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MJ's Surgical Face Masks

Hi everybody. I want to know something about Michael. I'm still researching him.But I think , this is different the other subjects.I dont know what do you think about this.I wanna ask my question.And sure, I wanna that everybody answer this question who have got any information.

We saw him for years.We saw him everywhere.But sometimes , he was different as everytime.We know that , he masked his face with surgical masks.Now , I wanna ask my quesitons.There are 2 questions I want to ask you.

1) Why did he masked his face with surgical masks ?

There are still some allegation for the reason of that.There are plastic surgery , his noses problems , doesnt want to show his face to paparazzi...Which one ? Which one is the valid reason ? Which one is the essential reason ? I really wonder it.

I want to pass my 2nd question.

2 ) What kind of surgical face masks did he use/wear ?

I really wonder it , too.There are some masks in the web.But I want to wear , which was worn by him.I want to this , it have to be same type with MJ's masks.

Now , all the world rock with the swine flu.So , there are some surgical face masks in the area.But , MJ's masks were special.They were sometimes black , white , pink etc. And they were "tie-on" type.They were different.I think , they were special manufacturing for him.How will I find like them ? How will I buy ? Medical Centers ? Hospitals ? ...I can buy it from these.But I want to buy it like type of MJ's masks.They were scarf type.Tie a scarf type.

I believe in I couldn't tell my problems correctly.But I think you will be understood me.Please help me , it's really important for me.Especially 2nd one.

I'll waiting your quickly reply.I love you all.

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i think his reasons are his own and people should just leave poor michael alone.

As I understood , he explained the reason in Moonwalk.


Alright.I want to ask one more about this.

When did he use the face masks ? According to my mind , I read on a board ; he used to it since 1986.
Newspapers wrote that , "He want to hide his face" , "he want to avoid the Chernobyl's radiation" vs.
I wonder it's correctness.When did he use the surgical face masks ? I also saw a photo ( I think it's BAD Era ) he wear the mask.But I'm not sure . Maybe he wasn't him.Because we know he had some impersonators.

you get them at any pharmacy.

... from what i've read i think its moonwalk ( correct me if im wrong ), when he was younger he once had to wear a surgical mask and he enjoyed it a lot its like giving him enough privacy that people can't see all the real you just like make-up that's why he's fascinated with make-up, he always wanted to conceal himself and put his privacy a top priority and carried it until he got older... and maybe for health reasons as well

... and hwere to buy one ?? i don't know either, maybe you're right that the kind of mask jackson wore was made only for him and him alone

Someone close to him, I can't recall, said that it was just another style for Michael. He said it was just like the sequined glove thing. He just thought it was cool.

The same reason why he wore sunglasses. For privacy.

mjirish is correct iI read the same thinK in moonwalk

Good or bad with Michael is he did many different things that only the people who were with him knew. Ask why wearing these masks in person ..... perhaps for health reasons, perhaps to cause or simply because he liked.
Who can answer for sure;

I think i can only answer one of your questions and thats why he wore the mask. In Moonwalk he said that he had his wisdom teeth remove and was given the mask to wear afterwards. He like it alot and then began to wear it more. Basically he said that he felt that wearing it along with the glasses was like a way of keeping part of him private.