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FUNNY AND FAVORITE things about Michael

Hi! I re watched Michael's home video I can't stop to smile when I saw his smile and his laugh especially when they played super soaker and found the ester eggs
this video make me feel happy because I know Michael enjoyed himself at the moment question is any funny things or moments do u remember about Michael?and also his favorite things....which is your favorite?......we can share....Eye-wink my favorite one is super soaker !!! I really love it! Eye-wink

btw sorry for my bad english....

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@kenyaB: ah yes...that's nice one Smiling love to see how he danced at the moment.

@mjgodofpop: hahahahah thanks for the it from his rehearsal or already lived?

I also like when he was shopping and he got the cream on his hat and he said" why me?" Eye-wink he really get fun...

I love watching his rehearsal videos (I mean, the older ones) where he's at work. Without all the effects and other shenanigans going on, it's a lot more of MJ! He also substitutes funny words and makes noises. He's a lot more relaxed and seems like he's having so much fun.

LOVE this one too lol
i like the way he says "chest" sounds like chess

OMG my nephew loves that part he trys to act lik Michael in vids.

I loved when his nieces and nephews pushed him into the pool after getting out of the shower.

"I'm a nice person!!! I just took a shower!!! And I washed my hair thoroughly!!!"

By the way, his yell is hilarious lol
Then his cousins push him in the pool another time, and he's shirtless hahaha so funny

i love those vids but my sis warn me to be careful or i'll get in trouble don't know why. So careful fans be cautions and happy.

I love when Michael is dancing in the car to R Kelly...adorable. Also when he says he didn't like touring.. HaHa

My fave funny moment is when michael taught Prince and Paris how to dance....I can't stop laughing when they moved their bodies..... them so much....

My fav was when they kept pushing him into the pool. I just love how he had no idea Mac was going to push him in. I just love it. My other fav is when he goes grocery shopping for the first time. Someone stole his cart and then he was looking for it while he was looking for it over the intercom they said "If you cant keep track of your cart you shouldnt shop!" way to funny!!!! I'm going to have to watch that when I get home now!

@fluffy349: yes u rite....Smiling I also like his drawing.....

@slclvn: yes, i agree with u... a lot of fun and laugh with Chris Tucker, especially when they did rock my world's make me smile too Smiling

I like the parts where he talks about going to the Salvation Army. He gets embarrassed and starts to laugh. I also like seeing Michael and Chris Tucker together. Can you imagine how much they laughed together? LOVE IT!

@Aussieyanagirl; actually i never seen this footage until you said it Eye-wink and thanks for that , I really curious about that so I searched on utube and got it hehehe....first I feel wanna cry too because the fan really emotional and Michael really take care of her but when he saw the gorilla, I laugh! it's actually really funny at the moment....thanks for sharing Smiling

I love this article:
"I guess I should mention at this point that Michael is an awful driver. He hit everyone's car in the studio lot at least once, including mine. One time, he rear-ended a guy on the 101 freeway, and just left the scene because the guy got out of his car and started screaming at him. Eventually, he gave up and got someone to drive him in to work every day."

He looks like the type of a driver. He he Smiling

I really cant narrow it down, but I'll try! I love his smile, it has such a beautiful warmth to it. And his laugh, so pure, just perfect. I love the energy in his performances. He's flawless. The other day, my husband (who isnt really a fan at all) and I were watching the 30th anniversary special, and he actually admitted that, yeah, Michael was one smooth, bad ass entertainer. Haha. I love the gentility of his spirit. I love his sense of humor. And my favorite thing of his favorites, hmmm, I love art, and beautiful craftsmanship. He appreciated beauty and the time it took to create beautiful things. What a beautiful man who did a lot of good while he was with us. He will be greatly, greatly missed. Love you, Michael.

I like the footage from 1997 of him at a German zoo and he's trying to comfort a fan that gets really emotional, but while he's comforting her, he spots a gorilla in the enclosure beside them with it's leg up in the air...Michael cracks up, all the while still holding the fan in his arms, he tells Wayne "look at the leg, look at the leg, you can tell it's a boy!"'s some of my favourite footage...

We were at Neverland on Tuesday and couldn't resist water fights - in memory of MJ.
He was always getting thrown into the pool fully dressed, "I am a good person. I just took a shower. I washed my hair"

@denissemjfan: hahahaha yes i remember that one Eye-wink it was funny...his expression! he was blushing....cute one:)

@janika: wow thanks for the link;) hahahah i can't stop laughing about the underwear! it was funny Eye-wink

I like this experience of one guy who worked about 2 years for Michael when he was working at Dangerous album. It´s an pretty funny article Smiling

when he had his zipper down then he got embarrassed lol
that was funny
oh and when he said he didnt like touring i lovee his laugh in that part lol

michael wass soo cute!! i love him