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Michael was such a flirt!!!!

Michael was such a flirt!!!
I was watching his videos when
he was signing autographs at the
Virgin Megastore he asked this girl
for her number. lol..
Then I watched this other video
and Michael says "I'll give you more than a
Wow, those girls are lucky, I wish
that would of happened to me!!!!!
I like those videos he looks really cute!!!!!


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michael loved the ladies. i remeber the 2001 invincable signing were the girl gave him the ring and asked to merry him.


ahh, I think I found the hug. This was somewhere in Germany I think, because next to him in the car is Dieter Wiesner.
I am jealous. I should have been this girl !!!


Michael said "I'll give you more than a hug"....???
To whom did he say that?

when michael came to new york in 2001 for the invincible cd signing there was a fan who ran up to him and asked 4 his autograph, while signing he noticed she had a belly piercing and he stared at it and said what is that ? she was like what? this? its my belly piercing and he touched it(it was a play boy bunny) and he said oh..with a confused devious and sexy facial expression! the things i would do 4 him!!

Michael is oops .. I mean WAS a pure loving gentleman! love you michael! really charming loving!


Well usually handsome Men are usually a flirt because they know that most Women want them. But Michael didn't consider himself a flirt he called it being charming, according to his ex. fiance from the 80's. Michael would say that he was charming and he is/was. I know I would be jealous too, if he was to charming with his fans that were women if he was with me. I would only want him to be charming with me... LOL... L.O.V.E.... I miss you Michael!!!

He WAS a big flirt!

why do i always find vids that make me so jealous of these lucky girls? lol
the first part is really cute and hot at the same time "and the girls..the girls in the balcony." Wonderin' who are those girls he's referring to?
and the "hiccups" part..cracks me up!


I saw those too and it is a good type of shocking for me to see my Mikey flirting. Shocked!

You're welcome,I had it saved to my favorites! Smiling

Thank you so much Lindy! Smiling

Ive seen that "marriage proposal" video too. he's so cute when he said "see you at the wedding."
and he was still wearing the ring the entire time he was signing stuff. so sweet of him to do that.

Omgosh, he wears the ring and tells her he will see her at the wedding. I shed a tear. He's so sweet.

Oh, I love the videos! Michael was definitely a flirt, but a very cute one! Smiling

Do you guys know the link to that video, when a girl proposes to him? I think this also happened at the Virgin Megastore.

here's another proof that he really loves(dont wanna use the past tense) women!
the first part he's asking one of the security people if he got the phone number of the blonde chic
at 2:45 he asked the girl in red "what's that?" referring to her belly ring. love the way his eyes drifted from her face down to her belly button. he knew what a belly ring is, it's obvious he's flirting. it does look like a "playboy" belly ring. maybe that's what has gotten Mike's attention. Shocked
funny part at 4:05 the guy keeps saying "wassup mike" i lost count at how many times he said that. lol


He asked for her number right at the beginning! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z98W89k5jPc

More than a hug ! I would be crawling across the floor then Smiling

Hey ladies!
Denissemjfan which part of the Virgin Megastore signings did he ask for the girl's number?

"I'll give you more than a hug." what exactly did you mean by that, Michael??? you naughty boy! Shocked

I wish I would have had the chance to meet him so he could flirt with me Eye-wink Sticking out tongue

Yes he was a flirt, he loved the girls.

Definitely lucky girls!!! Imagine waking up to him (not necessarily in a sexual way ladies!!)... sighhhh...

Bumparoo. ( I think we need to explore the "hug" thingy, girls!)

O.K. hold up..........hummmmmm....just wondering what he REALLY mean't when he said "I'll give you more than a hug". I sure as hell would have wanted to find out if I was the girl that got the hug! *evil grin* Mind out of the gutter, please! LMAO!!!!

Im still tryna figure out when I met him would I have actually spoken to him or just passed out. My vote is for pass out. I would have been totally overwhelmed my brain would have went into overload. I woulda fainted while hugging him I swear

He is the most tender-hearted man ever. I love when he's asked what inspires him - "Cartoons, children, babies and nature!"

underneath all the shyness and youth, is a suave flirt.
Michael's adorable Laughing out loud!