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Death hoax

Does everyone here really think MJ is dead? I hate to sound like a nut- but after viewing the Michael Jackson death hoax videos on youtube, I do not think He is dead. Please- before you judge me-check out the videos from Jonellstar. There are alot of videos, but she is my favorite. Michael has been crucified by the Media, for years-this would be a great payback!

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I am not sure if he is till alive and living his life free from the media, people that wanted to hurt him, people that did hurt him and used. him I wish him God speed.
I hope he is never found out.

He can always live in Texas we dont have the pazz we in Texas. Alot of big stars come to Texas to live as a second home to live a normal quiet life.

Long live the

It's an interesting theory and it is possible..but I think we need to all keep level headed and remember that it's just a theory and may not end up being true.

Long Live The King!

I miss you Michael! Please come back!

I wish you would all stop with the death hoax theories. You're letting yourself in for a big letdown. Didn't anybody see the video that was posted in another thread of Katherine being interviewed backstage after Dancing With the Stars? Didn't you all see the pain in her eyes when she was asked if she was going to see This Is It & she said she wasn't ready? Would Michael let his mother, who he adored & called Perfection, think he was dead? Don't say she was in on it because I don't buy it!

I watched death hoax media all parts and read derek clontz web site, and inside illuminus theo July 29, I tend to believe our Michael is alive and he has very good reason to hoax his death. Lot's of details of his "sudden death" indicate that and wierd behavior of his sibblings, including Katherne on Stars dancing and his sister lthat ooked "high". I mean, I cannot believe they can afford go to concert and laugh, is grieving over that soon!? No, I am pretty sure Michael is alive, thank's God!
His life was in danger, plus financial and health problems. These are more than good enough reasons to escape on time. Have you people ever heard his unreleased song Xscape? The lyrics give a lot of clue he had something on his mind long time ago. Everything was well prepaired for Michael's smooth "retirement". The only sad part is we will not see him again and wherever he is, I wish God Bless Him and carry him and be always there for Him!!! I admire Michael!!!

Yes, I agree with what you say about his mother´s overwhelming giref, but didn´t we see pictures of her on shopping the day after Michael died? Im not saying he faked his death, cause I dont think Michael would be able to do such a thing, but I do say there too many things that dont add up. The reasons? I dont know, but I dont think MJ have faked his death Sad

For me, any questions about whether or not he faked his death were erased when the reporter asked his mother if she was going to see the "This Is It" movie. The intense grief that absolutely washed over her at that moment told me he is truly gone. Sad

I know some had hoped that his family had helped him escape by assisting in this hoax. But........there's no way Katherine could fake that kind of grief. It was instantaneous and overwhelming. He would never have done that to his mother, his children, his family, his friends (like Elizabeth Taylor and others who were always loyal), or his fans. Sad

Michael is indeed gone. As much as I hate writing those words, it's the truth. And as Michael himself said on more than one occasion, "I'm all about truth". Sad

I think it's entirely possible that Michael could have faked his death. If anyone had the resources to pull it off, it was him. And I used to hope that he DID fake it - not just because he'd still be alive, but I wanted him to call out everyone who had ever cast him in a negative light, who since his death have been "mourning" the loss.

Then the more I thought about it, I figured if he actually did fake it, his reason was likely just to finally escape the insanity, to maybe find some peace. If he faked it, I don't think there is an intention to ever reveal it.

Unfortunately, hoax or not, I don't see him coming back.

Do we know what means to fake death? the repercutions?
Do we know someone who faked his death?
Why they said in the first days that Michael fell in front of his children, and they thought he was dead... my God! What is this
And La Toya and Joe Jackson who said he was killed...

I Miss you Michael

I'ts very hard accepting the extremely sad truth; but our beloved Michael is gone. This death hoax theory is giving fans a false hope. Michael would never fake his death causing such traumatic pain and heartache to his children, family and us, the fans.

How we could help Michael ?

I don't know what to thinkor not anymore.
I wish just that Michael is in any kind of pain or torture and wish he would eat a bit more.

It's Elvis all over again. And i totally agree, lil Paris crying were real tears. Sorry you can't make up something like that. And MJ would never teach his kids to lie, and this would be one big LIE. Sorry I just don't see that happening.

Love you MJ

Let's not start with the death hoax theories again! Why would Michael want to fake his death? He wouldn't do that to his family, especially his children. If you think it was some elaborate scheme they were in on it, then think again. Were those fake tears that Paris cried at his memorial? Seeing a little girl crying over her daddy being gone should be enough to convince you or anyone who believes it's a hoax that he really is dead.