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Janet, the female version of Michael

Hey MJ Lovers Laughing out loud!
I've been watching "Scream" and i just thought that Michael and Janet were so alike! they both are successful, they make absolutely great music, they speak the same, sing the same and they both share the same dancing talents! They really loved each other alot and i think they have an incredible bond, just look at the amazing chemistry they had in "Scream".

Do you guys feel the same or not?
Keep on sending out the Michael love to everyone Smiling!

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They were alot alike. Janet doesn't say much and neither did Michael, just what needed to be said. They both had awesome bodies due to hard work and were great entertainers. Scream had to be one of the best videos ever made. I think they are most like Katherine.

I feel the same as well. They are so much alike in so many ways! And they have amazing chemistry when they are singing or dancing, it is absolutely incredible. I know she misses him so much, as they all do. But they are so alike and I absolutely love both of them as artists and I always will!!!!

Hi..Ms..u right i always think that between they is something special...spiritual and physical,they are soul twins..i heard Michael say that they always think a like..Is something beautiful. I the video ..Scream are magnificent..a perfect combination..uhh soo hot..angry... mad....passional,energetic..yes i adore them!

I feel the same way...Michael and Janet are soooooo much alike. Michael has ALWAYS been my favorite male entertainer and Janet is my favorite female entertainer. I love them both so much. Im so glad they did SCREAM together. They've always had great chemistry.

I love Janet too, she and Michael always looked like they loved and enjoyed each other so much, she really looked up to her big brother, and of all the siblings, they seemed to have the most in common and were most alike. Janet has matured into a beautiful, gracious woman and I would love to see her have some major influence with raising Michaels children. She seems like she has a lot of common sense. I can only imagine how much she misses her dear brother.