Michael Jackson-Penned Posthumous Comic Book Drawing Fair Chatter
By Rachel Deahl -- Publishers Weekly, 10/14/2009 11:05:00 AM

While there was some question as to the foot traffic in the rights center during the first day of the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair—one American noted the sparse number of occupied mailboxes as a sign that the fair is sluggish while another pointed to full tables as a sign it’s business as usual—a handful of titles were drawing buzz, and some high advances, after the close of day one.

One book generating lots of conversation is a graphic novel project by the King of Pop. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently Michael Jackson was working on a comic book for years with friend (and son of Deepak) Gotham Chopra and now Random House’s Villard imprint is prepping to release the fruits of this seemingly unlikely collaboration. The book, Fated, is about a Jackson-esque pop icon named Gabriel Star whose fame has left him isolated and emotionally cut-off. After a suicidal swan dive from his hotel one night, Star survives only to see his celebrity grow and discover that he’s becoming, per the publisher, “something not quite human.” No word yet from Random House on foreign sales, but we hear the house is showing bits of the book to foreign houses. The title’s slated for a June 2010 hardcover U.S. release—the art’s black and white and the book is small format—and Mukesh Singh is illustrating.

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Any new information about this book?

I haven't read anything else about this. Maybe they're trying to work out the details with the estate.

omg that's soo cool! any pics??

I cant Wait the story of Gabriel is already interesting .
please let us know and update us as soon as its on market hehe

ops DP

i'm excited!

As a big fan of comics, I would love to read it. Laughing out loud

This makes total sense perhaps this is the project spoken about in this visit to MARVEL
STAN LEE'S reflection of Michael wanting to buy SPIDERMAN franchiase

ive been wondering about this ♥

Jeez, how awesome would this be? I would think, though, if a comic penned by MJ was coming out in less than a month, there'd be more buzz, so maybe it's not going to happen after all.

Shame if it doesn't, too, although the sound of it would be dark and sad, if that was the story line. The whole suicide thing bothers me, too. Maybe the family or estate nixed it for that reason, so the kids wouldn't read that.

It would have been incredible if he had done the artwoork, too. He would be good at comic art.

msmjluv, I was researching this very book yesterday and could hardly find a thing. Zip at Random House and no previews anywhere. I was able to find the comic company and e-mailed Gotham Chopra....alas! No response. This particular book may not come to be; however, if it does, I would like a copy....I like reading anything Michael writes.

This should be out soon.

Refreshed for you...


Oh, thanks for the info, I want one too, keep us posted on this upcoming book mariaann, if you would please. My gosh, is there nothing that this talented man couldn't do!!

Patriciaink, why would you not trust Gotham or his father? They were one of the few people who actually tried to help Michael by refusing to enable him. They haven't said anything bad about him in the interviews I've seen.

I'm sorry, but I just DO NOT TRUST Gotham and his father. Not after their numerous interviews after... I smell another Schmuley or Schmoolies whatever his name is.

Am I reading too much into the main character of this book, or could it be a way for Michael to express how it felt to be who he was? I mean, "A superstar who was emotionally cut off...." poor Michael. Sad

I just have to have this book!

i cant wait

I WANT ONE!!!!!! Laughing out loud

I'd definitely buy this.