a clear reason wasnt grief. He just gets to me

Love you guys!

It just hurts me to hear MJ and R. Kelly jokes...

Especially since I believe Wholeheartedly that MJ is innocent of all child allegations made against him... and ... I unfortunately feel exactly the opposite regarding the allegations when it comes to R Kelly...

But still a beautiful tribute video... and still one of my favorite MJ clips... MJ was so cute jamming to music in the car... during rush hour traffic!

Sending ((((MJ hugs)))) to you all,