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Michael's Leadership Style

A couple of nights ago, I saw Clinton in Larry King, it made me think of MJ.
Many try to lead with brute force, trickery, and all the dirty tricks in the book.
But MJ's leadership power lies in his charisma, sincerity, and compassion - expressed powerfully through his music.

Clinton was talking about his work with AIDS in Larry King. It reminded me that during his inauguration, MJ delivered an incredible speech about AIDS.
Very moving - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLtLnMs6vt0

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Thank you for posting i haven't seen this in years
That song gives me tears everytime Sad

The video brought me to the tears - again.

I was thinking about Michaels leadership when listening his speach agains SONY.
I must admire him - he was so smart and genial, born leader. Saying in good manners what he want in way how he wants. Touching many people.

Thanks for posting