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Music supervisor Michael Bearden revealed the reason MJ used to tape his fingertips before concerts. "That was one of the things I asked him," Bearden said. "And he said, 'Because it feels good.' And then when he throws his hand a certain way, the white catches your eye. So if you're doing that" — [shoots his hand into the air, à la MJ] — "automatically, you're gonna look right there. It's just a show thing."

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Haha tape on his fingers looks great anyway. The Immortal World Tour was here on 6th of Novemeber and I was there, it was amazing.. I wore fedora, jacket with the arm band MJ T-shirt, red jeans, white socks, shoes that looked like Michael's and tape on my fingers haha (: That was fun!

I think he wore tape on his fingers so the fans could see his hand movements better, but I don't know for sure.

tape on finger is his trademark....i saw video in it he is wearing tape on handglows this is his own trademark...he is trend setter...miss u MJ

King- I think you may be right! MJ often did things just to perpetuate his 'mysterious' persona and he probably didn't even realize he was doing it at some point. The tape seems to just be one of those things he did to keep us tuning in and it worked!!

When Michael did the interview with Bashir he was also putting his tapes on the fingers.
Maybe the only reason because it became his trademark.

And why did Michael go out so often with that white facemask?
I'm sure NOT because he was afraid of bacillus.
Maybe also because it was a big big show gag - to make him different to others - to become the legendary MICHAEL JACKSON and not like any other

I think I remember seeing in the Making of Moonwalker he started wearing the tape because Michael felt it fit the Smooth Criminal character. I'll have to see if I can find that.

i have heared why musicartists has tape on theyre fingers is because they playing so much guitar or other instruments so much that they getting slitage on theyre fingers and then they cover theyre fingers with tape where the slitage are on the fingers...


vitiligo on his nails?? that doesn't make any sense to me!! anyway I think it looks very nice and he is handsome with vitiligo!

I agree with Tatum and McLamb. He wore the tape for the vitiligo and for show. No one is discrediting the showmanship when we say vitiligo is partially the reason - to emphasize hand gestures is clever, which I think was his main goal but it doesn’t fully explain why he wore the tape off stage unless it was for 2 reasons.

I think that tip of our fingers and tips of our toes have meanings... it is a way to higher our spirit too to the sky!! all the energy body can come out from the tips of our fingers and when he rised his taped fingers to the sky that could be a way to spread energy of love to the people!! maybe!!! that remind me of MichaelAngelo painting with the touch of God and Adam!!! fingers have a lot of meanings so maybe he wanted to emphatize that and his closeness to God and the people by spreading rays of light coming our from the tip of his fingers!!!! ET had healing fingers so maybe Michael's taped fingers were healing us when he was dancing and singing for us while wearing the tape!! who knows..

I have vitiligo as well on my fingers, but you would never notice it unless you were
holding the hand and looking for it. Michael was always the showman and he knew
how to draw the audience to his every move. And I also have arthritus in my fingers
and when I was in therapy for it, they taped my fingers and it made them feel super
because the tape supported them and helped your hands to do menial everyday things.
Michael as well had arthritus in his hands, but I tend to believe the showmanship tactic.
It so fits Michael!!

I believe the tape had was multi-purpose....he managed to turn a self conscious affair into a part of his performance...& like MCLamb said if it was only for stage why wear it out normally..granted it could be said he always felt he was on stage.

badgirl: I agree with you ! also in the dark with the blue light, the white tape on his fingers become blue with the neon which makes it super nice in the dark! that means we can even guess his moves in the dark on stage! so he is like the invisible man!! we can still see his fingers while his body is invisible in the dark!!! Michael YOU are a genius!!!

I don't believe the gloves and tape were a cover up of the Vitiligo. I genuinelly believe that they were there to emphasize hand gestures, it's a very clever method that only MJ would have thought of.

If he was self concious about the discoloration of his nails, then wouldn't he have worn tape on all of his fingers instead of just three? Besides, his nails didn't really get discolored until he got older. Then they had a yellowish color to them.

It would make sense whether it was because of vitiligo, to draw the viewers' eye or in my opinion, both. I'm sure he didn’t like the discoloration on his nails due to vitiligo, and being the genius that he is thought to emphasize his hand movements without showing what made him self-conscience.

Wow interesting thread!
But why did he do it when he wasn't on stage sometimes??

ooooh smart

Smiling No VITILIGO REASON ............... that picture somebody shown on forums is FAKE

in my opinion Michael was so much creative!! he took incredible thinks and turned them to something totally else.

For exapmple like that strip on the sleeve

I agree that is very effiective - visually, to have marks on fingers


Hell yeahh it feels good lol, i just sometimes put white tape on my finger cause it feels good. Smiling
Love you

... a real genius for michael he was always creative and imaginative

Michael Bearden's explanation reminds me of a scene from This Is It, where Kenny Ortega is playfully kidding Michael about "Air Michael" (about Michael's elaborate hand/arm gestures he uses sometimes). I really enjoyed that! Laughing out loud

he was a different man who could (had the courage and MAGKIA) do different things. Besides this is not one of the many reasons that almost loved throughout the land;

I completely agree luv4.....EVERYTHING he did was OK with me, I never thought he was eccentric or odd in anyway. He was a genius and they always "think outside the box" and do their own thing. Makes them stand out from the rest of the world. I could never understand why the tabloids tried to make a big deal out of the things Michael did, like have a pet chimp that he dressed up, or had a boa constrictor named Muscles....I thought it was all so unique, and so Michael, and so cute!!! Even the rumors about the hyperbaric chamber, or the elephant mans bones.....what's so strange about those things?!.....Michael was brilliant and was interested in a lot of different things...So what?!! He is one of the richest and most famous men in the world, I'll bet he was laughing all the way to the bank!! Ha Ha!!

Only Michael, he's so creative.

Maria is right I saw Michael in an interview and he said thats why he wears the tape on his fingers...its a visual thing. Michael always wore things and did things to grab your attention and he obviously succeeded. Everyone whether you're a fan or not is mesmorized by this man.

He was putting tape on his fingers during the Bashir interview. My friend asked me if I thought it was weird that Michael did certain things and I said NO...Im never surprised when he does or says something out of the ordinary because he's Michael and Michael was different and I LOVE that about him. He was not your normal guy. He was fun, and exciting in every sense of the word.

Thanks for adding this because i was really wondering why he did that.....I guess it's just another thing to add to the list of things that made him so unique and wonderful

I agree Hindsight, I think it was originally the Vitiligo that had him wearing the tape. I too have seen close up shots of his hands, and you can see the discoloration on his nails....but the tape sure added a really "Cool" look to MJ's already iconic look, so he just kept doing it. He probably got tired of all of the intrusive questions and just made up a simple story for all of the nosy folks. Michael sure had a lot of physical things to overcome, and he overcame them with great style!!! I loved every thing this man did, he could do no wrong!!!

I know I always new that about the white socks he wore and the tape on his fingers, MJ said it himself, which makes total scents , White attracts the eye, it brings attention to his feet when dancing with the socks and the tape on his fingers was to follow his hands, how brilliant........OMG he was genius<3

He stated this himself as to why, all his finger nails were practically discolored but yet he only wore 3??? It was to attract our eyes to his amazing dancing and movement..........