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MJ Live in Japan DVD...

Hi. I just bought today a DVD (which I haven't opened and/or watched yet) at BestBuy of MJ Live in Japan in 1987! I hope it's of very good quality! I have never heard/seen this before. Does anyone have this DVD and/of have watched this yet? If so, how is it? Is it worth keeping? Only thing I have is Live in Bucharest on DVD (and VHS) for MJ concerts and of course some live on stage from award shows and what-not. It seems very cool (This DVD I mean)! Smiling

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Yes..It's a great DVD..a little dark with lighting,,Lusicious all around...but the girl in the audience who he sings to is such a zero...I'd have at least hugged him or SOMETHING..ok enjoy..Hey..keep trying Amazon .com for the History tour DVD's they are out there but rare..i got one for Christmas the gold ;pants and all....now I am working on getting History from Munich....You have to try often and they are soooh black market but y;all have to forgive me because i had to have them..I can't help myself...love to all

The Bad concert from Japan is OFF THE HOOK!!!!


Are you kidding? This is a must-have! Maybe not the best quality, but still amazing to see. It shows Michael in his absolute prime. He is having fun, smiling, performing out of sheer happiness!! He is singing every song, no lip-syncing...so you hear his beautiful voice live! Plus, it includes a lot of songs that were eventually taken out of his show. He is fit, healthy, gorgeous! I love, love, love it! He was soooooo beautiful!

I have MJ Live in Japan as well as the awesome Bucharest DVD. Keep Japan. It has older 'Off the Wall' cuts and is definitely worth 10.00. I enjoyed watching the difference in his concerts. I would buy another ho-hum production especially in another city. Japan was interesting. The Japanese didn't know the words, no one was singing along ( at that time) so they were quite quiet. HIStorically, it is quite interesting. Keep it. It is pretty 80's with camera tricks and dripping blood during Thriller.
Actually, I think it is priceless! MJ is awesome in it!

I bought this from Amazon for $7.99, too. As others have said, it's not great quality but it IS a MJ concert video, so it's worth keeping.

I got a great copy of Bad Tour Yokohama at www.mjdavid007.com

I got my copy from Argentina on Ebay aswell...and the quality of it is terrible, its like watching a really bad video....at least I can still make out the music so I do still play it!

I ordered 2 copies of Live in Yokohama DVD from Ebay (from an Argentinian source) and waited for it for almost 2 months and never came. I emailed the seller last night and told me that his supplier "stole" from him and my package was supposedly "lost". But alas, I got my money refunded.

I don't know where else I can get the DVD, I'll try Amazon next time

I bought it from amazon.com for $7.99 I watched it and wrote a review on amazon advising "take Dramamine for motion sickness before watching" Next day I canceled the second copy that I was going to give to my sister & bought Dangerous-The Short Films for her instead.

It makes me mad that this DVD is selling everywhere because if people never saw any of Michael's work before viewing this, they would never know the difference about what a great finished product Michael always put out. Michael would never endorse this one. It's not MJJ Productions.

Do you think they'll release an official DVD of this concert with the best quality? Kind of wondering whether to keep it or not now but it was only $10. Oh decisions..decisions...lol! :-/

Just finished watching this concert for the first time, enjoyed every single second of it. Sure it's not the best quality, but it's because it was clearly copied off of a vhs tape. Still totally worth it in my opinion Smiling

I have it and I've watched it. The picture quality it pretty poor. It's about like they recorded it off television with a VCR. It's all-around poorly made. The pictures on the case are totally random and not related to the concert, and even some of the track titles are wrong in the video.

But when I bought it from Best Buy, it was 10 dollars. In the end, it's a Michael Jackson concert. I think it's well worth 10 dollars.

Sorry been busy last few days so haven't watched it yet. I bought it at BestBuy (U.S. Store..dunno if there are any in other countries or not)
I hope it isn't bad quality. I may take it back if it is depending how bad it is I guess. lol.

I was going to buy this on amazon.com but mostly everybody who bought it wrote comments that it was very bad quality, so I changed my mind. Let us know how it is.

Dude, where did you get it? I'm dying for a copy!!!

The only thing I know is, the concert wasn't officially released on dvd or vhs. I saw the concert on youtube and I thought it was wonderful to see if you are talking about the badtour. Don't know if it's the same.