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about THIS IS NOT IT campaign and who they are

all the info in this post is fromthe fans behind THIS IS NOT IT campaign. Im not a member of this group but I am a supporter of their campaign


A few of us read some comments that were written elsewhere about our statement and testimony and wanted to clarify some points:

1. KAREN FAYE did not start the This Is NOT it campaign. It was formed by fans, followers and friends of Michael. It is something we have been researching and formulating to share since Michael passed.
We are from many different countries around the world. We are a group of fans that were extremely blessed to be around Michael a lot through many years, he often confessed his true feelings to us when he felt trapped by others around him. We have created many other campaigns, against the allegations in 1993 and 2004/5, against Mottola etc. This is our last gift to Michael. We think it is what he would have wanted, to speak the truth.

2. The campaign is NOT about boycotting the movie or guilting anyone into not seeing it. We know that would never work, there is such an immense amount of interest, and we can understand and appreciate that. All of the interest even works to our advantage in helping to generate attention to counter-act the LIES.

The campaign IS about trying to help reveal the TRUTH and encouraging people to watch the movie with a CRITICAL EYE and UNDERSTAND the movie will not portray the entire picture of Michael's condition and who was responsible for his NEGLECT. It is about educating fans, the public, the media...and NOT let those who should have listened and cared for his condition (but chose instead to have gained from greed and profit) have the last word. We will not be silent while they attempt to clear their conscience through a biased movie.

3. Yes, we have given our testimonies/statements to the police, Michael's family and their attorney. We waited until we had done this to come forth publicly with this campaign. We felt that was the most appropriate action. This should answer the question as to why we have supposedly waited so long to speak out (although some of us actually have been since Marika's email leaked some time ago.)

4. In answer to those questioning why we are saying those of us who were there were kept from Michael vs being able to get close enough to him to speak with him and give him letters: We were increasingly kept distanced from Michael in his last weeks by security, HOWEVER there were times when Michael specifically invited us to speak with him, or he asked that security bring certain fans to him (inside shops, rehearsals, at his house) and in these times when security could not deny us was when we were able to best speak to him & give letters. Unfortunately, we were not in the position to intervene in such a timely and effective way to avoid what happened.

5. The testimonies by Marika and Sandy are factual, more will be posted soon by those of us who feel strong enough to speak publicly and share what was personal experience and never expected to be made so public. We have no reason to lie, nothing to gain, no profit to realize. No one else in Michael's life can say that (sadly, not even his family, his children not included.)

6. We are aware there will seem as if there are some inconsistencies or contradictions between what we are saying and what will be shown in the movie. However, this is largely our point - the movie will not portray the entire picture and we want the world to be very cognizant of that fact. Clearly they will show footage of Michael only at his best moments. Meanwhile, most of his days were filled with stress, fears and pain. This we know from MICHAEL'S WORDS and in some cases from seeing him daily. The movie you will see will be predominantly of Michael in the last 2 days (as those were shot in HD) of rehearsals just before his death when Michael was trying to make a special effort because he had been confronted by Kenny/Randy/Travis regarding his condition and their unhappiness with his ability to consistently perform & missing rehearsals due to not feeling well, and their fears he would not be ready. Therefore, it will not be an accurate and entire picture of Michael and his condition in the few months and ultimately last weeks.

7. Despite the supposed leaked autopsy, we believe that Michael weighed much less than 136lbs at the time of his death. We can safely speak for all of the "followers" that none of us believe he was "healthy" as this latest report claims. Karen Faye can also corroborate as she did indeed prepare Michael for his final resting. We spoke with her at the cemetery on this very day. She is in agreement that Michael weighed 108lbs.

8. We are working hard creating the campaign and website and pulling together all of the elements so it is ready for all fans to partake as soon as possible. We hope that as mamy as possible will take action especially during the TII premieres in their cities, as we will suggest.

For those who are criticising us for not answering everyone's myriad of questions on the facebook page or here on forums: we would need to spend all day here correcting those fans who have twisted what we've said, or assumed things that are not true but are now being believed as true by other fans because they assume it's fact after reading it here, etc. etc. etc. We choose to focus on the campaign for those who believe us and want to participate, instead of answering all of the nay-sayers and those who never have and probably never will believe us no matter what we say. That is a lost cause we do not want to be a part of.

9. We are not promoting conspiracy theories here. We fully acknowledge Michael ultimately died from lethal doses of Propofol and benzodiazepines as reported by the coroner. We wholeheartedly blame Dr. Murray's gross negligence and criminal practice, However, we are contending that additional factors constituted a serious case of neglect which largely contributed to Michael's passing. His drastic weight loss, stress and fears, and the failure of those around him to STOP the greedy tour machine and HELP a man clearly in desperate need of help need to be exposed. Anything else is specualtion which will need to be proven or not and it belongs to another level of research that we are not trying to expose here. We prefer to work with what we know for sure and what we can prove right now.

10. To clear one untruth circulating about Michael's children - Michael's children were never at tour rehearsals with Michael. He wanted the shows to be a surprise for them. Yes they would sometimes accompany him to his doctor visits and of course shopping. But never to the tour rehearsals, where he spent much of his days. They were not with Michael 24/7, sadly, and we can imagine they missed him very much. He would very often try to make it home to put them to bed. This was Michael...

Love and hugs to everyone and especially those who have been so supportive on This Is Not It facebook page and our personal pages. We appreciate you. We all loved Michael. We should all love each other.

This Is Not It

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Disculpas por expresarme en español...
Apoyo totalmente la campaña This is NOT It, no es un boicot contra el film This is It, simplemente es el derecho de todo el mundo a conocer la VERDAD, no privar a nadie de la información real de que se dispone.
Yo sin duda iré a ver la película en España, pero haré todo lo que está en mi mano para que el mundo conozca las razones por las que murió Michael.
Lo más importante es que todos sepan que él, antes del anuncio del Tour en el O2 Arena de Londres, era una persona con una vida relativamente normal, se cuidaba como cualquier hombre de 50 años, y por entonces no tenia ningún tipo de adicción.
Fué a partir del octubre del 2008, cuando se programó el Tour, empezaron las presiones y Michael comenzó su devacle personal, presionado por el hecho de tener que realizar 50 conciertos contra su voluntad, cuando él solo había firmado por 10, y por el entorno que hizo la vista gorda y en lugar de ver que necesitaba ayuda para restablecerse, prefirió omitirlo porque "había demasiado dinero en juego", según palabras textuales de Randy Phillips.
La conclusión es clara, la mano de Conrad Murray fue la egecutora, pero sus ASESINOS fueron todo el entorno que lo rodeó en los últimos meses= Sony + AEG

Que Dios reparta justicia.

Michael you'll be always in my heart... I love you more.

Before Michael died, around June 2, 2009 it was being reported about Michael going to bed thinking he was only going to do 10 Show's. There really was a symbolism to why this was being published, Michael was fatigued. But, so many fan's were sooo upset about the first 4 Show's being rescheduled that that didn't help matters, either. Which is why Cherilyn Lee came forward about the phone call she got from Michael and how the Propofol had effected his central nervous system.

Maybe thing's wouldn't have been so rushed if Kenny Ortega had not been so busy with "Footloose," the directing of this movie. One of the reason's why things were running late putting the Show's together. That was what was brought out about why the 4 Show's were being rescheduled.

There were alot of variables going on. Yes, Michael was fatigued at least 3 week's before he died. Dr. Murray said that Michael never fell asleep during the night, that about 10:40 am, on the morning of June 25, 2009, Michael fell asleep on Propofol. Nothing worked that Dr. Murray gave Michael, none of the anti-anxiety medication.

Randy Phillips is now saying that Michael was skipping meals during rehearsals.

This does bother me also, but Michael was trying his best to keep his commitments, no matter what. Michael was trying so hard to be a man and stay strong. Michael wanted to be a good example and so he struggled and just took it a day at a time. Michael never went to the Emergency Room after he called Cherilyn Lee. It would have been a disaster in the Press/Media. Would it have helped matter's if Michael had eaten more, Kai Chase said Michael was eating. Randy Phillips said he would get after Michael about coming in late. Was that the problem? Production costs were up to $30 M. Randy Phillips is worried about the bottom line. Did it help about the pending lawsuits still surrounding Michael at the time of his death, especially the Allgood Entertainment one and the one from Raymone Bain, that was still being decided by a court of law on an answer if Raymone Bain should get $44 M from Michael. 2 weeks before Michael died, Henry Asbill was representing Michael in Washington D.C. with a legal document that Raymone Bain had signed and would not receive any more monies from Michael Jackson. Was this also part of Michael's stress factor?

What about the meeting between Michael and his parent's, Katherine and Joseph Jackson and the Concert Promoter, Leonard Rowe. Michael did not want any business dealings with the likes of Leonard Rowe and how insulting to Michael that his own Dad would want him to. Randy Phillips and Frank DiLeo were there on May 15, 2009, at the Beverly Hills Hotel to support Michael and say NO to Katherine and Joseph Jackson and Leonard Rowe. Then Allgood Entertainment wants to sue Michael for $40 M because Michael won't do a Jackson Family Reunion Concert, July 3, 2010 at the new Dallas Cowboy Football Stadium.

All Michael wanted to do was go back to work to pay off his debt that was for a loan against his collateral, his ATV/Sony catalog, so his kid's would have an inheritance. Michael could have retired living off the royalties from the catalog once he paid the loan. Michael did the best he could. But, after what 80,000 fan's are screaming about the 4 Show's being rescheduled, suddenly Michael is caught between a rock and a hard spot. At least he didn't take the money and run. I'm so sorry he died. I really wish he had faked his own death, just to rest and get his strength back. At least he'd see how much the world admired him. That's what the movie represents. Michael's vision and he almost made it.

Dr. Murray should have monitored Michael better if you ask me. Spending 47 minutes on his cell phone is not putting your patient's best interest first.

I hope some good does come out of your campaign!

A mi me parece que si estaba muy flaco, el debía tener un buen estado fisico porque se cuidaba en la comida, pero tambien sabemos que estaba sin apetito y sin sueño por lo tanto debia estar agotado, pero finalmente a quien deben castigar es a Murray, el tiene que pagar por la muerte de Michael.

You guys are so lucky you got to meet him and just be around him even for a minute...im sure he loved that you were there...i do also wish he wouldnt have been pushed too hard and had the time to get healthier like the cook said he was trying to do.. i am going to see the movie but i also have never seen him in concert other than on dvd so im looking forward to the process it shows he went through to make his concerts...my question is why all these lies and information surrounding his death and just before are going from one answer to another and to another...but then agian its the media and we all know that that was the center of all mjs problems they seem to almost never know what thier talking about and I know alot of us wish he could have faked the whole thing and just got away from it all

hi! moonstreet...i know what you mean...i've been a fan for almost 22years...although i never met him personally...after seeing the trailer...it really made me cry...why?...because i really think he was not fit to have a concert...he was so thin and my heart is just breaking that how come they let him do a concert at his age...i really wished it could have been a movie instead and just maybe he would still be alive...and i really couldn't understand what murray did to him...everything he did on the last hours of michael are really questionable...