Is this a picture of Shana Mangatal at the funeral? | The Official Michael Jackson Site

Is this a picture of Shana Mangatal at the funeral?

Is that here, three rows behind Barry Gordy? Here's her facebook page for a comparison.

Did they really date, or was that just talk? (Like any of us would know for sure... just curious!)

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I think Liz looks like she has been crying a lot. Sad

Bless her for all she did for Michael

who is shana mangatal

Bless Liz Taylor,remember she is 77 yrs old. I think she looks as beautiful as ever x

whats wrong with liz taylor??
she doesent look in her best health poor liz....

i dont think that is her behind Berry,she may have been there i dont kno,but i dont think thats her in that pic.

That's not Shana.

I'm almost certain I spotted Shana during the CNN broadcast, however the woman in the picture seated behind Berry doesn't look like her.

Michael said in a Neverland interview that he thought East Indians were more beautiful the darker they were. Probably his girlfriend for awhile.

honestly i dont know. we were discussing that last night. it probably is.