1 week and 3 days to go until the first plays of the "This Is It" the single.

Michael's single entitled "This Is It" will first be heard on October 12th, 1 week and 3 days from now. What do you want and/or what are you expecting from the new single.

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In reply to Pamii3, that is not the new single, it doesnt even sound like MJ and to Bailey1985, heres a link to HMV site;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=27... they got the single advertised on there although after I pre-ordered the single from them they now got it advertised as unavailable so not sure if they'll get it stock or not hmmm..

dang it the only place i listen to the radio is occasionally at work but lately ive just been listening to my own music...meh i'll here it sometime and thats all that counts...thanks for the help..

Wait HOLD UP! Are you guys talking about this song that I heard on youtube?? Because it's says Michael Jackson This Is It (Demo), so I'm guessing that's the song right? Here's the link:

Anyway as for expectations now, I really, truly hope they're gonna play ALL his new singles on the radio day and night, because during his last days or years even there was no sign of his music, and when he died they kind of started playing all his songs all over again, then they stopped for a couple of weeks and then on his birthday (29.08) they played his songs all day. And now they've stopped again. I am soooo peeeed off! That's why when his singles start coming out, they better play 'em ALL or xxxx

Ummm altough the single is going to be aired on the 12th, the single is not being relased on its own its part of the album which comes out on the 27th, so you will not be able to buy the single (well this is the case in the UK anyway)

nellymj, I don't think the single is going to be available for purchase. It's only being released to radio stations to start playing it.

I should like something Like " Thriiler & Dangerous " Mixed... those albums are great.

not to be dumb but we'll be able to buy it in stores right..i hoppe i can find it online because its thanksgiving here then and my sisters birthday so either the stores will be closed then and also i'll be wrapped up in family stuff