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" Edward Scissorhands " ...same story as Michael's

Hi ,
yesterday on Tv was this film.I've watched it suddenly in an other way than before.Don't know why,but this could have been named "The story of Michael".

Anyone remember this movie?

Love from germany

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I know that movie very well and ur rite the story is so much like michaels its a lil freaky..I never thought about it until i saw this post. In the movie edward was loved and adored by everyone in the neighborhood but then he got blamed and framed for a few things because others were jealous of his genius and he became an outcast without doing anything wrong. The people who loved him turned against him, except the people who truly loved and believed in him...very good point it is all too similar i could totally analyze every part of it haha but i think u guys get the point Eye-wink

Has anyone ever seen the movie Powder? It is a great story. It reminds me of Michael in that he is so different from everybody else. People think he's a weirdo until they get to know him. However, there are some who do not accept differences and the ending is so sad, but bittersweet..

LOL rob. no i am not at all! But if you get me thinking, I can come up with things.

I know Ed Scissorhands was not written about Michael, but when things ARE written about specific people or events, usually you mask it a bit. It's not going to ever be a step-by-step exact match. But just ideas that get you thinking...

listen to johnny's voice in willy wonka, it sounds soft like michaels. and we know jd can basically be any character that is thrown at him. i have no doubt that he could play the part.

to babsette: that is a neat parallel. Are you a literature teacher or student or something?

I agree Cassie- Johnny D would be a good MJ

When I first saw that movie I thought if they ever did a movie about Michael's lfie, Johnny Depp should portray him.

I love this movie.

I can see why you could compare it to MJ-- of course they are not the same, but the main premise, especially as it relates to media and people who just don't know.

People loved him at first and wished him well.... then jealous people got involved and said bogus things about him, lied and tried to hurt him. He was then attacked by other jealous people and those people who were too stupid to think for themselves and just believed what the latest news was. And this jealousy and misunderstanding lead to the tragedy.

In the end, Winona Ryder's character says she believes that "snow falls from the sky because of Scissorhand's beautiful ice sculptures" even though she will never see him again, he still brings beauty. This is similar to Michael continuing to bring love to our world even though we will never see him again.

Of course it's not a direct parallel, but the similarities are definitely there. If you do well, people will wish you well. But if you do REALLY well, people get jealous and wish you to fail. That is what happened to our Michael. Sad. Tragic.


I don't think the movie necessarily parallels Michael's life... but I think that Edward and Michael are very similar in the way they act (very withdrawn and shy) and the way people treated them.

They both started out being loved and adored and being viewed as something amazing. But one bad thing happens (that they didn't even DO) and everyone is all of a sudden full of hatred and willingness to throw them out and exile them away from everybody else, ignoring their innocence.

I also love this movie or anything with Johnny Depp in it, it does parallel Michaels life but not all that much really...

i guess if your thinking what i think you're thinking....this goes along with how michael compared himself to that of the elephant man.

either way, i have always been in love with this movie!! and jd of course Eye-wink
but he still cant touch our michael

I heard of that movie in fact my sis loves that movie.

I gotta bump this cause I was feeling the same way.

They were playing it yesterday here and I couldn't bear to watch it because it did remind me a lot of Michael.

It's not like, a parallel of his life, but Edward reminds me a lot of Michael. Both were very lonely people who just wanted to help people, and that was misconstrued by people who didn't like them and forced the two to retreat back to the safety of their houses, secluded away from everyone else. Sad

I had to turn it off.

I remember the film, is one of my favourite ones, but I can't find the similitude with Michael's life.