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Michael's Favorite Food?

What is it? I'm so confused! Some people say it's KFC, others say Mexican food especially enchiladas, and more say he's a vegetarian! Wanna clarify this for me? Which is it?!

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well they yes but what about what Michael said? they never said that KFC was his favourite I watched a show about Michael and where he lived and stuff and they said that his favourite was Enchiladas with cheese:) and by they I mean his closest friends who visited his house and had dinner with him well anyway peace.

Well according to many close sources to Michael (his personal chef Kai Chase, Magic Johnson and others close to MJ) that knew what he ate they said he liked KFC so Im agreeing with the majority on here that chicken must have been his favorite food or one of his favorites

it is enchiladas with cheese, mexican food I know this because all of his close friends like Miko Brando said it was and Michael said so himself in the book Moonwalk:)

according to his personal chef, he and his children ate a lot of organic food, he did eat fish and chicken but the weekend was comfort food like KFC.

love you and miss you mj

He ate chicken up until the BAD era, then went completely vegetarian

honestly i can only answer this question with what i think, so.....i think that it was chicken because he was a health finatic and chicken is a healthy food (when not breaded) also he ate it with salads and alot of other stuff and sometimes on the weekends he'd eat KFC so yeah i believe it was chicken

he was most definitly NOT a vegetarian!!!! and he did like KFC but i dont know his FAV.