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list of unreleased and rare Michael songs........UPDATED......

Rare songs

Mind Is The Magic
recorded early 90's for Sigfried and Roys Vegas show, THE SECRET GARDEN, released on the soundtrack album of the show

The Man
duet with Paul MacCartney, released on Paul's album, Pipes of Peace

Its Not Worth It
Michael sings backing vocals for Brandy, song released on Brandy's album FULL MOON

I Just Cant Stop Loving You (Todo Mi Amour Eres Tu )in South American Spanish
originally released only in South America, released world wide on the BAD album special ediion in 2001

also on BAD special edition

on OFF THE WALL special edition
Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough (Original Demo From 1978)
Workin' Day And Night (Original Demo From 1978)

On THRILLER special edition
Someone in the Dark
Billie Jean (Home Demo from 1981)
Voice-Over Session from "Thriller with Vincent Price

anyone intersted in rare songs should get THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION. A boxset of 4 cds and a dvd of Bucherest Dangerous concert. It was released in November 2003

songs in The Ultimate Collection

Shake a Body" [Early Demo]
Sunset Driver" [Demo]

"P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" [Demo]
"Someone in the Dark"
"State of Shock" (w/Mick Jagger)
"Scared of the Moon" [Demo]
"We Are the World" [Demo]
"We Are Here to Change the World" (from Captain EO)

Cheater" [Demo]
"Dangerous" [Early Version]
"Monkey Business"
"Someone Put Your Hand Out"

"On the Line" (from Get on the Bus)
"Fall Again" [Demo]
"In the Back"
"Beautiful Girl" [Demo]
"The Way You Love Me"
"We've Had Enough"

Unreleased Songs

Elizabeth I Love You
never recorded, only performed once, at a tribute for Elizabeth Taylor

You Were There
never recorded, only performed once, at a tribute for Sammy Davis Junior

Hold My Hand , with Akon
leaked summer 2008, search youtube

leaked early 2003, search youtube

Gangsta /No Friend of Mine
put together by Tempermental from recordings they did with Michael, put on their myspace page late 2006

We Be Ballin
Song originally co-written and produced by Rick ‘Dutch’ Cousin in 1997 and recorded by Ice Cube as "We Be Clubbin", for the movie "The Player’s Club".

Remixed later the same year by Cousin, with added vocals by Michael (who sang the chorus) and Shaquille O’Neal, and re-titled "We Be Ballin".
The song was to be released on an NBA compilation album, set to be released that year, and was going to be featured in the infamous NBA ‘I Love This Game’ themed commercials.
The NBA season was cut in half that year, due to the player initiated strike against the league, and the entire project seemed to just disappear…

Lisa It Your Birthday
origianl recording by Michael, not the version sung by someone else which appears on the album SIMPSONS SINGS THE BLUES, and on the episode Stark Raving Dad

What More Can I give
Recorded by Michael and many other artists, as a charity single similar to WE ARE THE WORLD, for the people of New York and those affected by September 11. Performed at the charity event in Washington DC in November 2001 but blocked from release by SONY, due to their disagreements at the time with Michael.

from the INVINCIBLE recording sessions, didnt make the final tracklist, relesed in October 2001 as a bonus song on the CRY cd single

duet with Eddie Murphy, released on Eddie Murphy's album Love's Alright in 1993

Got The Hots
released on the Japanese edition of Thriller 25

For All Time
released on Thriller 25

Love Never Felt So Good
written by Michael with Paul Anka and Kathy Wakefield.
It was recorded by Johnny Manthis for his 1984 album, A Special Part Of Me.
demo version by Michael leaked on the internet in 2006 - no official release. (thanks to John C)

'There Must Be More to Life Than This"

"Get It" Duet w Stevie Wonder. It was on Stevie's album "Characters." (thanks to John C)

"Somebody's Watching Me"
heard on the "Money With Eyes" Geico commercials: MJ participated in production, may have co-wrote it, and sang the backing vocals for "Rockwell" in the early 80s, who is Barry Gordy's son. I used to watch the video in the 80s. You can find it now on You Tube. (thanks to poetcorner)

HOT STREET" unreleased demo (thanks to SOLONY)

Also there are two songs which are known to exsist but NOONE other than the people who have them have ever heard them.
another charity song, recorded in october 2005 in London, for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Blocked from release due to disagreements between Michael, Sony and 2 Seas Record label. The song is now property of the Shiek of Behrain, who set up 2 Seas Record label with Michael. There was a court case in November 2008, in London between Michael and the Sheik, where the song was going to used as evidence but the case was settled out of court and the song was never used as evidence.

Not to be confused with the Will Smith film, MAN IN BLACK has only ever been heard by 10 people. It was recorded and 10 copies were made. These cd's were given to 10 SONY exutitives on a flight to Neverland in the early 90's. They were going to Neverland to hear songs which would later become Dangerous album, and the special cd's were given to them as a preview of the type of songs on Dangerous.These cd's have disapeared and no one else has ever heard this song.

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This is a list I put together back in 2009, I'm sure many have never seen it as it has been buried back in the forum.

Thanx for the list. But when i search for most of the songs on youtube, i am forced to believe that the song is by Jason Malachi and not Mj -_-

Hey Monstreet.
Can u plz email me the songs Smiling


i bought his new album today but i'm not sure if i should've because Michael being the perfectionist that he was probably would'nt have wanted us to hear those songs if they were never on the album to begin with.

lol ive had all these songs for years.. there is not an MJ song i do not have including the steeltown years.

I found this interesting and wonder if any of these will be on the new CD coming in November.

thanks for bumb


there is also a song called babys fire leaked onto internet may 2009 it was quickly tuk oofff though it was off his new album

all I know is that it was leaked in July 2009

What do you know about the America "Horse Without A Name" cover?


Sony can release these Michael's unreleased songs. It would be few cool albums !!!!!
I love you, Mikey.

Goodness!!!!! and everyone was surprised when i put that long list of unreleased stuff from the other forum.
well heres that list anyway(some of them you already mentioned so sry bout that)

Starlight(Thriller demo)
Serious Effect
Bumper Snippet
Bumper Snippet Kid
Work That Body
Groove Of Midnight
Surprise Song
If You Don't Get It(idk if this is really his)
Nite Line
You Were There
Elizabeth I Love You

Bump for James,here you are James!

awesome, thank you ...
shout is one of my favorite mj songs!! it very much brings me to the industrial side of music, which i love... anybody who questions that, go listen to NIN capital G, and listen to the breathe sounds... anyway....

Hi Moonstreet! please include in your list TO SATISFY YOU with Bryan Loren Chorus done by Michael Jackson

Please check it here

Are some of these songs avalible to purchase on itunes or something? some specify they are unreleased but others like the ones that come on the untimate collection are they avaible on itunes?

@mickj,thanks for the link, but there is not all songs, and very expensive 70 bucks with shipping. You can download "7even" album(bootlegged) from the RapidShare-Google search . HUGS.

Hi all great tracks. And after hours of searching i found them on CD!

I'm gonna order today. what do you think?


Thanks for the list. Good to have this as a reference. I just discovered "Xscape" the other day when someone posted it. I really like that song. And I got a kick out of seeing the Rockwell song on your list... Michael sang 7 words on that song, so of course I ran right out and bought the record, lol. Still have it, but I haven't listened to it for a couple of decades.


updated 9 October



@Moonstreet: I pulled this moonwalkinggirl thread. It's dated Mar.2009. "Idea for the new MJ album"
"Hey, how cool would it be if Mike were to release an album filled with unreleased tracks only!"

That would be wonderful to release an album with MJ's unreleased song. Isn't it. Who is holding rights? MJ estate,I guess. How to contact them??? I really want that happened.We need this album with unreleased song.

@ Moonstreet, thanks. I will ring them next week and ask if they have it in stock.