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Michael Jackson- The Truth; Surgery Myths Debunked

Kudos to the lady who made this video..hats off to her....


Shame on the media!!!

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I think he at one point later in his life regretted all the surgery he had had done on his nose. The coroner said he only had a small stump left. It must have been heartbreaking for him to see himself in the mirror each day, looking at something that can never be re-done. If he had come to terms with his looks earlier on in life, he might have stopped in time and not being forced to wear a prosthetic nose.

I do think he should have chosen shorter eyelashes. I'm thinking about the video he sent out from Neverland durig the molestation case. They were a bit too long for my taste for at man, but that's just my oppinion Smiling

Does anyone have a guess to as what he might have had done to his face at the 30th Anniversary Show? I just think he looks very tight in his face and especially around the mouth. It was as if he couldn't smile propperly. I know he hated the idea of growing old and looking old, so could that be the result of botox?

I don't care how many things he did as long as it made him happy. He probably did more with non-surgical Botox, Juvederm, and Restylane and permanant makeup than with anything else anyway. Every man you look on TV is doing ALL of it! Actors....that means you Patrick Dempsey...are doing Botox, Juvederm, and the Lifestyle Lift.

Michaels lips: Tattooed to restore color and add a teeny bit of fulness around his lipline. One of my friends did this and it looks great. I liked this on Mike because it was less 'lipsticky' looking (with those bleed outlines, you know?).

Permanant eyeliner: Tattooed around eyelids and lower lids. Saves gobs of time. Adds definitions. Looks hot on Mike!

Permanant eyebrow: Tattooed on brow line. Mikes brows were tattoed on slightly higher and a little more dramatically arched than his total natural brow. You could still see his natural brows, but all the bushy part underneath was tweezed or waxed out and they are quite groomed. This made his eyes look more 'open' and slightly lifted. He probably also had the brow hairs colored as well, because they do go grey (bleh, I know...right?).

Eyelashes: I still don't know if he used strip lashes or individual hand applied human hair extensions (which look long, full, natural and very pretty).

Overall, I am certain he spent less time under the scalpel than some people may think. And if he did...so what? I would. Like he said, "Plastic surgery was not invented for Michael Jackson". lol

To me, he still always looked like 'Michael'.

I'm really thankful for it, though, because she shows her anger, and I hope many people who put him down for his plastic surgeries watch this. I also hope that they understand WHY his self-esteem was VERY low, too. xoxo.

She was using common sennse!! It's something that we all thought!! haha. xoxo.

Following the trend, another friend at the USA forum posted this picture:


QUITE clarifying.

But again... as some of you said, I think Mike had more surgeries than those two. But who cares? The problem is that he didn't go to the media each time he had any of those and for the media, keeping a low profile means you must be weird Sticking out tongue

psh i dont care how many surgeries he had, heck, if im honest, if i had the money i'd definitly get plastic surgery at some point in my life, why not change yourself if it makes you feel better Smiling

moonie, i really agree with you...eeh eeh eeh you made me laugh Smiling

look, guys, if he has or hasn't had stuff done he doesn't wanna tell us about that would be because he is NORMAL!!!! you don't run around town saying- oh look, i just had surgery on my face! but i deffinately think the media has made up heaps!

I must admit that I neither trust Michael or the media when it comes to the surgery. I think he has had more done than he wants to admit and I think the media claims he has had more done than he actually has. I do not believe for a second that he has only had two nosejobs, but then again, who cares??

There's a man i America that wants to look like a lion or tiger. He has had whiskers implantet to his face, had his eyes made cat-like and even have a tail attached to his ass that moves. Who says anything about that??

There's another man in America who want's to look like a puzzle/lizard. He has a clefted tounge, wierd implants in his eyebrows and has puzzle-pieces tatooed all over his body. Who says anything about that??

So the man had a cleft done in his chin and a few nosejobs. So what? Leave it alone already!!

P.s: For the record, I only believe in the nosejobs and the cleft. Cheek-implants and all that other stuff is just stupid...

Thanks for sharing this video, I passed it on to all the people that I know.

Thanks KitaKat...that's the idea..spread this information so that more ppl get to know the truth!!


Thanx for sharing...

Hopefully others will follow thru and share the link Smiling

Peace & Love


This is a slap on the face of the ever so lying HORRIFYING media...I mean how could they?

wow this video speaks the truth. it also makes me very sad, but it's something people need to see.

This women makes a very good point. Also if you look at his brothers and sister with their cheecks, you can tell MJ is just one of the Jacksons.

this is excellent!! Way to go, lady! Smiling I wish everyone would watch this video with an open mind, especially the people who have been scarred with lies thanks to the damn media.

hail to this girl!!