I just realized something Michael Jackson never made a christmas album when he was alive

i would of loved to seen MJ make a album about Christmas..because he really had a voice of an angel... Smiling

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As a boy Michael was told what to do-- so J5 really didn't have a choice to make the Christmas album--Joseph was their manager and he wasn't a JW. Maybe Michael never sang any popular Christmas songs because he didn't agree with the messages in them. I know Liz first got him to celebrate in 1993 - possibly 4 to 7 days after the strip search(he was depressed) but I think maybe Michael never wanted to get that deep into it. I remember that Katherine celebrates it too- from time to time.

Jackson 5 Christmas album is a classic. We always had that in our house playing with alot of Motown Christmas records

Jackson 5 Christmas album is a classic. We always had that in our house playing with alot of Motown Christmas records

he may not have had a christmas album but when elizabeth taylor decorated neverland for michaels first celebrated christmas it was sheer magic he was like a kid at his first christmas{which he was really} said he went to the bathroom and cried loved him all the more after seeing that. hope christmas in heaven is just as magical .

I see everyone before me already answered that Michael did...
I really think you should by it...I love it so much and am already playing it last weeks or not.
I love the nostalgic atmosphere at the album........

I think that he always had in his albums the Christmas spirit which is LOVE!

Yeah that would have been something alright. I can't get enough of the J5 xmas album! I still had the songs on my ipod way past the holiday season! I get incredibly excited for the season listening to it. Especially love 'Someday At Christmas'. Ah memories... Smiling

Yep, I was gonna let you know the J5 have one, but see others let you know Smiling
..I bought it on for a mere pittance. It's lovely! I'm so psyched to start playing it over the holidays!!!!

but he had xmas songs during the jackson 5

Yes, I play the J5 Christmas CD every Christmas. I have it on tape too from way before CDs. (smile). I would have loved to hear Michael singing the beautiful angelic songs as an adult as well. I think the J5 did the Christmas album even though they were Jehovah's Witnesses, because Joe Jackson and Berry Gordy knew it would sale phenomenally. It did and continues to do so. I guess they did not have to believe what they sing. However, Michael did say, as a boy, he doesn't sing it if he doesn't mean it.

One more thing: it's interesting to me that the J5 did a Christmas album, seeing as how they were raised Jehovah's Witness.....and didn't celebrate Christmas. Glad they did, though. no, I'm not being sarcastic at all). I just had quick thought of what it would be like to hear him sing "O Holy Night". The way he sings "Earth Song" or "Heal the World" or "Man in the Mirror" or countless others. He could bring the power and majesty and glory of that song to life!

But then he could also have fun with the fun songs and get all nice and peaceful with "Silent Night" (think: Speechless).

Wow. That, I would pay just about any amount of money to hear.

He did when he was little with the Jackson 5. It's one of my favorites.

The J5 did 1 tho... i have it Smiling