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Its all abt Michael...his it

hello all.....we all love Michael a lot....somebody loves him more than anything in this world and more than their lives..(i m in that list.) I just want to know everything anything about him...any damn little thing abt his likes..dislikes...his fav food...his fav singer...his fav shopping place...his fav color...his fav drink..his fav car...his fav song....everything...
u know...from his interviews i just felt that many times he wears red may be his fav color was i hv bought a red jackit .....and now i just want that everything i shd hv in red just because Michael loves it......

Does anybody of you know anything abt him?? ....please share..coz i just want to do what he likes...and i will not do what he dislikes...

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Some of Michael's favourite music that he said were inspirations:
"The Bee Gees"
"James Brown and the Famous Flames"
"Jackie Wilson"
"The Supremes"
"The Four Tops"
"The Temptations"
"The Beatles"
"Chuck Berry" - he called him 'the real king of rock'n'roll'
Michael said that he loved classical music also.

His favourite foods:
''KFC'' - everybody who knows anything about Michael knows his love for KFC! Laughing out loud
''Cheese enchiladas with hot sauce'' which he apparently ate everyday.
''Ookies'' - a special cookie that Michael's chef made for him.
''Vegetable smoothies''
"Tuna salad'' -- all three of these were given by Kai Chase, his chef in 2009.
''French toast'' - Paris said that he made the best french toast and the best breakfasts.
Popcorn, candy, ice creams and ice lollies which were all in stands around Neverland
Sugar doughnuts - he talked about in Moonwalk how much he loved them as a child.

His favourite movies:
"To Kill a Mockingbird"
"The Wizard of Oz"
"The 400 Blows"
"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
"Men in Black"
"Jurassic Park"

"To help keep his voice clear, Michael puts 2 Ricola drops in a cup of hot water and drinks this."

cool, i never knew that Smiling

he sure did love his KFC Smiling

his favourite food is: Enchiladas with cheese cause he loves mexican food. He is crazy about classical music like Debussy, Prokofiev, Copland, Tchaikovsky he also likes: Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer, Lerner and Loewe, Harold Arlen, Rodgers and Hammerstein. His favourite colors are: red black and anything that glitters or sparkles, he loves toys and gadgets, he loves monkeys especially chimps. His favourite things to do are waterbaloon fights and climbing trees:). His favourite song is Smile by Charlie Chaplin. hope this will help:)

If you're a huge fan, shouldn't you already know all of this stuff?!

Anyway, in my opinion, the thing that Michael loves doing most is playing and helping others and making people smile. And if you really want to be like Him, then you should live your life by His example. Look around you and try to help make the world a better place.

Here's a list of hobbies, likes, etc that I found on the mj fan club website.

I read something about him liking pure girls/virgins but i'm not sure if thats true if it is then thats one of the sweetest things because shows how much respect he had for us girls Smiling

I bought a black hat, because he used and like very much his black hat. And this week I bough the book "Dancing the Dream: Poems and Reflections", I read it is amazing. The site from UK have the best price and ship to Brazil.

He loved the color red, and gold...........and then think about his memorial, his casket with the red flowers on top.............
When he was preparing for a tour he only eat haelthy food and small meals.
Because off him in the eighties everyone (not everyone offcourse) wore white socks.
In the sixties and seventies it was "not done" . Michael just always wore then and Jermaine always teasted him about that by calling there mother : Mum, please do something about these awful white socks Michael's wearing. So when Michael was a trendsetter (in the fifties it was a trend also), he was happy with his "victory", against Jermaine.


I want to know more about him too...that's why Im gonna buy his "Moonwalk" book when it's re-released....its the only one he's ever written, also features some of his artwork which I cannot wait to see as Im a big art fan too!

Definitely buy the book!!! Eye-wink