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Please can somebody tell me where I can see E'Casanova? Does he do any tours or just sticks to one place? I would love to go see him. It's the closest I can ever get to Michael I'm afraid.

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I like to see him in person as Michael Jackson The Tribute Artist

Hello Lagniappe!

Here is the website that you can watch for tour dates and stuff. http://www.theultimatethriller.com/

No kidding Missy, I bet that was fun to watch. Do you know where his next performance was going to be at?

I just saw ECasanova perform here in Miami, Florida last month for the "Ultimate Thriller" concert.

I would like to see him as himself
and a Michael Jackson Tribute Artist

I think he is the #1 best Michael Jackson Tribute Artist to. I would like to see him as himself or as Michael Jackson live in person. I wish I could see him live in person.

does ecasanova have a website? is the rumor of him having a mysterious illness true?

I met E'Casanova in the lobby of Texas gambling station where he was performing for the first time in years since Michael died. He was super sweet! He showed us pictures of him and Michael and told us he stopped performing after Michael died because he was devastated. We went to see him the night of May 25th and he did perfect Smiling everybody loved him!

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That is awful.............I'm so so sorry for him. Don't know what to say.

as far as I know E'Cas retired from performing professionall a few years ago. The last I heard about him performing was at THRILLER LIVE back in May 2007.

Wow...How is it that I had never heard of this man before?! I'm gonna check out some of his stuff Smiling

I just found this, wow this is really to bad!

Thanks Smiling

http://www.myspace.com/ecasanovafansite He might post here. He has kinda been quite since Michael Died. He took it real hard.