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"Dancing The Dream" by Michael Jackson "I Searched For My Star"

"Dancing The Dream" by Michael Jackson

"I Searched For My Star"

"When I was little, I used to lie on my back in the grass at night. I began to tell one star from another and wished that one of them could be mine, like an imaginary friend.
First I picked the Pole Star, because it is the easiest for a child to find, once you know that the Big Dipper is about to catch it. But I wanted my star to be a moving star, and not such a
constant one. Besides, the sailors at sea would be lost without the Pole Star to guide them. Next I picked out two special stars in the heart of the Swan. All the other stars looked white -
but these were bright blue and gold. They reminded me of twin jewels, but before I could choose, I stopped. They belonged to each other, and it wouldn't be fair to take just one.
Orion's belt caught my eye for a moment, but I'm not a hunter. I had better leave the Dog Star alone, too, with its nose pressed to the celestial trail and its tail thumping the sky.
Last of all I turned to my favorites, the Seven Sisters. To me they were like elegant ladies getting ready for a ball, wrapped in a gossamer blue cloud. But who has the heart to tear seven
sisters apart? My game taught me a lot about the night sky, but I was growing up. The whole idea of having
my own star faded, and it was hard to remember if I had ever chosen one in the end. People began to tell me that the word "star" meant something quite different. I half believed them, then one night I was tossing in bed, hurt and worried. My heart felt heavy with troubles. Stumbling to
my feet, I looked out the window. Thick clouds masked the midnight sky. No stars!
I trembled to think of a world without stars. No guide for the sailor to trust at sea, no jewels to dazzle our sense of beauty, no hunter pointing to the next horizon, no lovely ladies trailing
perfume to heaven's ballroom. But all around the globe, the air is so dirty and the lights from the cities are so bright that for some people few stars can be seen anymore. A generation of
children may grow up seeing a blank sky and asking, "Did there used to be stars there?" Let's give them back the sky and let's do it now - before it's too late. I'm going to search for my star until I find it. It's hidden in the drawer of innocence, wrapped in a scarf of wonder. I'll need
a map to tell me which hole it should fill, and that will be a small one. But there are nearly five billion of us on earth, and we all need the sky. Find your star and throw it up to heaven. You still
have it, don't you?"
Michael Jackson.

We love you, Michael!!!

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This is so beautiful and intelligently written, Michael never ceases to amaze me...

really sweet and full of emotion. I think the biggest star that follows me lately as been bright as the sun!

i love and miss u mikey

What a beautyful poem!

Here, where I live, I can see the stars when it's night.

Solonoy, thank you. Isn't he just the smartest guy?

I just got back from town, I went to see a movie with my sister, and on the tram ride back I tried to see the stars... no such luck. But the moon was out fully and it made me think of the poem that was posted yesterday on the American forum. So I said Hi to Mike and all of a sudden I felt so sad. Oh heck, I thought I was doin' better today Sad

Michael, I miss you like crazy!