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Lisa Marie Presley... What do you think?

I dont normally write on forums... so i dont really know what to do or expect.

I would like to know different people's opinions about their marriage. Simply because I had a completely different view before reading "Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness" by J.Randy Taraborrelli. Before reading the book I thought that it was simply maybe a publicity stunt by both, but after reading the book, its made me realise that Lisa Marie was probably Michael Jackson's true love. My favourite part of the book is mostly when J Randy Taraborrelli is writing about them both.

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I have been reading post and thinking about this a lot. Let me just start by saying in the beginning I didn't dislike Lisa, infact I was really happy that he found someone to be with. I think all of his fans wanted him to find true happiness. and though I think they both loved each other, I think they went into the marriage for completely wrong reason. Michael was going through scandal and Lisa was trying to get out of the shadow of her father and piss off her mother. I feel like if the circustances weren't set up perfectly, they never would have given each other second thoughts. I for one do not believe anything any biography writes because thats all hear say, it's not necarssarily true. the only thing I'm going on is the Michael Jackson tapes because that came directly from his mouth, and from how he spoke about her, I really don't think she was the love of his life. He described Brooke shields as one of the loves of his life, Lady Diana as his perfect type of women, Liz taylor as his very best friend and someone whom he could even start a romantic relationship with, and Diana Ross as a mother lover sister and she was the only women besides his mother and daughter who were in his will. When it came to Lisa he always seemed kind of nonchalant, like "oh yeah she was great, yeah she liked going with me to the hospital..." but he never said once said she was the love of my life, theres nothing about the way he speaks about her that screamed passion to me. I think maybe at a time he was very much in love with her, but was he moved on with his life, he got over it. I don't think she ever did, and thats why she came off so bitter towards him constantly. Another thing that really bothers me is how people are so quick to jump on Michael say he was to immature, he had too much baggage and make lisa seem like a saint for being with him. We're talking about a women whose been engaged 5 times, married 4 and divorced three, evidently she was no treat to be around either. And I honestly don't buy the whole blog post after his death, anyone can come out and say "Oh I was wrong" after someone dies, hell even Bashire did that. When you truly love someone you don't hurt them that way, you don't kick them when their down, you become a contributor in their downfall. Lisa was old enough to know when to say "no comment." thats just my opinion take it or leave it. I for one don't think Mike had much luck when it came to women

The marriage could have worked if she wanted to, she obviously did not

It was a business marriage so I have no comment. No one knows the facts except LMP herself, only she knows. I'm just pleased that Michael was eventually given what he wanted most in the world, his own family and that was thanks to his second marriage Miss Rowe. Michael was delighted in the end bless his heart.

I don't know what happened to my post so I am going to post it again.I don't want to hear about them not knowing each other long enough.They have know each other since forever.He was 16 and she was 6.He knew Debbie right before the Bad era.All of this about Michael not loving Lisa is a bunch of bullcrap.I don't want to hear it.All Michael wanted to do was be her husband,make her feel good(which was the case,and I am not surprised),and have a family with her.Is that so wrong?No.I don't doubt that she was in love with him,and not his money at first,or that she misses him.She said in this book I have about him that she wanted to put her time into being his wife,and having children with him.All this about she was scared of having birracial kids,and custody battles is bus.Like she is white he is black what is the problem?What custody battles?It is like no what if you kept your word,and you both were still together?Give me a break.But I tell you everytime I look this up I find out more,and more about her which makes me dislike her even more.Like I didn't know he called her before he was killed,and she never responded back.Are you freaking kidding me?Of course she was emotional at the funeral.Michael is/was the greatest entertainer of ALL time of this generation,and that is exactly what he was doing...entertaining,and of course giving to those less fortunate.So I also don't want to see about she didn't know where he was.Like yeah she did.Or that he was with her while still being married to Debbie.That would mean he was cheating on Debbie the way I am seeing people say it,and make him a jerk,something that he wasn't.As far as Invincible goes I have seen said that "Break of Dawn" is towards her.I don't know about that.But I love that song so much and as far as I am concerned he is singing it to me.I wish I were Michael's wife or friend.Michael would still be here.That d***head would have been able to do that over my doggon dead body.She was there for him sometimes.Like she said on Diane Sawyer that he would be so angry over what the media/press was doing to him he would just be cursing,and yelling about it.But other times like when Michael collapsed rehearsing for that show,and was in the hospital,and instead of being there for him like the loving caring wife she was supposed to be,but instead wanted to be arguing with him over the having children over to his house situation,seeing he wasn't in a good state,and not only being asked to leave by him but Katherine too?I read about why they divorced,and yeah irreconcilable differences as a reason for divorce sounds about right.Of course Michael had women he loved before her.He said that on Oprah,and his book.Duh.I am not saying Michael was perfect none of are,and he knows he had some flaws like trusting people too much which we have in common.But he couldn't help it.I love Michael,and I am in love with him.I would marry him with not ANY question,and give him children.Why not?Whatever would need to be worked through like me having to deal with him not being able to be home as much as I would love for him too because he gave his time to others would be.The reasons I would leave Michael are over things that he would NEVER do.So as I said before there is no question.That is one of the things you are supposed to do when you are married.Work through stuff.

Why do we have to re-hatch this topic? To start, that’s true - we don't know what went on behind closed doors so that's why it's not being discussed here. The animosity comes in for Lisa Marie when fans reflect on what happened in front of the cameras. For years she participated in vicious interviews with host who were even more vicious towards Michael. Michael on the other hand, being the gentlemen he is, never spoke ill of Lisa Marie at least on camera.

Also, some of the things that she says without knowing it is really disturbing. Referring to the idea that Michael would get someone pregnant as a retaliatory act when he clearly wanted children, shows me how frivolous his yearning was to her. I‘ll leave it at that- don’t get me started.

i don't know what to think of Lisa. who 'am i to say how Michael and Lisa's relationship was like ? regardless of what any fan thinks we don't know the truth behind closed doors lisa and michael probably had a decent relationship with a few bumps in the road. quite stepping on lisa's toes. and making michael seem like the innocent one here. i'm pretty sure lisa had her little quirks about her as well as Michael. and due to the circumstances of who they were the ( king of pop ) and( Elvis' daughter) their whole relationship will get high publicity from Media . and as for Debbie row michael didn't seem to interested in her either. just because she gave him prince and pairs that doesn't mean his feelings was that of love for debbie row herself. but just the fact that michael had gotten children of his own to love.

lmp said sun flowers were Michael's favorite flower,I looked all over neverland and never was a sunflower. she told oprah that Michael left and she hadn't seen or heard from him. then she heard he gotten some one else pregant.

LOL! Kingsherry, we both absolutely agree that Lisa wasn't right for Michael, nor did she do right by him. Time to let this thread die again....... Eye-wink

Not to elaborate on this topic but I couldn't agree more with your post- most of it. I'm not sure about the racism portion but we do have ample evidence(from Elvis relatives interviews) that this could have been the case.

Why anyone dragged this from the depths of best forgotten threads I do not know. As for who she is and what she was to Michael, she is his EX-wife and with good reason.

The ONLY one that knows who is Michael's "true passion" or "greatest lust" is Michael HIMSELF and he's not talking (and wasn't discussing this before he passed). *Edit* It was a bad match imo because of the blatant racism of her mom and maternal grandparents, plus she was just using Mike for her own personal gain. Add Lisa Marie Presley to the long (and sad) line of opportunists and users in Michael's life.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

She's the devil and I don't like her along with Randy Taraborelli. He's a liar and a snake. The truth is - we don't know if Lisa was Michael's one true love. Actually, in Michael's own words he always claimed that "WE"( the fans) were. I think some fans and Michael writers are obsessed with the notion of him and Lisa because of who she is but they should have never married. Marriage is a joke to LMP. She disrespected her current husband on her latest interview with Oprah. One thing I can agree with what Howard Stern told her: Why get married, your not good at it.

Ok I think anybody is catching the REAL of Lisa before she Married Michael, I was so Updated when that happen Before she married Him she was having money issues and Drugs she was going to Rehab she was Very messedup and Michael Help her to get Clean, thats why she very skinny and the Money she spend all her daddys Estates what im making a point here, It was a Sham all those Pictures n Videos of them smiling are all Fake to make everyone believe they were in Love But it wasnt true.Her mother n her grandparents were against the marriage becuz she did say she didnt want see her daughter having kids with MJ they dont aprove becuz He was Black Lisa kept using brithControl pills so she wont get Pregant she didnt want a REAL marriage she been thur alot of Marriages and had Kids Looking at it good she didnt bring her Own kids around, she kept bringing her EX husband around when she was married to MJ that i read MJ wasnt happy anymore cuz he will be there.. I see that Lisa did used MJ for lots of reasons but NO she didnt LOVE HIM becuz after the divorce she talk so many bad things about Him.She turn out like her Mother Greedy and selfish and thats why she been Divorce so many times and has different childrens from other fathers.. Lets face it..this women Didnt love MJ he thought he was inlove on the moment but Im Gald MJ open his eyes and realize she wasnt worth it to trying go back and work it out. and looking at it.. HE DIDNT..He wanted to be a father so bad that Debbie Rowe took her life of change to give him Kids She made him smile n happy by giving him what he wanted.a happy smile face looking at his kids in his arms. she may not been to stick around but that was her choice maybe she is a lesbian but that doesnt matter she give a Man a warming Heart.. NOT LISA.. she like any other Sham shameless Selfish Artists.

LMP to me is like her mother grasping cant say i ever liked her and Michael was much too good for her.

I`ve never be fond of her ,not only because she has married Michael . For the first impact ,there`s no second chance .
Just my opinion tooo ,sorry

I have strong dislike 4 her.Sorry but dats how I feel.



I know this post is light years old but I'm bored and I gonna respond anyways teehee Smiling
Well I used to really like LMP but my opinion of her changed for the worse over the years, mostly after I saw her Oprah interview with her mother that was done around '05 when MJ was on trial. She disrespected him and their whole relationship during that interview and a few other times over the year's. And then she never showed any remorse for it until he died, which to me was pretty much too little, too friggin late. When I first heard about her latest interview with Oprah I was just like "pshhh! girl sit down!"
Of course she's not perfect but I just think it's so tacky and classless to publicly bash an ex, I don't care who you are. It takes two, she did her wrongs and he did his but of course she conveniently failed to ever mention her own shortcomings, like how she had JUST gotten out of another marriage smh shame on her and MJ for that. Esp. since that marriage involved kids...
I think her and MJ really did love each other, but I don't think she was his soulmate. Their love was like a flame that flickered bright and quick (i'm sure we've all had quite a few of those lol) but what they really needed was more like a firework show which may not be so hot or bright all the time, but it's long and it lasts. I don't think MJ ever found that firecracker of a woman he needed in his life. LMP's married again so hopefully she has.
I do think she's truly in pain about how it ended with MJ and I really do hope she finds peace b/c she does seem like a cool lady and I'm sure MJ still cared for her a great deal, it's just too bad she didn't show him that kind of love and respect when he was here to receive it...but hey that's life sometimes i guess.

She had her chance to clear the air before his death and for almost a decade she refrained from doing so. I never knew what to make of her interviews because she sends mixed messages. For instance, when she was on Larry King speaking about the trial she said "it's a blessing that this is happening" what she meant was-- Michael finally can clear his name, others thought she meant -- This is what Michael gets. I was fine with that but then she'll say something questionable like " I at one time was a supporter" or when asked if she thinks Michael molested children " I wasn't in the room".

On interviews she's jumping from one thing to another, which you don't have to do unless your covering up your own actions. She said there was pressure for her to have the baby but you promised Michael if you were married to him you would according to Michael she apparently gave him the illusion that she wanted to have his baby. It contradicts to say you thought you would be with him forever but didn't get pregnant by him because you thought of a custody battle. One thing was definitely clear, she was not in his corner. Hopefully, now that she somewhat cleared the air on Oprah she'll never speculate or talk about Michael again.

I'd like Lisa Marie Presley to write a book to set the record straight. No need for intimate details or anything like that. She seems to have wanted to clear the air several times (Oprah, writing a letter after Michael passed away, etc) but I feel like something coming straight out of her would be nice. No Oprah cutting her off, or reporters asking her annoying questions that just make her want to stop talking. Perhaps we'll never really know until she decides it's time.

i believe lmp was ashamed of the bad publicity that mj was getting and once she made a statement(on tv) about if mj wanted her to have a baby that first they had to have sex and she said, I AINT GONNA DO IT.when they asked did she find mj sexy she said....wellll, y-e-s. they were always a mis match to me and i dont think she loved him or he loved her. all i ever knew lmp being famous for was elvis & mj.

i believe lmp was ashamed of the bad publicity that mj was getting and once she made a statement(on tv) about if mj wanted her to have a baby that first they had to have sex and she said, I AINT GONNA DO IT.when they asked did she find mj sexy she said....wellll, y-e-s. they were always a mis match to me and i dont think she loved him or he loved her. all i ever knew lmp being famous for was elvis & mj.

I have a lot of my own personal thoughts about LMP..some I'm sure will disagree... but that's what makes the world go 'round.

I think Lisa Marie happens to have been one of the LUCKIEST people in the world to have been loved by Michael. I don't think she ever forgot it what they shared or Michael, her. I would like to believe they had many moments together filled with joy and tenderness before all the anger formed. I can't imagine spending a night in his arms. I believe with all my heart she will cherish those times forever.

I know she reacted with malice in those interviews but I don't necessarily feel she meant them to be as harsh as she did...I believe a lot of pain was inside her heart at the time...we often say and do things without realizing the aftermath when we are hurt..I look at those interviews and realize she was still harboring anger for many reasons, most that we will or may NEVER know. Only the two of them knew exactly why. I do know that even after his second marriage, they continued to find moments together...and from what I've read (If true) they were mostly good times..That's what I want to believe with all my heart...that they always loved one another.

I hope and pray with all my heart that someday soon, her true love for him will come out. Please, Lisa...I'm begging you that if you go on Oprah...rectify any bad thing you said and let the world see that your love for each other was real!!!!!

who has seen the interview in 2005 between oprah and LMP im not being nasty but hwat back stabbing B****es they are they both just sat in that interview and said michael plays people to his advantage and minipulates them the worse thing about that for me was that oprah was slagging him off to excuse me oprah michael helped you carrer massivly or have you forgot about biggest rated interview you had between yourself and a pop legend or have you forgot

i dont really like them both tbh

Susan: I'm a bit confused by the Vaccaro guy. From what I've read, Michael left the Jehovah's Witnesses. He was not expelled. They were unhappy with his career and some of what accompanied that career, so they gave him a choice to walk away from the career or the church. This isn't the only story where he tells something different than all other sources. Because I'm hearing numerous conflicting reports from this guy, I'm somewhat skeptical about any of his claims.

Btw, that leech, Henry Vaccaro (the guy who got MJ's storage warehouse of personal belongings), stated that one of the things in storage was a handwritten note from Michael to Lisa explaining why he wanted an annulment. I find this very interesting. This guy also claimed to have a copy of a letter from Katherine Jackson to the Jehovah's Witness with harsh words since they expelled MJ . I think Lisa Marie really thought MJ loved her and after the divorce felt she was used by him.

In my humble opinion Lisa never was the perfect wife for MJ and that's simple as that.

She really misses him. I think deep down she never let him go and that's why it hurt her sooooo badly when he passed. He's still on her mind constantly because she just did the sunflower rally for him. I think if there was truly another chance for them, she would have take it in a heart beat, but that day never came. Their love story reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, such a tragic love story.

I have respect for Lisa. Though she may have said some nasty, awful things about Michael after the divorce, she did so much for him in 93/94.
I think that without Lisa and Elizabeth Taylor, Michael wouldn't have been able to cope with the whole thing (Jordan Chandler). They were the people he could trust and depend on.
Lisa was also responsible for helping Michael defeat his prescription drug addiction back in the 90's, she was the one who got him to go to rehab along with Elizabeth.
And most people agree, that when Michael was with Lisa he looked possibly the happiest he had in his entire life. He seemed to glow in the pictures of them together.

Their marriage may not have worked out, but I do think that they were truly in love but just couldn't live together any longer. They had too many differences. Like MJ himself said, he felt his mission was to help all the children of the world. He couldn't understand why Lisa cared so much only for her own children. Also, the fact that Lisa didn't want them to have children was a huge factor in the break-up, but I think Lisa was totally right in not having had his children. The marriage wasn't working, and if they had a child I think neither would have given up custody, it would have been horrendous to see their child taken from either one of them in a divorce battle. Imagine MJ having his children taken from him. It would have broken his heart. Lisa would be the same. Maybe a child could have brought them together and saved the marriage, but I don't think so. Sad

I think people tend to think of Lisa Marie as a not very nice person, but I think her strength intimidates people. She is incredibly strong, which attracted Michael who had always gone for the stronger woman (Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor etc). I really wish the marriage could have worked out, but it didn't and thats the end of it.

As for the not so pleasant things she said about Michael, they were totally inappropriate and I think Lisa Marie herself felt ashamed of some of the things she said. But she felt like a used woman (you can't really help her for feeling that way, look at how Michael had Debbie pregnant when still legally married to Lisa, that had to hurt). Lisa took back everything she said in her June 2009 blog, and I believed her. Look at how upset she was at his funeral, she cried all the way through it. I think she thought that it was her job to 'save' Michael, like she had wanted to save Elvis. But she failed him and that's ripped her apart.
Give the girl some slack, nobody really knows why the marriage ended but it did. I hate when people hate on Lisa, she's only human, just like Michael was. MJ wouldn't have liked people hating Lisa. Sad

I don't know why people continue to bash Lisa Marie. It's getting really annoying. It takes two to make a marriage work. I know everybody likes to think Michael was perfect, but don't place the blame all on Lisa.