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Michael on Youtube: You were there, beautiful!!!!!!

Michael Jackson performed this song only once. The occasion was the Sammy Davis Jr. 60th Anniversary TV Special. The song was written especially for the broadcast. Videotaped at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Air Date: February 4, 1990.

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So please, go to Youtube- Michael Jackson-You were there

This is one of the million reasons why we love him, beautiful!

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You can see the purity of his soul when he sings this song.

Hi, MJ-Lover. I saw this for the first time over the Summer and wow. He loved Sammy and always showed appreciation to those that came before him. This song/performance really showcases that gorgeous voice. Mido, yes I think he was dramatic and I, like you, would love to have had Michael put some of his magic on me!

Michael is very versatile. He spoke many languages and the song 'you were there' was absolutely wonderful.

Wonderful :')

Can i ask you how many languages Mike spoke? seems like the list goes on forever...
This is in french, and he also sang it in spanish..

♥ Love Bump ♥

You Were There:

MJ Lover, I love this video...


I imagine MJ singing Break O Dawn & Heaven Can Wait & Lady of My Life & Butterflies... Rock With You & PYT to me... Oh my gosh my big wish growing up was that MJ would pull me up on stage and I could dance with MJ to Rock With You... then came the YANA girls... I was so jealous...

MJ could get all dramatic all over ME!!! I would've loved it!!!

Oh Mido theres only one that could perform this song like this.....yes Michael.......his hands, shaking his head..........love it.......tears tears.......
Just imagine if he would have song that to you......overwhelming....

You Were There:

MJ Lover, I love this video... Don't you think that MJ was just a Wee-Bit Dramatic! Smiling


Did you guys see 2:20 He just couldn't help himself could he? Ha ha ha, so cute!

Warm, heartfelt performance, great opportunity to showcase his voice. Just so so sweet!

Did anyone watch this?
The link is down below, done by Nadia1981.

I know, het lukte echt niet! (normaal wel) dus ik dacht dan maar even zo!

Hoezo ongeduldig? lol
Gewoon de link kopieëren en dan plakken in je antwoord. Werkt altijd!

Thank you Nadia1981 from Belgium, we're almost neighbours,ha!
Ik denk dat ik te ongeduldig ben, met dat copieeren, haha.

I saw that one a couple months ago. It's very touching!

I copied the link for you: