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MJ to fan, "I'll give you more than a hug!"

Michael Jackson Flirts with Girls!!!

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I don't know... maybe we could write to Tv stations that it would be interessting to find those girls and ask them how the feel about Michael, what it was like to be so close to him etc. That would be plain amazing if some TV station would help us to find them.

I mean, those two girls were obviously living in Berlin because that was in Berlin right?

but how old could they be today?

Oh, Tabea, I've always wondered where these ladies are. It would be great to get a first hand account.
I also would love to hear from the kids (who are now grown ups) who MJ helped. For example, the one who he helped with a liver transplant, and the many others.

I wish these people would all come forward and share with the world. That would be soooo awesome.

How do we start finding them?

Guys, somehow we need to find those girls. Especially the one who got the kiss and the one in the car with the 'I'll give you more than a hug'... I mean they were die hard fans of Michael and so I would think that they saw the 'mockumentary' of Bashir?!

I'm so glad many of you enjoyed the clip. To me, it shows that Michael isn't all together that asexual as he was said to be, or that he is any of the speculations thrown his way. I really thought that remark was so funny coming from him.

And yes, the expression of the guy beside him was too priceless - I needed to pause the video to catch it.

Did the fan hear him? It doesn't seem like she did. If she ever had a chance to see the clip, I think it would have blown her away!!!

I just recently watched this & thought that was SO ADORABLE!!

I think Michael really dug blonde chicks, yea?

Such a flirt!!

I love you Michael forevermore!!!

mikey, such a lil flirt. Eye-wink

exactly. That's what I wanted to say but I didn't find the words in my brain LOL

@Tabea,you can barely see her,the car is immediately filled with coat!

@Lindy: yeah right and it must have been so cold in Germany at that time because her jacket is just soooo big!

I love Michael Smiling

@Tabea, he ,he,the girl was almost on his lap too!

@Lindy: and did you see the facial expression of the guy sitting next to Michael in the moment when Michael says 'I'll give you more than a hug' ... that is just PRICELESS! I love it!

@KinGofPoP411Jnky: Only the thought of being that girl makes me faint. God, his kiss must have been like being in heaven, paradise... so soft and gentle. Omg! I NEED AN OXYGEN TENT!


The girl seemed totally oblivious to what he said. I would have taken him up on it. LOL

He he Michael is such a flirt "I'll give you more than a hug." Had that been me, he would of have to kept his word. Evil

So nice,I think he gives the best hugs in the world.In the car when he said I give you more than a hug, he was being naughty,looks like he blurted it out accidentally.Well she got in the car,because Michael kept saying no,let her,let her.I wouldn't dare ask him that anyway...

Definitely one of my faves too. I busted into to tears with that one girl, she was completely losing it because she got to hug and kiss MJ!!! I have to give her props for not falling to the ground till after he was gone, though! Can you imagine being that girl now?!! She's among so few who got to feel our beloved King of Pop's kisses!!!

LOL this is one of my fave videos LOL!!!!! I always trip out when he says that. I wonder if the girl heard him?


MissPlay: He absolutely looks like he gave wonderful hugs!

Aww thanks for all the links to the videos. Oh if I were to ever hug Michael I would just shower him with kisses all over!!! He looks like he just gave wonderful warm hugs all the time!

I think it's kind of interesting to watch these women. Some of them just seem so dazed and amazed--others, like the one that got a little bit of MJ's ass--are a little bit braver and go for the moment in the sun I guess!!!
On several of these topics some are like, I would never attack him, I would tell him how I loved him and want to be his friend, and let him know how good he is. Yes, I would also like to think I would have acted that way, but I am not entirely sure. I think I probably would have been one of the babbling ones just in total awe and amazement at being able to get close enough to him to be able to hug him. I also always thought how great it would be to get that close to him to smell him!! I know on another topic they talked about his scent. Sounded perfectly heavenly!

1:02-1:06 - Oh Wow!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s3ufFP1lZU&feature=related

But I don't understand a single word!

He loved his fans;he appreciated the love that he received from his fans.

Here's another video of Michael and a fan. I am sure you all saw it already but I could watch those videos the whole day. He's so sweet. The way he's holding her... awww! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-JGpivfgF4

scrantonmjfan: In that video you posted, the girl with the long red shirt and black shorts was getting a lil risky there. Her hands were getting lower and lower and finally one of her hands was on his butt HAHAHA!!! She was going for all she had in that moment with him on stage. Now she can always say that she reallyyyy got to touch MJ....lol

ahaha pretty sure we deserve that compliment more than them !!!

I have never heard that either!!! But he really says 'I'll give you more than a hug'

Oh my God... just imagine being so close to him. That would probably the moment I would cherish and treasure most in my life, if it was me hugging him.

He definitely kissed her on the lips!!! He definitely did! Otherwise that girl would react that way. She couldn't believe it at all.

lol ill probably cry!! no doubt about that. ugh but we wont get to see him in this lifetime. So I'm countin on God hookin me up and letting me meet him lol

Yup, Speechless! Romantic as no other.
You make me laugh though. As if you'll have all that composure if it was you! LOL! I'd love to see what you can do! heee! heeee!

I know I might say that, but in truth, I'll be a mess! They'll have to get me out of the stage sooner. I'll make a fool out of myself! Truly!