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After listening to portions of the Rabbi Schmuley and Michael Jackson tapes, it is clear that Brooke Shields was the love of his life! He states that, "he only wishes she loved him as much as he loved her"! I believe his family knew this, too, and that is why she was invited to speak at his Memorial Service.

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Yeah i know right? Michael did Love Brooke like so much i never saw him loved anyone like that before i mean the huge diamond ring,more than once proposal, michael sure did love Brooke that's for sure no doubt about it,they just didn't end up with each other but imagine if they did michael and Brooke would have very beautiful children like the Jackson3 you know what they say love lasts forever (iam a big fan of mike and brooke (couple) ) love em!! <3 <3 <3

i been knew they were dating, but in Latoya's book she made it seem like Michael didnt like her like that. but in Michaels book he said they were together for awhile. so who do you think ima believe?

i think herself thought michael and herself was immature to handle thi relationship. she should have given him a chance. anyways her life turned away more disasterous after she moved away from him she had five miscariges and she also felt sucidal and she was also antidepressent medication .
when michael her love in OW INTERVIEW. she said that they dated platonically. she used the word PLATONIC which means having relationship out of deep love or friendship(not sexual). but media ate away half of the information claiming that she has denied but then she appears with him at the grammy wearing HUGE ROCKY DIAMOND RING . If she would have denied it why would she appear with him and after liz taylor wedding i have found out that they saw each oher more than four times
1- when she supported him in the blck or white controversy they where coming out of the resturant
2 - meeting slash (it's in slash biography)
3- 1992 oscar after party fun with celine dion(it's in her biography as well)
4- grammy awards
these things i have found till yet .
i think brooke had still effect of anti-depression too much.that's why she seems to forgeting things
what i don't understand is in these years is why did she not spoke about him . nor she bashed him nor she supported him she didn't came up with anything. people like sheryl crow, his wife LMP,tatiana , tatum and many other came up with idiotic stories either to promote their album or books especially LMP SHE LEFT NO STONES UNTURNED. as far as brooke is concerned she had her movie released her autobiography released but then she never used his name and for this thought i was relived. whoever would have seen her earlier interviews . would not have imagined that they didnot talk for years. she spoke so much good about him i wish she had supported him furthermore. i can't say much against her'cause michael loved her and i don't want too make him appear him as fool i respect him for this u know their was a lot common between them she understood him better than his wife they looked more cute togather. there is little much said about the in celine 's biography but even she said that they seemed so close friend . but i have heard somewhere and understood also that michael's family didn't like brooke especially latoya she wrote mean things about michael feelings about brooke in her biography . i think brooke brought her ego much i way of their relationship that she didnot saw herself as capable of him she should have listen to her heart she loved him but she never realized it. AND IT'S VERY SAD

I would like really know what Lisa ment by immature.
To me MJ seemed totally mature man and ready for parenting and relationshisp. He was such a fantastic dad, so what she was speaking about? In my eyse she was immatyre, I can not help myself...

in my reply i did not mean that mike didnt sleep with lisamarie they had an avid sex life it was when they began fighting and he was disappearing and leaving lisamarie alone. that she sad that she wasnt having ANYMORE sex with him to make children. because she felt he was immature and the relationship would not last and she wasnt having a custody battle with him over a child.

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MollyPop said:

"That coincides with LMP's statement of: "In order to have children, you have to have sex, and I'm not doing IT!" To which Michael replied: "If you won't have my children, then Debbie Rowe will".

Can I ask you where you got this information? It sounds very much like Randy Taraborelli's book.

I feel weird about these tapes. Michael confided in this Rabbi. And suddenly there are tapes? And a book? What about professional secrecy? To me it all feels insincere to say the least. Is this another example of how Michael couldn't trust people? Not even a spiritual counselor? Yuck! The rabbi says: Michael always had the feeling people wanted something of him. Well, Rabbi, what about you? Will you do anything for $$$$????

it seems to me these women felt he may have been to immature for them , i read up on lisamarie and she mentioned at one time she didnt want to have his kids because she felt he wastoo immature, he wasnt that forward guy we saw on stage

I am dissapointerd that Brooke refused him - she had to have a reason - her own emotions told her probably something different from what Mike felt.
And may she was also that misterious woman - about her may be are many his songs...

It seems there were far too many instances in Michael's life where love was not returned! He was a very lonely man and that makes me incredibly sad.

Disclaimer - This rant about Brooke is not to disrespect MJ but out of the love I had for him.

I have never... I do mean never liked Brooke Shields and I never understood why Mike was so drawn to her. The few times I have met her at parties she was subdued and very snotty with virtually no personality where as Mike was cordial, a gentleman and very loving and enduring towards anyone who held an audience with him.

She is beautiful, but outside of the look department I don't get it. AND the reports of her turning down MJ's proposals really irritate me because at the memorial service she stood before the world giving this tearful speech of her friendship with MJ and he loved her... and she didn't love him back the way he needed to be. *sigh*

I'm gonna stop this rant short of going any further because as you can tell by now I am really annoyed. lol


Fluffy Poodle: I think you are right about the Rabbi. The tapes that he has and this book is credible because they are in Michael's own words. The only thing about him is that some people are saying that he was not such a great guy and he betrayed Michael before, which is why Michael ended contact with him. Schmuley says it was because he could no longer influence Michael positively so I'm not sure what is true.

@ Miranda M:

The model-actress reveals the King of Pop asked her to marry him — more than once.

“I would say, ‘You have me for the rest of your life, you don’t need to marry me, I’m going to go on and do my own life and have my own marriage and my own kids, and you’ll always have me,’ ” Shields tells Rolling Stone. “I think it made him relax. He didn’t want to lose things that meant something to him.”

I am of the opinion that his so-called "marriage" to Lisa Marie was not real.

From the tapes:
Jackson describes women as manipulative, disappointing. Here, he talks about how badly Lisa Marie Presley let him down when she didn't want children.

Michael Jackson: She promised me that before we married, that would be the first thing we'd do is have children. So I was broken-hearted and I walked around all the time holding these little baby dolls and I'd be crying, that's how badly I wanted it, you know.

(That coincides with LMP's statement of: "In order to have children, you have to have sex, and I'm not doing IT!" To which Michael replied: "If you won't have my children, then Debbie Rowe will".

He has NEVER stated anywhere that he was ever in love with LMP!!!!!

@kaluvzmc: That you for posting the link. After watching it, I think that people may be being a bit hard on the rabbi. It sounds to me like he is just trying to set the record straight for Michael and tell people things Michael wanted them to know. I think the media will, as they always do, twist some of this around, but I don't think the intentions of the rabbi were wrong.

According to Brooke, ( in an inteview after his death) he asked her to marry him several times, and she always turned him down. He claimed they were "romantically serious" she claims they were always only friends. She loved him but only as a friend and she believed he was only asking her to marry him because he was afraid of losing her. As for Lisa Marie, she was devastated at his death. She truely loved him but felt like she was always trying to "save him from himself." Only they could know what she meant by that and I think it was very respectful of her not to elaborate. It was between the two of them and no one elses business. She always only had good things to say about him even after the break up. Honestly, I thought it was common knowledge that Michael was always in love with Diana Ross. He was devastated when she got married. He said once that he loved her since he was a little kid. But, hey, who are we to say. We never knew them personally.

I watched the whole dateline show I guess I missed the partt were he said he proposed?

here is part one:

This isn't the whole thing though...I can't find the actual show from dateline yesterday..


Did michael really propose to Brooke and she said no? I just read that a couple posts below. Someone clear this up please!

janaveronika: Michael became close with Rabbi Schmuley and he became Michael's spiritual advisor and friend. They came up with the idea to do the tapes together because Michael wanted the public to know who he truly was as a person, not just an icon. Michael and Rabbi Schmuley spent a lot of time together. Their children played together and he considered Michael as part of the family. He says that they had a falling out when Rabbi Schmuley felt he could no longer influence Michael's life positively. I don't know if that is true or not because I've heard things about Schmuley stealing from the Heal the World foundation and such. Either way I am not a fan of Schmuley because he did not trust Michael 100% on the child molestation accusations and I just don't like how he carries himself.

can you guys send me a link or something to let me watch these tapes coz they sound good/interesting (:

i read it in the newspaper yesterday about all this and the Rabbi interview but it only says that you have to order it off ):


Where can I listen to the tapes? They seem so interesting!

As for why she and Michael never went beyond friends, I guess Michael said it best...she just didn't love him AS MUCH as he loved her. It happens.

When the Jackson Family invited Brooke to speak at the Memorial Service, I had no doubt she was always the love of his life. And in Brook's Memorial Service tribute, she also mispoke when she said the last time she saw Michael was in 1991 - actually it was 1993 when she AGAIN accompanied him to the Grammy's where he was presented the "LEGEND" award by his sister Janet.

Around 1993, is when Brooke began dating Andre Agassi.

In my mind two questions are going around:

If the story with Brook is true, does anyone know why she refused him? She never mentioned it in any interview, she always considered him just a friend.

And another question is why he choosed Jewish rabbi for such an intimate interview? He wanted to know all religions - may be.


I agree with you MollyPop..i always believe Brooke Shields was his love and he loves her so much.
From 80s to 90s..whenever there's Michael,you'll see Brooke Shields by his side..and i saw all the pictures they took together..can tell Michael's smile was truely from his heart.They're a perfect couple.
For why she rejected his propose,i think there's something in between them that we're difficult to understand,only they both know..but she ever told Michael :You don't have to marry me,cause you'll always have me.When i saw her speech in his memorial,i cry....

P/S: Where can i listen to this tape?

And interestingly, the only thing he mentioned about Lisa Marie is that she called him an "idiot".

yes wilds it beats me!

So Michael asked her to marry him and she basically turned him down?!??! Why is it that a billion women in the world would have killed to have Michael Joseph Jackson ask them to marry him but the ones he actually wanted didn't seem to want him???????????????????????????????????