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How tall was Michael Jackson?


I was wondering if anyone knows how high Michael Jackson was?
I have read much differently, but I do not know what to believe :S
I hope someone knows it Eye-wink

I miss you Michael <3

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Damn!!! Why can't there just be a very clear, and simple answer to this question. this isn't a hard question. My hight is 5ft even.
You never can tell how tall someone is from pictures and in concert footage. You also can't tell how tall a person is if they have high healed shoes on.
I'm going to play it safe and say that Michael was around the 5 9 to 5 11 hight.

I’m not sure about this because I know when my father passed away his autopsy said 5 11. But we know for a fact he was closer to 6 1. So I’m not sure if rigor mortis involves shrinking (depends on temperature) but I also know that you shrink as you age too. I know so many people who have met Michael and say “he’s tall” and others claim “he’s a little guy.” T-pain is around 5’8 and Michael looks more than an inch taller than him so one could make the argument either way. I’m going to play it safe and say 5’ 10 in between the (hate to say it) mug shot and the autopsy. We really don’t know but it’s fun to speculate. I wouldn’t care if he was 5’ 7 … he looks so hot here.

oh, nvm. he was an inch taller than me Sticking out tongue

ha! I'm taller than him! xD he was 5'9

Michael was about 5'10 or 5'11 in centimeters is about 180.

Although I've never met Michael I am 5"9 & there is no way that's how tall he his. I'd say 5"11 is more close. Orlando Bloom is 5"11 & they pretty much look the same in height.

and also dancers tend to be less tall ...i know its stereotypical! xx

i personally think he was about 5'9 cos in pictures quite aa few people were taller than him...and quite a lot too.

Y.A.N.A > I read that in the newspaper. I thought he was taller, hehe ^^

I think something around the 175cm -> 1.78 m maybe, I don't know for sure.

For me it is:
1.66 meters = 5.44619423 feet. I'm little, especialy for a dutch woman.

Yes, can someone tell us how tall he was in centimeters? Smiling
We do not use the same her in Norway :S

Can you guys please tell me how tall he was in centimeters? Just approximately := I don't understand the 5'11 thing xD Thanks so much!! Laughing out loud

To Ben Scarr: PLEASEEEEE TELL US DETAILS OF YOUR EXPERIENCE!!! (not yelling just very excited lol)

***Ben Scarr*** How were you fortunate enough to get close to Michael? Do you know how lucky you were, you were blessed! What was he like? Dumb question, but did he smell good? Did you get to look into his eyes? Lucky, lucky you.

Michael was around 5'9-5'10 (most likely 5'9), I stood very close to Michael a couple of times from 1988-97 and I know he was never he wasn't 5'11. Michael's official height in the 1980's and 1990's was 5'9, for some reason some fans and MTV have even claimed was 6'1 which is an extreme exaggeration as is 5'11.

Most sites listed him as being 5'10", while his police ID said 5'11". If he were 5'10', it's possible he lost an inch because of his age making him 5'9". It happens as we age. I know...I lost an inch.

I always thought he was 5'11" but the autopsy report said 5'9".

The prison/police card say 5' 11" but autop 5' 9". he does look pretty tall

he was def taller than 5'9". Friend of mine met Michael several years ago (she's 5'9 1/2") and when she met him , he had on simple black loafers and he was taller than her. I dunno what's with the 5'9" thing. *shrugs*

Michael was 5'11....I dont know why the report says 5'9....On his mug shot (hate to say he has one) but it says 5'11...All throughout the yrs from the early 80's I've known his height to be 5'11

In the autopsy reports they say 5ft 9in (1.75 mts), but I found in other sources that he was a little bit taller.

As far as i know he was 5ft 11inches Smiling